3 Best Ways of Storing Weed

Storing weed requires more than just throwing a rolled-up bag in the underwear drawer. The best long-term weed storage involves creating a perfect environment by choosing a place with favorable conditions. Besides, you need to know what can kill the buzz of your bud in the first place.

Apart from the conditions, the best way of storing weed also depends on resources. However, the best way to keep your weed fresh is ensuring that it stays cool, dry and dark, which means that storing it requires a particular amount of art just like preparing it. It is also important to note that in some contexts storing weed can also lead to legal problems.

Factors that can degrade or Affect the Quality of Your Weed

Before we look at the best ways of storing weed, it is important to go through some of the factors that can degrade it. These include:


Light is the biggest factor that can lead to the degradation of your cannabinoids. Just like the harsh UV rays will cause your car’s paint color to turn dull, the same way it will burn terpenes and cannabinoids, which are the most valuable compounds in weed.

Thus, it is advisable to store your weed in opaque containers that protect it from a direct light source to avoid a complete loss of important chemicals.


It is advisable to keep your bud dry to prevent mold since mold loves moisture. However, quality buds cannot be made too dry without leading to the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes.

This means that maintaining proper humidity levels, ideally about 59 to 63 RH is equally important for ideal cannabis storage. The most affordable way to control this factor is using humidity control packets such as Integra Boost or Boveda products.


The other big factor that can affect the quality of weed especially after long-term storage is the level of oxygen. Excessive levels of oxygen can potentially speed the process of degradation while too little of it can alter the levels of humidity, which could cause mildew or mold.

Therefore, the most effective way to guard your weed against oxygen exposure is with the use of a vacuum seal. But the option is not suitable for those who do have vacuum sealers readily available in the house.


Another factor that affects the quality of your weed after long-term storage is temperature. High temperatures can potentially lead to the evaporation of terpenes and drying out of buds, which could result in unpleasant flavor or harsh smoke.

The weed storage temperatures should be below 78 degrees since mildew and mold flourish at temperatures that range between 78 to 86 degrees. Thus, though it highly recommended that you simply store weed in a cool and dark location, choosing the ideal environment is a bit complex.

For instance, to some people, a cool dark location could mean storing it in a refrigerator, but other people do not recommend it due to its increased moisture.

Besides, the freezing temperatures can potentially lead to the bursting of the delicate trichomes, and thus loss of potency. This means that the best place to store weed could possibly be in a dark corner or in the basement.

Best Ways of Storing Weed

The best ways of storing weed include all the methods that put the factors mentioned above into consideration. These include:

Dark, Glass, Air-tight Container

Using such a container is one of the traditional ways of properly storing pot for later use with degrading it. It is advisable to choose a glass jar, which is the size that allows you to fill your glass with the pot and leave little air to dry out the weed.

This means that using a plastic container is a big don’t that you should not even think about, especially if you intend to store your stuff for the long-term.

A plastic container will expose your pot to air, light and temperature fluctuations, which as we have seen above causes degradation of the weed. Moreover, a plastic container can leech the BPA, estrogen mimic into your pot, which is even worse, especially for the guys.

The glass jar should also be able to seal completely leaving no fumes or air capable of leaking out. This is important in preserving your post as it ensures that the storage does not wreak the quality of your weed.

Cannabis Humidor

Cannabis Humidor a wooden, mahogany container that ensures there storage environment maintains proper humidity. It is a nice and stylish way that can be ideally used to store weed.

One of the most popular and fashionable brands is Cannador, which offers a wide range of cannabis humidors that help keep your pot fresh.

Besides, using tobacco humidor to store weed is not recommended since it is made of cedar, which is inappropriate for storing pot. It can also transfer odors and oils, which potentially be destructive for your bud.

Boveda Packs

Boveda packs provide a neat technology in storing your weed. These packs use water and salt absorbent beads that maintain the specified humidity level in your weed.


Storing weed is an equally important part just like preparing it, as it affects the quality of your bud. The methods discussed above offers the best way of storing weed, but the candidate for the best way of ensuring that your weed remains fresh involves combining Boveda packs with Cannador humidor.

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