7 Best Movies To Watch High

For decades, watching movies high has been one of the most popular ways to pass time among stoners. Many people believe that watching movies gets better when you are a little high. These include stoner movies and the ones that do not have anything to do with weed. Therefore, if you are a pothead, there are plenty of blunt-rolling good films to watch.

Inception (2014)


Inception is a mind-bending film that every stoner should consider watching when high to pass the time. The movie is about Leonardo DiCaprio starring as Don Cobb, a thief with the ability to access people’s subconscious mind, enter their dreams and steal their secrets. Besides, the movie is full of adventures as things even take a strange twist when the actor is instructed to do something that seems impossible. Cobb is ordered to plant an idea in someone’s dream.

This makes it one of the most enjoyable movies to watch to high, especially when shared with a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The form cannabis is known for its cerebral, high head uplifting effects that bring great couchlock effect and extreme relaxation.

Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express

As you might know, Pineapple Express is among the most popular stoner flicks in film history. This is a widely funny movie that follows a stoner known as Seth Rogan as well as his weed dealer James Franco after witnessing the murder of their “boss.”Thus, Pineapple Express itself is perfectly inappropriate but a totally hilarious film to watch high regardless of the strain of cannabis that you decide to smoke.

Avatar (2009)


Released in 2009, Avatar is a famous movie directed by James Cameron (Titanic) that became an instant hit. Avatar is among the movies where being stoned enhances a film that is already epic as it features great spiritual and environmental themes captured in an attractive visual display. The strain to take while going to watch Avatar is Alice in Wonderland as it has strong cerebral almost psychedelic effects that expand the amazing cinematography on the film.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

There is nothing better on a Friday night than going out for a bunch of sliders and getting high especially when you are in the pre-career, post-college purgatory. Harold & Kumar film features a story of Harold Lee and Kumar Patel who after smoking marijuana decide to go White Caste, a fast food chain. However, along the way, the two end up on a series of misadventures, which is the most entertaining part to watch when you are high.

The two decide to travel to the White Castle nearby to get some hamburgers, but find it replaced by “Burger Shack.” Luckily, they learn about a White Castle in Cherry Hill. On their way to Cherry Hill, the journey is filled with great comical misadventures that are fun to watch especially when you a little stoned.

Fight Club (2009)

Fight Club

Fight Club is not only among the best movie to watch high but also among one of the most excellent movies in the film industry. The movie features an unmatched plot and a great ending that does not disappoint. This film pulls you in and rocks your world, challenges your prejudices, and yet leaves a crack of great laughter on your face.

It is not only about the rush of seeing Brad Pitt, director Fincher and Edward Norton hit career peaks in this amazing movie. But the bold bruising humor in this groundbreaking film that impacts a range of hot-button issues.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is another movie became an instant classic in the film industry after its release. It is definitely among the greatest movies to watch high and one that any stoner would want to watch more than once. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a quirky, random love story about Kate Winslet and Jim Carey who try to forget each other by literally “erasing” one another from their minds.

Anchorman (2004)


Anchorman without a doubt among the funniest films by top-rated actor, Will Ferrell’s who stars as Ron Burgundy. The film is a seriously sidesplitting comedy, which means that you do not need any help to laugh your way through it.

However, it is advisable to consider Blue Diesel as it is a strain that ensure that you are in the right mindset to enjoy the humor in this movie. This is one of the strains that puts you into a hilarious fit of laughter.

And the winner is

All these movies are top rated and have the potential to take your “high” to a whole new level. The surreal movies will trigger your imagination and creativity while the comical ones will just have you rolling on the floor the whole time. However, Pineapple Express takes the crown. This movie features a super caste playing out a super plot centered on the cannabis story. It has great suspense and is definitely a must watch for every stoner,

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