How to Use Potable Aqua Water Pills to Pass a Drug Test

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You must have heard of the rumors that potable aqua pills help in passing a drug test. The online community has 2 ways of passing the test using this method.

You can either add a few of these germicidal pills into a gallon of drinking water or add them directly into your urine sample.

But how valid are these methods? In this article, we’ll be offering you a scientific rationale for whether or not potable aqua pills do help in passing lab tests.

What are Potable Aqua Pills

potable aqua

Potable Aqua is a brand of water purification tablets. These pills are used for disinfecting drinking water in emergencies especially where the only available water is bacteriologically substandard.

They are commonplace with campers, hikers, and militaries among other outdoor enthusiasts who might want to replenish their water supplies from questionable sources.

These pills are available in almost any outdoor supply store and on Amazon.

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Note that the market has different types of water purification tablets only that Potable Aqua is the most common.

These pills may have one or two of the active ingredients below;


Method 1: Drinking treated water

What you need

How To

Does it work?

I have a friend who gets high daily multiple times and swears by Potable Aqua pills to pass his tests.

He says that he drinks it on the days leading to the drug test and a few hours before the test.

He reports that this stuff cleans him in just 3 days and it always works for him 100%.

Another common way to go about this involves crushing 5 Potable Aqua Tablets in a bottle of water and shaking thoroughly before drinking.

This should again be followed by several liters of water.

According to most people’s belief, in the same way, that the active ingredients in the Potable Aqua pill clean dirty water, they also break down the THC metabolites in your bladder thereby ‘cleaning your piss.’

This isn’t true. Passing a UA with this method does not mean that the Aqua pills broke down the metabolites in your urine.

This method involves consuming a lot of water and pissing several times.

That is simply the dilution method. This means that passing the test does not necessarily mean that there were no metabolites in the urine.

Instead, the water had dissolved them to below the cutoff level.

The metabolites that end up in the urine come from various body tissues.

They enter the bloodstream for transportation to the kidneys where they are filtered into the bladder for removal via urine.

Although there isn’t a lot of research on this topic, there isn’t any convincing scientific evidence that the tabs will do anything to break down the metabolites and keep the urine within the proper ranges.

Method 2: Dropping the tablets directly into the urine sample

How To

Does it work?

The claim with this method is that it will help in creating a false negative result.

Well, a study recorded in the National Institutes of Health showed that chlorine (a major active ingredient in most water treatment pills) helps in breaking down THC-COOH metabolites in waste and surface waters.

In yet another study, iodine (a strong oxidizing agent) was found to mask drug metabolites and metabolites simultaneously. This makes it a go-to adulterant for most stoners.

Unfortunately, it is not as effective as it seems. First, most collection sites and laboratories today have rapid spot tests that detect adulterated urine.

The other problem with this method is that the pill takes a couple of minutes to dissolve completely in the urine to mask the metabolites.

This will definitely be an issue especially if you are collecting the sample on site.

Some people resort to swirling the urine or crashing the pill with their finger to speed up the process.

The catch here is that the temperature of the sample will be affected.

Secondly, dissolving the pill directly into the urine may alter the color of the urine.

Either of these 2 may raise the lab tech’s eyebrows. This brings the risk of false-positive results, and you can easily fail due to urine sample adulteration.


So, do Potable Aqua pills help in passing a drug test? No.

In the first method, there isn’t any clear evidence that the pills have any contribution in passing the urinary test.

The chances are that you’ll simply be diluting the concentration of the metabolites in the urine.

Mind you, taking too much chlorine might be harmful to your health. The US EPA states it as a pesticide.

Speaking to, Dr. Robert Carlson, a reputable researcher at the University of Minnesota says that when chlorine is added to water, it has carcinogenic byproducts that could cause cell damage.

The second method seems a little bit effective since it is evident that iodine masks drug metabolites in the urine sample.

Unfortunately, it is not reliable as well considering that most labs already have systems that can easily detect it in the urine.

Adding and dissolving it in the urine sample also proves to be a little bit tricky if you are to collect the sample on site.

If you are wondering how to pass a urine drug test, our recommendation is to use THC detox kits that were proven to work:

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Kylie Wilson
Hey there :) I’m Kylie, a part of THC Detox team. I have smoked marijuana for more than eight years. While I really enjoy it, I don’t want to lose my job because of a failed drug test. So I enjoy researching and sharing information on the methods that have worked for me, my friends, and clients.


  1. Bigboy says:

    My buddy fills a 32oz jug put 2 pills in when it resolved he slams down the jug. The same process again. Then fill 32oz with reg water and drinks it. Pees 2 times and pissed clean. For 2 years straight. Every 30 days. And smokes the day of the test. I didn’t believe this, so I went twice with him to parole. Both times good. Amazing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can it beat a lab test?

    • highfry says:

      You need to be taking a creatine supplement while doing this method if it’s for the lab test. Or you might get that “inconclusive” phone call.
      But without taking vitamins or creatine, this works almost everytime for a simple drug screen

  3. Anonymous per says:

    What if it is Coleman instead of Aqua brand?

    • Anonymous says:

      Go buy a urine testing kit and try it yourself, most pharmacy sells them, but remember don’t check the urine straight away, because it needs to sit for a bit, and the place that does the test doesn’t get it for a few hours anyway. So that’s in your favor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you take the pill itself or put it in the water?

  5. Bill says:

    Use the brown pills and don’t put it in water

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does this only work for THC or all drug metabolites?

  7. B.teezy says:

    If this method kills THC metabolites then It should be safe to say it kills all drug metabolites. I have a u.a today and got high last night, So I’ll skip it to buy 24 more hours clean and try the potable aqua method and hope for the best

    • Paul says:

      Please don’t use potable water it doesn’t work no more don’t know what happened to the pills I believe that there take something away for it

  8. Brian says:

    I bought Coleman’s Potable Aqua, does it still have the same effect as Aqua brand? and What if I need to urinate really bad to the point where it is painful and my probation officer hasn’t called my name yet, if I pee before the drug test with the Potable Aqua in my system will I still pass after I peed a few times?

  9. Anonymous says:

    There isn’t a health risk for swallowing the tablets and then drinking the water afterwards is there?

  10. Taylor Marie says:

    Ok so I have a urine test May 2 I’m gonna stop and get some aquatabs and take them a week before and take some more the night before my drug test. It does work with urine test right?

  11. Jay Hook says:

    Hello, My best friend swore by potable water tablets. He smoked some, maybe 3 times a week. He did opiates every day though. His probation officer hit him with a test 10 out of 12 months he was under their thumb.
    He would crush the tablet and insert a crumb into his ”pee hole ”, then pee in the cup right in front of the cop. Never was violated. This was in the late 90s, so things may have changed.

  12. Pea says:

    All I know is put both pills in a water bottle shake drink night before pee per usual and drink another bottle with 2 more and per for your test your bool. I passed every test dead ass.0_0