Best 7 Weed Grinders That Are Also Pocket Friendly

Finding a grinder that works for you may be as difficult as finding a fitting bra, literally. You have to take into consideration all the unique factors that suit your lifestyle as well as how deep your pockets can sink.

But like a bra, you should never give your loyalty to a grinder that does not do its job, because the results will show in the quality of the hit you inhale.

So before you embark on a buy and toss spree, check out these 7 grinders that have caught our attention after rigorous and in-depth market research.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Before heading out to the top grinders in the market, it is important to know what you are looking for in a weed grinder.

Weed grinders are usually made from zinc-alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, wood, plastic or acrylic. These will impact durability, ease of cleaning and cost of the grinder.

Grinders can have one, two, three or four compartments. Three compartment and four-compartment grinders offer extra space for building and catching kief.

Some grinders use magnetic locks to ensure that the aromas of weed do not escape as you grind your weed.

A grinder with fine teeth will allow for a finer grind of weed that ensures better airflow and a better experience.

As much as a two-compartment grinder may not give you a chance to separate your ground weed and kief, it offers the additional benefit of portability. This comes in handy when you need to travel often.

It is not always that you want to splurge on an accessory. When quality and functionally are optimal, the cheaper the better applies.

Best 7 Weed Grinders

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder – 3 Compartment Grinder

This is a three-compartment grinder that also comes at a great cost of $16.95 on Amazon. It incorporates an aircraft-grade aluminum in the compartments that make this grinder durable. The extra compartment is used to catch kief which will make the weed more potent and effective. It also comes with sharp diamond cutting teeth for extreme efficiency and effortless grinding. The magnetic lid ensures that the weed aromas do not escape during the grinding process.

4 Piece Black Titanium Space Case Grinder with nylon O-rings

4 Piece Black Titanium Space Case Grinder with nylon O-rings

This four-piece grinder has the added advantage of being small in size and portable. Space Case grinders also come with nylon O-rings which make it easy for people with arthritis or injuries to work with the grinder. The diamond tooth design makes it possible to churn out extra fine weed that improves the airflow and overall experience. It has an extra compartment to hold kief which makes the weed extra potent. It comes with neodymium magnets for superior closure.

SharpStone 5-Piece Grinder with double Pollen Screens

SharpStone 5-Piece Grinder with double Pollen Screens

This five piece grinder features two pollen screens for extra fine pollen. SharpStone grinders are made with heavy-duty aircraft billet aluminum for maximum durability. They feature magnetic seals and razor-sharp diamond teeth for finer grind. They also come with a protective carry pouch and a pollen scraper.

The cost is $39.95 on Amazon, this is worth every penny.

iRainy 5-Piece Grinder – Very Budget Friendly

iRainy [5 Piece] Spice Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

This five-piece grinder costs all of $7.99 on Amazon. But don’t let the price dissuade you from the efficiency of this grinder. It has a compartment to build and catch kief. The extra pollen screen ensures extra fine pollen, but you can remove it if you so wish. It also comes with a magnetic seal to ensure that the aroma of your weed is locked in adequately. It is made from durable zinc and alloy that is easy to clean.

Phoenician Engineering 4 Piece Grinder- Medical Grade

Phoenician Engineering 4 Piece Grinder- Medical Grade

Phoenician engineering have cut out a niche for medical grade grinders that features a Fibonacci inspired knurl up grip suitable for arthritic patients. This grinder in spite of having three compartments is also small in size. It features a patented thread lock design that ensures all aromas are locked in and promotes greater ease of use. It also features a patented diametrically cut grinding teeth that ensure a uniquely fine grind. It comes in unique color combinations.

Mendo Mulcher 2 Piece Double Grip Grinder – Portable

This 2 piece grinder comes with double grip feature that ensures that you won’t slip it even with its small size. If you struggle with twisting open a grinder, this palm sized grinder with double grips will be ideal for you. It is made of heavy-duty aircraft grade billet aluminum that is durable. It also has twice the number of grind teeth compared to standard grinders. This ensures a fine grind.

SLX 4 Piece Grinder – Nonstick and self-cleaning

Mendo Mulcher 2 Piece Double Grip Grinder

This grinder from SLX is a self-cleaning 4 piece grinder that is made from nonstick material. The ceramic coat repels water and oil and annihilates cleaning from your vocabulary. The pollen screen lifts without unscrewing, meaning that every bit of pollen is preserved. It contains no Teflon, PTFE, or other toxic chemicals making it very safe. It costs $44.99 on Amazon.


There you have your 7 best weed grinders that also come at a fair price. If we were to pick the best of the seven, we would settle for the SharpStone 5-Piece Grinder with double Pollen Screens. This grinder comes with an extra kief compartment to ensure that you get the finest sift. The heavy-duty aircraft billet aluminum is durable and easy to clean. It has magnetic seals to lock in the aromas and extra sharp teeth to ensure a thorough grind. The price is very friendly too. Unfortunately, it lacks enhanced grip features so may not be ideal for arthritic patients.

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