Can using Midol help you to pass a drug test? Getting the Facts Right

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Daniel Miller, Ph.D, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on Jan 13, 2024

The word on the street is that Midol can help you pass a urine drug test for weed(THC) and other drugs.

This theory might be true on paper but won’t work in real life. Sources that propagate this claim base their arguments on the caffeine content in Midol, which makes it a diuretic.

This means that if this method works, then you are simply diluting the urine, nothing much. Dilution is a method you can carry out using pure water – a safer way considering Midol’s side effects.

All in all, in this article, I’ll show you the proposed way of using Midol to pass a drug test. I’ll also explain how and why it might work and why it might not.

What is Midol

Most ladies who experience pain during their least favorite time of the month probably know what this is. Midol refers to an over-the-counter drug used to minimize the pains caused by menstrual cramping and other pre-menstruation and menstruation effects. Bayer distributes it.

As you can probably imagine, Midol is mainly marketed towards women. However, it can also be taken by men.

Midol’s one saving grace is that it can be easily obtained from almost any drug store, even without a prescription.

Active ingredients

To understand how Midol is thought to work, you must have a glimpse of its ingredients. Midol is available in 6 different formulations; Midol Complete, Midol Extended Relief, Midol Teen formulation, Midol Liquid Gels, and Midol PM Formulation.

Midol Complete is the preferred option in this method. This drug is made up of;

How to Use Midol to Pass a Urine Test

What You Need


Why it is thought to work vs. Scientific Evidence

The online community has several explanations as to how Midol helps in beating a drug test.

One of the theories claims that the Acetaminophen and Pyrilamine maleate contents of the drug are filtered by kidneys into the urine when ingested.

These 2 components are said to boost the removal of drug metabolites from the system. They are also thought to interact with the drug tests (equipment) to create a false negative.

Is this true?

Well, a portion of these 2 components is indeed excreted from the body through urine. A study published in the National Institutes of Health journal wanted to examine the metabolism and elimination of Pyrilamine maleate in rats.

In this experiment, the researchers administered 7mg and 0.7mg of Pyrilamine maleate plus to 2 groups of adult male Fischer rats.

After 24 hours, it was found out that approximately 29% and 38% of this substance was excreted through urine in the high and low dose groups, respectively.

In yet another study recorded in the same journal, it is evident that the kidney is the major disposition site for Acetaminophen. This research literature states that Acetaminophen is excreted either directly or after a series of biotransformation.

Unfortunately, there isn’t even a single proof that these 2 aids in removing THC metabolites from the body.

There is also no scientific evidence that these components would interact with the lab tests to create a false negative.

Why it might work

Although there isn’t concrete scientific proof to support the ability of Midol to remove THC from the body, I wouldn’t regard this method as a pipe dream just yet.

The caffeine content in a single tablet of this drug makes it a potent diuretic with a much higher effect than what a cup of tea or coffee would offer.

A diuretic is any substance that, when ingested, makes you pee a lot. Consuming a diuretic followed by a lot of water increases the urge to take a pee.

Consequently, the concentration of THC metabolites in the urine is cut to below the threshold of detection. And this is what makes you pass the test.

Side effects

Midol can be acquired over the counter without a physician’s prescription, which means that it is safe. However, WebMD has it that Midol may have side effects ranging from less severe to severe expressions.

Common side effects include chronic trouble sleeping, drowsiness, nervousness, stomach cramps, and stomach irritations.

Although on rare occasions, Midol is also said to cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome, vocal cord swelling, extra heartbeat, a blood disorder, acute liver failure, and decreased blood platelets, among other side effects.


Using Midol to pass a THC drug test is simply the dilution method.

The caffeine content of Midol might help in pissing a lot, thanks to its diuretic nature. However, pure drinking water gives similar results minus all the side effects that come with Midol.

The dilution method (using plain water) is the safest and surest way of passing a urine test without subjecting your liver and kidneys to many side effects.

However, this is a simple yet complex method that requires understanding your Lean Body Mass (LBM) and Creatinine levels first. Learn how to dilute your urine in this article.

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