Detoxify Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse Review

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Detoxify Mega Clean Herbal CleanseThe Detoxify Mega Clean is one product that you won’t lack in most online and physical drug stores that sell detoxification kits.

This kit works with urine tests for weed- and similar to other products of its kind, it claims to detoxify your urine temporarily to allow you to collect clean urine to pass the test.

How does it work

The Detoxify Mega Clean is a little bit different from other detoxification products that we’ve reviewed here including the Stuff Detox and the Detoxify Ready Clean.

Most detoxification products are loaded with diuretics and work by flushing THC toxins from the urinary tract momentarily.

The Mega Clean, however, claims to work in 2 ways. First, it prevents your body from releasing THC metabolites into the urine. Secondly, this detoxification product has ingredients that work by masking any remaining drug toxins already in the urine thereby making it hard for drug tests to detect them.

The manufacturer also claims that won’t show up in the urine tests. So, there’s no risk of being busted for trying to cheat the test.

Similar to other detoxification products, the Detoxify Mega Clean offers you a 3-5-hour window to collect clean urine for the test.

Keep in mind that this product has several user limitations. This is expected of many detoxification kits, though.

The manufacturer states the Detoxify Mega Clean is meant for heavy smokers. By heavy, this product is marketed to smokers who have a higher body mass (weighing over 230 pounds) and with a higher THC concentration level due to smoking several joints each day.


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Vitamin Blend


Step 1: Abstain for at least 48 hours to the test

The first step involves abstaining from weed for at least 48 hours to allow the body to remove most THC metabolites lurking in your urinary tract.

Step 2: Do a Pre-Cleanse

24 hours to the test, pre-cleanse to force out more toxins from your system. This you’ll do by ingesting a pill from the Pre-Cleanse supplement packet (6 capsules). The pills should be taken 1 every 4 hours.

Step 3: Take the cleansing drink

On the day of the test, shake the Detoxify Mega Clean drink thoroughly and drink the entire thing. Wait for 15-20 minutes and refill the bottle and gulp that too.

Note that the detoxification effects of this drink hold for 3-5 hours. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends planning your time well to ensure that you collect the urine when it’s clean.

About the Manufacturer

The Mega Clean is the work of Detoxify LLC- a detox company that claims to have existed for the last 20 years and sold 20 million detoxification products. This manufacturer also has other detoxification products including the Detoxify Ready Clean.


Martyna Hemmings

I’m writing this review because I want anyone else who might be in trouble to benefit. I’m 270 pounds and I really love bong. I do at least 3 sticks every day. I bought this detox kit 2 days to the test and followed the instructions. Although I didn’t have enough time for a thorough pre-cleanse, I passed 2 tests at home and went ahead to pass the real thing.


I read several online reviews before going for this detox product. I’m glad I did. It does not have a weird taste that other products have although I struggled to keep all the liquids in my stomach. I submitted the urine sample 3 hours after drinking the juice and passed. I weigh 180 pounds and a moderate smoker.


My buddy recommended this kit but I couldn’t buy it at the price it was sold at. I searched for it on Amazon and I can’t believe that it costs half the price. And it still works as expected.

Brown Watkins 

Look elsewhere. I was lured to buy this detox kit by the numerous positive reviews online. I followed the instructions faithfully and actually had 3 full days to precleanse. But I still failed the test. Honestly, this is a NO if you have a job riding on it.

Michael Bilao 

Bought this for my brother and he failed despite all the positive reviews and the high price tag. I would not recommend it especially if you are a heavy smoker

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