Detoxify Ready Clean Review

Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller, Ph.D, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on Apr 9, 2024

detoxify ready clean

The Detoxify Ready Clean comes as a sure bet for that time when you’ve just been called for a weed test, yet you are darn sure that natural detoxification hasn’t done enough to put you on the safe side.

This herbal cleanse detox product is among the most sought-after detox products on the market today. It is meant to help weed users pass a urinalysis within a very short time when other ways of passing a urine drug test may not work.

However, while this product has a high success rate, it does not work for everyone: it works for occasional smokers who weigh below 200 pounds. Find out how it works and whether or not to consider it in our Detoxify Ready Clean review.

How Does it Work

Successful natural detoxification is a surefire way of passing an upcoming weed drug test. The major issue that plagues this method, though, is time.

Oftentimes, casual smokers require anywhere between a week and 100 days (or even longer at times) for the body to get rid of THC and its metabolites from the system completely.

So, what if you are called in for a test just a few days after your last hit, and you are darn sure that your chances of passing are almost zero? What do you do? The Detoxify Ready Clean may be your solution.

The Ready Clean works by creating a 5-6 hour window frame where the THC levels in your urine are below detectable levels, thereby allowing you to pass the test.

Of most importance, this product lowers the level of THC in the urine while maintaining all other vital elements within the required levels. This ensures that you won’t be flagged for trying to challenge the test.

This is a 2-in-1 product that consists of a Cleansing Drink and a 6-capsule packet of PreCleanse supplement.

Unlike other detoxification products that claim to remove THC toxins from your system completely, Detoxify (the manufacturer of Ready Clean) puts it clear that after the ‘detoxification zone’ is over, THC will show up in your urine again, thereby putting you at the risk of failing the test.

Still, we find its 5-6-hour clean urine window frame decent and long enough to allow most people to beat the test. Worth noting, however, while this detox product guarantees a pass throughout the 5-hour detoxification zone, the first 3 hours seem to have maximum effect. Therefore, it’s recommendable to submit the urine sample within this time.


We really appreciate that Detoxify cared to include all the ingredients that it uses to make this product. This is not only proof of the product’s authenticity, but the reliability of the manufacturer too.

Here is a glimpse of what goes into this product and the role of each ingredient;

Proprietary Herbal Blend consisting of

Other ingredients;

How to use the Detoxify Ready Clean to Pass a Drug Test for Weed

Stop doing drugs (for at least 48 hours)

As with any other method of passing a urine drug test, the first thing you want to do when using the Ready Clean is to stop the drugs you are being tested for. Not adding more drugs into your system means that that you have fewer metabolites to struggle with, thereby increasing the likelihood of skewing the results to your favor.

Take the PreCleanse pills (24 hours before taking the Ready Clean)

24 hours before taking the Detoxify Ready Clean, take the PreCleanse pills included in this program 1 pill after every 4 hours. The essence of this is to lower the metabolites even further, especially if you have toked recently.

Taking a 16-oz glass of water every 4 hours (spread evenly) has also increased the odds by a greater margin. Remember to pee as many times as possible or as the urge arises.

Take the Detoxify Ready Clean Drink

Having abstained for at least 48 hours and pre-cleansed the system, the ground is set for the Ready Clean drink to do its work. Shake it well and drink all of it. After 15 minutes, fill the bottle with fresh water, shake well, and drink that too.

Note that the Detoxify Ready Clean drink should be drinking 1 hour before the test. Remember to urinate as many times as possible before submitting the urine sample, as the drink creates the much-needed detoxification zone.

Again, as I told you earlier on, while this drink offers a 5-hour safe window, urine between the first 3 hours tends to have a higher effect.

Self-test (optional)

Before heading to the collection point, you might want to test yourself to ensure that the product is working. This is optional, though, but it might help in boosting your confidence.

About the company

The Ready Clean is made by Detoxify – an online company that is also famous for its 2 other products; the XXTra Clean (a stronger version of the Ready Clean that is meant for 200lbs+ people with higher exposure to toxins) and the Mega Clean detox drinks.

My Experience

As for me, I failed the home drug test using this product. I followed all the directions to the T and still failed.

detoxify ready clean review


As I mentioned earlier, the Detoxify Ready Clean isn’t meant for everyone. To ensure that you don’t shell out your money for an item that might not work for you, this same-day detoxification drink is meant for lightweight people (below 200 pounds) with a lower exposure to weed, for instance, first-time users and occasional users (smoking utmost 3 times per week).

Here are some of the positive and negative reviews from people who have used this detox drink. As you can highlight from their feedback, there are 2 main things that previous users advise about using this drink: following the instructions to the latter and peeing regularly.


One of the most elated buyers and users of the Ready Clean, Casey says that he weighs 142 pounds and a heavy toker for 17 years. He says that he came across this detoxification drink after being scheduled for a urine test that he had to take in 5 days and passed with flying colors.


Deanna claims that she has used the Detoxify Read Clean to pass all her urine tests for over 15 years. However, she does remind first-time users that this product does not detoxify the system permanently. Instead, it offers a 5-6-hour window within which you can piss clean. Besides, she adds that adhering to the instructions is a must.


While we wouldn’t vouch for the idea, B-Rad says that he had smoked the day before the test and used the Detoxify Ready Clean to pass the test with no issues. He says that he also includes a jug of cranberry juice into the regimen. Cranberry juice is known for its diuretic properties, and it’s also rich in fiber, and these two properties should definitely boost his odds of skewing the results.


One of the unhappy buyers who failed the test using the Detoxify Ready Clean, Mandaozz- a regular smoker who hadn’t smoked for 19 days- says that she followed the instructions to the letter and actually read and reread them to ensure that she did the right thing.

Before heading to the collection point, she says that she tested herself and passed but later went on to fail the actual test.

While there may be other underlying reasons why she didn’t pass, Mandaozz’s weight- 215 pounds- must have had a hand in her predicaments. Besides, we believe her odds would have been much higher if she had pre-cleansed.


He says that he drank the Ready Clean at 9 am and refilled the bottle as directed and later failed the test at 12-15 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Does Ready Clean Work?

You can get a negative drug test just 90 minutes after using Ready Clean.

How Long Before A Drug Test Do I Have To Drink Ready Clean?

Ready Clean can be used the same day when you need to do a drug test. Typically, it would help if you take it 90 minutes before a drug test to pass it.

How Long Does Clean Ready Last?

Ninety minutes after you use the Clean Ready, you will have a time-frame of 5 hours. In this period, your drug test will always turn out negative. It is essential to take the test within that time-frame, as well as to follow the instructions.

How Reliable Is Ready Clean?

As for me, I failed the home drug test using this product. I followed all the directions to the T and still failed.

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The information on this website about detox products and synthetic urines is for educational purposes only. We do not endorse or condone their illegal use. Always consider the laws in your area and the potential legal consequences. Consult with a healthcare professional before using any products. Your responsibility and well-being are paramount.