With all more than 800 stores nationwide, Toys R Us never run out of job openings for every enthusiast.

Just the same, every candidate has to go through a progression of hiring, application before one finally land on a post within the company.

Especially when the holidays are about to come, the demand for employees is at its peak. Nonetheless, yes, Toys R Us drug test their employees.

Do Toys R Us Drug Test New Employees?

Upon filling out of application form online, series of interview would follow. This would depend on the position you are applying for.

For entry-level staff, a group session is done while for managerial posts, one on one in-person interview is a must. Sure thing, the interviewer would ask you whether you are comfortable undergoing a drug screen which caller would claim being a requirement.

However, around 75% of employees who have worked at Toys R Us claim that this does not happen at all.

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Does Toys R Us Drug Test on First Interview?

Nope, the first interview would be something around experiences, exposure to toys, and the inclination to the love of children’s stuff.

Drug test does not happen during the first interview. Depending on the location and the management, although these companies are somewhat aligned with the rules,

Drug Test may indeed be required, but it is something that can be treated only for formality. Here is mainly the Toys R Us application process:

Online Filling Out of Forms

As the other company would do, an online application form is made available for interested applicants to fill out.


This varies according to the position applied for. The difference is the interviewer as it could be more heavy with higher paid positions.

Group Session for Entry Level

Those who are starting with an initial clerk position is usually a part of a group session where an interview is like a getting to know each other stage.

Series of One on Ones for Managerial

The pressure is more on this position as the applicant has to go through a conversation with almost every department and the competition is more stiff.

Background Check

Following the interviews and the group session, a background check of criminal records when there is will be done, and this is with permission of the candidate.

Drug Test (Case To Case Basis)

Although at the very first part of the interviews, every candidate will be advised of a drug test but this happening, depends on the shop where one is applying.

What Drugs Do Toys R Us Employees Test For?

Cannabis (Marijuana), Opiates, and Meth are the most common drug traces detected among candidates during drug screening procedures. Some other traces may appear in the same drug screening results, but the above 3 are the most particular.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used in Toys R Us?

Drug Screening becomes imperative with Toys R Us when some accident or similar scenario is involved while employed or while on duty with the company. This is usually done by a Urine Drug Test (UDT) or a Mouth Swab Drug Test (MSDT) but this depends on the weight or the gravity of the scenario.