Does Best Buy Drug Test?

Among others, Best Buy has the most detailed and recorded policies about anything concerning the pre-employment, employment, and post-employment procedures of its employees, so the answer is yes.

For all positions applied for in this company, permanent, contract, seasonal or temporary, there always is a set of standards applicable.

It always comes with a rundown of everything necessary for every procedure they ask of their candidates.

Does Best Buy Drug Test On First Interview?

Nope, not on the first interview. Best Buy does not exempt anyone, even returning applicants, regarding their Drug Testing requirements.

Just like any other retailer, the hiring process is almost similar to that of the others. Here is a quick run-through of a typical application scenario in this company:

Do Best Buy Drug Test New Employees?

Yes, for every position applied for in Best Buy, entry-level or high paying post, each is required to submit a pre-employment DT results.

Upon testing, when the candidate comes out negative, the first stage of the hiring process is done. In case a positive remark is labeled on the drug screen papers, the candidate will be considered ineligible for employment.

What Drugs Do Best Buy Employees Test For?

Drugs tested among Best Buy employees are marijuana, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP or Phencyclidine, and their traces. Alcohol is also part of the testing process, but these are the substances focused on by the drug screen.

What Types of Drug Tests Are Used in Best Buy?

Urine Specimen Test is the drug testing procedure observed by Best Buy among its employees. This is just the prototype of a typical drug test where the candidate is asked to produce urine, and immediately the test is run. A medical review officer then confirms positive or negative results.