Does Target Drug Test?

While companies such as Google and Dell are people-based companies, Walmart, Target, and McDonalds are process-based.

The difference between people-based and process-based companies are visible with the way they dealt with given structures.

Target, for instance, is after great and efficient compliance with the standard procedures set and brought about by the business heads.

The goal of the latter is to mainly reach the target so incentives and rewards can be returned to its employees, so yes, they do DT.

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Do Target Drug Test NEW Employees?

Structural as they are, Drug Test for new employees is a must. Target will not make it on the list of America’s largest retailers with a solid stock, if these procedures are not working in any way. Now, you might wonder how Target hires.

Does Target Drug Test on the First Interview?

The majorities of the positions opened by the target as in-store posts wherein applicants can simply come in, pass an online personality test, and surpass interview of two or more existing employees, and then get hired. Now, is drug test done on the first interview? Nope, here is when and why drug tests are done at Target?

What Drugs Do Target Employees Test For?

Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth and some other prohibited drugs are tested among Target employees. For higher positions, an applicant can go through as many as five interviews where each interview is done in the assessment of personal outlook and skills in deciding specific to the job applied for.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used in Target?

Target does urine test among the candidates. This is usually done in masses so altogether everyone is like asked for urine samples to be tested in a nearby clinic. After an hour, the result will be available.  Target is inevitably a successful retailer, which observes standard procedures. This is why it has been involved in controversies involving this process, but it appears that the company is still unmoved and instead, is all the more going strong in the field of retail industry.

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