Can You Pass a Drug Test with Palo Azul Tea in 2024?

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Daniel Miller, Ph.D, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on Jan 13, 2024

Palo Azul Tea works in the manner of a detox drink that improves the body’s health while also flushing out the drug residues. Let’s examine if using Palo Azul to pass drug tests effective and science-backed.

palo azul to pass drug test

Why is Palo Azul Tea effective

Understanding the science behind Palo Azul Tea is essential. The tea extract is produced from the Palo Azul herbs that are native to Mexico, and its usage as a medical remedy dates back to hundreds of years.

Palo Azul contains the minerals sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which function as electrolytes and help regulate numerous functions in the body, including urine characteristics. The tea also contains a negatively-charged alkaloid compound that draws or pulls out the toxins in the blood and urinary tract.

This is vital for effective kidney function.

As kidneys act as filters and are central to removing waste products, increasing their function helps to flush out unnecessary products out of the body at a higher rate. To this end, Palo Azul is a powerful and natural diuretic. Diuretics are specific compounds that lead to increased diuresis or an increase in the amount of urine produced by an individual.

Scientific studies have proven that a natural diuretic like Palo Azul can increase urine production while diluting any toxins, which may include drug metabolites such as THC. Palo Azul can also create a masking effect by changing urinary pH and preventing the passive excretion of specific drug compounds in the urine.

What you will need

How to Use Palo Azul to Pass Drug Test

  1. Boil at least a gallon and a half of water.
  2. Add approximately 2-3 ounces of the Palo Azul bark into the water.
  3. Boil for up to 1.5 hours.
  4. Remove from heat, filter out the tea from the bark, and drink!

The process is simple and straightforward. If you require only the tea to pass the test, the best option is to drink the entire tea volume that is made within a 24 period before taking the test. This should help to bring the desired results.

An extra tip to boost your chances of passing the test is to avoid taking any drugs. The longer the period, the better your odds are, so this is entirely up to what you think is best.

The longer you boil the bark, the deeper the color of the tea will be. If done successfully, aside from a bit of evaporation, you should have a deep red colored liquid with a hint of a blue halo at the top. The tea has a mild flavor and can be served hot or cold. Feel free to garnish it with lime, honey, or sugar for that extra kick!



“The product has several health benefits and is cheap and affordable. But it is unreliable with no clear evidence that it works. Not recommended if you need guaranteed results.”


It works, and I passed the test! But within my experience, there are a lot of factors. I stopped smoking for 10 ten days. I am an active person who eats pretty clean, and I drink at least a gallon of water a day,” Sewall Beach.

“I can personally attest that this product works since I have now passed 3 clinical urine screenings after using it. All I can say for the people that claim it doesn’t work is that they must not have used it properly. I also keep a moderately empty stomach for a day and a half before testing. If your test is in the A.M., make sure you wake up early enough to have ample time to urinate several times before testing. Aside from that, it’s pretty simple.”


“I used the product, followed the instructions as given, and used the entire bag. But I still failed the drug test. Not sure what happened.”


The product doesn’t work as it is described. When you try and get your money back, they tell you that you should have bought more and drank more of it. Yet, 8oz is the biggest size they sell. It tastes great and looks pretty, but it doesn’t cleanse your system, as they say. Don’t be fooled.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Palo Azul for Drug Test?

You will need 2-3 oz. of Palo Azul Bark boiled in a gallon of water.

How Long to Take Palo Azul Before The Drug Test?

Drink the Palo Azul tea 18 to 24 hours before the drug test. If you have more time, start drinking a few cups per day, then 18 to 24 hours before the test. It will help if you take the full dose.

How Effective is Palo Azul for Passing a Drug Test?

According to a 2019 survey, 78% of the people that used Palo Azul failed a drug test.

How To Make Palo Azul Tea With Wood Chips To Pass A Drug Test

Pour 1½ gallon water in a large pot and add 2-3 Oz of Palo Azul wood chips. Let it boil for 90 minutes. It would be best if you do not drink it more than this quantity as it can dilute your urine, which can make the test invalid.

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