Does Edelman Drug Test?

Employees and job applicants at Edelman need to be aware of the company’s drug and alcohol policy.

This forms part of the provisions necessary to work effectively for the company. Below are details of the drug testing policy that will enable any prospective employee to navigate the process and meet company expectations.

Edelman is an American public relations and marketing consultancy firm with headquarters in New York City and Chicago.

The company employs approximately 3,000 people with more than 65 offices spread across the globe. It was ranked as the world’s largest PR agency in 2018.

To work for a prestigious organization like Edelman requires high standards of ethics, values, and honesty. This is captured in the company’s code of ethics and business conduct. Within this code, a drugs and alcohol policy segment outlines what is expected of all employees.

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Drug Testing at Edelman

Edelman requires employees to report to work in a condition that enables them to perform their duties optimally. They should be free from the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. The company does not tolerate the use of illegal drugs in the workplace.

However, the company may allow alcohol at firm-sponsored functions and business-related activities. In such circumstances, employees are advised to use discretion and act responsibly to ensure their safety and others’ safety by being moderate in consumption.

While the policy does not explicitly outline instances where a drug and/or alcohol test is required by Edelman, it is clear that any such tests may encompass pre-employment and probably reasonable suspicion testing.

This is because such a consultancy firm may not have any potential work-related accident scenarios within their premises.

Reasonable suspicion may arise in the course of an employee’s work and how their performance is measured.

Pre-Employment Testing

Some Edelman locations such as Chicago conduct pre-employment testing. There is no formal policy across the organization that requires job applicants to undergo drug tests before hiring.

This seems to be the discretion of management at each location. In such cases, the job offer will be contingent on the applicant (whether it’s a new job seeker or a rehire) returning a negative test.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

In cases where an employee is suspected of using an illegal substance in the workplace, a drug test may be recommended. This is at the discretion of supervisors and managers.


Edelman’s policy does not tolerate the use of illegal drugs in the workplace. However, it does not explicitly make it mandatory to drug-test before one is employed and neither does it provide for random or reasonable suspicion testing.