High Voltage Detox Drink Review: Does It Work?

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Daniel Miller, Ph.D, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on Jan 13, 2024

high voltage detox drink review

I have recently received lots of emails from guys who seem stuck on whether or not the High Voltage Detox Kit helps pass a urine drug test for weed.

It’s understandable to feel confused considering the mixed reviews online. While a large portion of the past users report that this detox drink didn’t work for them, there is still a good number that purports that the High Voltage Detox works as advertised.

This kit is marketed as a temporary solution for passing urine drug tests for weed within short notice. But does it work, or is it just another scam?

Let’s find out!

About me: 6 ft tall, 187 lbs, ~22% body fat. I’m physically fit. I do about an hour of cardio training each day. I smoke weed 3-5 times a week. To put it shortly: I’m a non-regular smoker in good shape and fast metabolism. So it should be easy for me to pass the test.

How does it work

Whether a scam or not, almost all detox kits seem to work similarly- and the High Voltage is not any different.

According to the manufacturer, this detoxification kit is loaded with ingredients that work by cleansing your urinary tract and bladder of all THC metabolites temporarily.

Interestingly, and a claim that you won’t find with most detoxification kits, the High Voltage is also said to work with the body and stop it from releasing any more THC that may be stored in your fat cells into the blood system.

This offers you a window of up to 7 hours within which you can collect a clean sample of urine that should enable you to pass a urine test.

Like most of the other detox kits of this type, the High Voltage detox kit is not marketed to everyone. Instead, it is mainly recommended for smokers with light to moderate THC buildup levels in their system. You also need to be no more than 200 pounds.

The manufacturer also adds that this drink takes effect 30 minutes after consumption and after 3 ‘normal size urinations’. However, they also add that this largely depends on one’s metabolism rate and the toxin levels in his/her system.

Worth noting, the High Voltage Detox Kit comes in a 16oz bottle and 3 flavors- Acai, pomegranate, and lemon-lime.


high voltage ingredients

Proprietary Blend

Other ingredients


Step 1: Stay away from drugs for at least 48 hours

According to the manufacturer, it’s of paramount importance to stay away from weed for at least 48 hours.

During the first 24 hours, you can do some light exercises, for instance, hitting the gym to help the body release more of the THC cells stored in the fat cells.

I didn’t smoke for 2 days before taking the test.

Step 2: 24 hours to the test

Stop the exercises and avoid alcohol, acidic drinks, salty foods, sugar, caffeine, and fruit juices. You should also drink ten 8-oz glasses of water spread evenly across an 8-hour period.

Step 3: On the day of the test… plan well

On the day of your pee test, plan your time well to have enough time to urinate at least 3 times before peeing for the test.

Step 4: Taking the drink

Start by shaking the detox drink thoroughly and then drink the entire 16oz of the drink, followed by 16oz of water.

high voltage drink in a glass

The drink smells ok, but the taste is not that good. However, I didn’t have problems drinking it.

Step 5: Drinking another 16oz

Wait for 15 minutes and drink yet another 16oz of water.

Step 6: Urinate at least 3 times.

According to the manufacturer, the High Voltage is effective 30 minutes after downing it. However, they recommend peeing at least 3 times before peeing for the test to ensure that any remaining THC metabolites have been flushed out.

I peed 3 times, and it took me about 1.5 hours after taking the drink. After that, I felt the urge to pee in about 30 minutes, so it took 2 hours from drinking the High Voltage to taking the test. Here are the results:

high voltage detox drink drug test

So, the results are positive for THC even after abstaining for 2 days and following all directions.


About the manufacturer

The High Voltage Detox Kit is manufactured by an online-based company. It sells its product through its website and eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

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It works. But you need to follow the instructions to the latter. I also found out that staying away from weed when you learn of an upcoming test really helps. I had a whole week before me, and I did lots of exercises.


I bought and used the Acai flavor. Not the best taste, but that didn’t matter to me. What matters is that I passed the test and clinched the job.


This detox kit involves taking a lot of water. You can’t convince me that it’s not mere dilution. All in all, it did work for me.


Don’t fall this cheap detoxification kit. It tasted spoiled from the very beginning, and I ended up losing my 20 bucks plus a job I had waited for so long.


 It won’t work and will never work. Don’t fall for the fake 5-star reviews

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