There you are doing your thing at your work station when suddenly you get the news that you are up for a drug test. For most people, it’s a massive shocker to learn that they need to do a drug test soon after they used some weed or something else to relax after a hard day’s work.

Our advice - don’t be like most people! Don’t panic and do anything suspicious that will drive unwanted attention to yourself.

Instead of letting go of being overwhelmed by panic and despair, keep on reading. Here is our science-based guide on how to pass a supervised drug test.

Three ways to pass a drug test while being watched.

Decreasing the concentration of drug metabolites within your urine is essential in getting a negative drug test. That’s the magic trick, the science hack, or whatever you like to call it, that will help you pass the drug test.

There are three ways to do that:

Urine Substitution

how to pass a supervised drug test for cocaine with urine substitution

The idea here is to secretly fill the cup with synthetic urine instead of with yours. Usually, that is very tricky as you will be monitored the all-time by your supervisor. Hence, this method requires a lot of skill and effort.


cocaine dilution

With flushing, you can temporarily flush the drug metabolites from your bladder. As a result, your pee will be clean, and your drug test negative. Flushing is a virtually risk-free method that can get you a negative drug test even when used on the same day of the test.


Detoxing is the safest and most natural method to eliminate all drug metabolites from your body. But at the same time, it is the most time-consuming method. So, detoxing should be an option only if you know weeks or even months in advance of an upcoming drug test.

How to pass a supervised drug test using fake urine

Most people buy synthetic urine instead of relying on urine from friends or colleagues. However, there are a few cautions with this method. Aside from the fact that it is against the law, you need to hide the urine at all times before releasing it in the designated cup, and you need to keep it warm.

How to hide urine for a supervised drug test

It all comes down to how meticulous and observant is your supervisor. The most popular methods used to sneak urine into a supervised test include using a leg strap, hiding it in a secret compartment in the underwear, and using a fake penis.

Aside from the perceptiveness of your supervisor, you need to ask yourself what you are comfortable with and which method will be most effective, considering your circumstances.

How to smuggle urine for a drug test if you are female

Passing a supervised drug test is way more difficult if you are a woman. To that end, you need to use something known as a female urine device. The only alternative to that is using a female toy device with a container where you can store the synthetic urine.


In both cases, you need to insert the device internally, which is no easy thing. Plus, you need to move around with the device inside you, and when the time comes, you need to release the stopper so that you can fill the test bottle with synthetic urine.

That is no easy thing; often, it feels very uncomfortable, and there is also the risk of getting caught by the supervisor.

How to keep urine warm

When collected, human urine has a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. Any deviations can result in you asked to re-take the test. To avoid that, you need to keep the synthetic urine warm until the moment it’s discharged. To that end, you can use hand warmers, keep it in a microwave, or use your body heat.


Microwaving the synthetic urine is easy as it sounds. Microwave the synthetic urine using ten-second intervals. Check the urine temperature with the help of a temperature strip. Nowadays, temperature strips usually come in the same package with synthetic urine.

Hand Warmers

Most hand warmers are disposable and can emit heat for at least an hour. Some models emit heat for as long as ten hours. Nowadays, hand warmers are sold pretty much in every department store and online stores such as Amazon. When using a hand warmer, ensure that it nicely wraps the container with the synthetic urine.

Body Heat

Ideally, a sealed plastic bag attached to the thigh will do the trick. Just make sure that it's properly sealed and doesn't fall off when you walk. Your body temperature is ideally suitable for this task.

Passing a supervised drug test with flushing

Flushing is the most popular method used today to pass a drug test. Unlike replacing your urine with a synthetic one, flushing is 100% legal, doesn’t require using a fake penis, or inserting stuff into your genitals if you are a woman.

If you follow the steps appropriately, you need to show up on time for the drug test, and if necessary, take a pee in front of a jury commission. You will have nothing to hide because you will be discharging your urine.

Flushing is a process in which you flush drug metabolites from your system by extended urinating. At one point, your urine will be clear of any detectable metabolites, which means you will get a negative drug test.

This way, you will be able to pass the drug test with flying colors, and no one will ever know for your occasional recreational habits. But most important of all, you will get to keep your job.

Flushing Methods

The following methods are backed and praised by a multitude of users for their efficiency. There are even decade-old threads on Reddit and online forums of people sharing their stories and how these methods helped them save their jobs and get negative drug tests.

The fact that people have been relying on flushing to pass their drug tests for so long speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

The two most praised flushing methods are:

  • Dilution + Aspirin
  • Flushing Using Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

Dilution + Aspirin

This method is best suitable for those that don’t want to stop their “recreational” habit for too long and only want to pass the test. One of the best things about this flushing method is that it can temporarily reduce the THC metabolites quite fast. Assume you are getting an email late night saying that you have to appear for a test, first thing in the morning. You can pass the test without any worries.

The only downside to the Dilution and Aspirin method is its complexity. That means you need to strictly keep up with every step if you want it to work.

Necessary ingredients:
  • Aspirin
  • Vitamin B supplement
  • Creatine ethyl ester supplement
  • Electrolyte drink or powder

Each ingredient serves an equally important purpose. For example, Aspirin is already known to cause false-negative results in drug tests. The electrolyte drink or powder features magnesium and sodium essential in keeping your gravity level at bay. The Creatine Ethyl Ester supplement helps restore your creatinine levels, which gets reduced after drinking a lot of water. Then there is the Vitamin B supplement that brings your urine to its original color.


Before you start with the dilution and aspirin flushing, buy a home urine test. The idea here is to check on your own whether you can pass the drug test or not.

Also, don’t plan any social events or going out four to six hours before the test.

The thing is if all is going according to plan, you will be urinating a lot. During the four to six hours before the test, you will visit the bathroom more times than you know it. Plus, by being at home, it is much easier to control your dosage and timing.

First, take two aspirin pills. Take the aspirin pills as early as six hours before the test, and as late as four hours before the test.

Then, three hours before the test, start taking these:

  • Drink 1000 ml of electrolyte solution every hour during those three hours
  • 2000 mg Vitamin B
  • 10g creatine ethyl supplement

Last but not least, use your home urine test and see if you can confidently walk into the test room and fill with drug-free urine.

Flushing Using Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

fast marijuana detox kit

The Fast Marijuana Detox Kit already has everything you need to pass a drug test. Unlike the Dilution and Aspirin method, there is no need to search for individual ingredients. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry whether you got the right dosage, the timing, etc.

You might ask if it’s legal to purchase and use the Marijuana Detox Kit. Yes, it is perfectly fine to do so. Besides, it can start working in just 90 minutes, after which you have 5 hours window to get a negative drug test.

It has been proven to be effective over and over again by thousands of folks like you. Thanks to the internet, you can easily track what people said about the Marijuana Detox Kit years ago, and what they have to say in 2020.

In regards to side effects, there aren’t any. However, people with kidney issues, gallbladder issues, and pregnant women should avoid using the Marijuana Detox Kit.


Drink 0.6 liters of water two hours before the test. Twenty minutes later, drink all the content within the QCarbo Plus bottle along with five Super Boost Tabs. After you’ve emptied the bottle, refill it again and wait for another twenty minutes. Then drink it from top to bottom.

Urinate twice before testing yourself with the self-test kit, which is part of the product. If you get a negative test, great - make your way to the testing room.

If the results are not as expected, chew a QClean tablet along with 1 liter of water. Wait for about an hour, and urinate a couple of times before being tested.


How to detox your body for a supervised drug test

This method is recommended only for those who permanently remove the THC from their body and have a minimum one week before being tested. With the help of this method, you can be clean until your next 420.

Practically, this is a method that relies both on exercising and proper dieting.

That is because THC, which is the essential marijuana component, tends to accumulate in the fat cells. THC is very fat-soluble, and that is a scientific fact published in several academic papers.

From the fat, the THC is released into the blood and then the liver. After the liver, the THC metabolites are excreted through the urine and the stool.

Drink plenty of water

The kidneys need a lot of water to work as they should. They are responsible for balancing the electrolytes and fluids in our bodies so that our system can operate smoothly. The kidneys are exceptional waste and toxin removers from the blood.

Eat green vegetables

Green vegetables such as spinach, kale, parsley, barley grass, cabbage, broccoli, green bell pepper, oat grass, wheatgrass, leeks, and many others can be a boost to your detox efforts. Green vegetables are especially important because they can deliver high amounts of antioxidants that are crucial in the process of detoxification.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal binds to the THC metabolites in the intestines and prevent them from being reabsorbed into the blood. It is a fast, efficient, natural, and easy way to get rid of all the accumulated drugs.

Apple cider vinegar

It is a known fact that toxins such as drugs are stored in the fat. There are studies that apple cider vinegar helps to burn more fat. ACV helps the liver to create more bile and the galbladder to excrete that bile. Thanks to AVC, the toxin elimination process is way more efficient and faster.


Cardiovascular exercises are regarded as optimal, even though any workout can do just fine. As far as the diet is concerned, you should stick with food rich in fiber (nuts, almonds, black beans, fruits, legumes, etc.), drink a minimum of two liters of water every day, and avoid red meat, as well as junk food.

Those are the broad strokes of naturally detoxifying. But keep in mind that even if you vigorously follow the diet and exercise regime, true natural detoxification takes time. For some people, a week of drug abstinence, dieting, and exercising may be enough. On the other hand, for someone that has been hitting the 420 frequently for a long time, it is more likely that they will need weeks or even months to get thoroughly cleaned naturally.

How to detox with a Premium 7 day detox kit

premium 7 day detox

The Premium 7-day detox kit is considered very safe for most people without any side effects. Using this kit is not recommended if you are breastfeeding or you are pregnant.

As the name suggests, it takes seven days for your detox and gets a negative drug test. Plus, it consists only of natural ingredients that make it undetectable to drug tests.

Furthermore, it’s so effective that the company will refund your money if it does not work for you.

The 7-day detox features pills that are a blend of both minerals and vitamins. Users need to take the pills in the morning and evening. The 7-day detox pills contain cayenne pepper, licorice root, creatine monohydrate, and other nutrients. They not only cleanse the body from the nutrients, but they also maintain its balance by replenishing the lost nutrients.


Supervised drug test laws and legality

Supervised drug testing is not legal in most cases. Most courts see it as an invasion of privacy to watch the employee or the potential employee urinating. On the other hand, many courts find it reasonable for safeguards to be nearby and protect against tampering with the urine. For example, the courts may allow listening to how the employee urinates, the employee to wear only a hospital gown, or checking the temperature of the urine.

Supervised or not, companies can't just test all of their employees or make random tests. Instead, they are allowed to test individuals and need to provide a viable reason why they need to do the test. To be more precise, they believe that a particular person is taking drugs and how that can lead to possible job injuries or damage company properties.

Applicants for new jobs can be asked to do a drug test. Sometimes, that’s noted in the application process, whereas other times the applicant has been offered the job, but that’s contingent on having a negative drug test. In both cases, a state-certified laboratory needs to administer drug tests.

Challenging a supervised test is possible if you believe that your privacy rights were violated, you have been treated differently than your colleagues, or the test hasn’t be conducted according to all regulations and standards. Indeed, if you plan to make those claims, you need to prove and support them with evidence.

Observed drug test procedure

According to the US Specimen Collection Handbook, this is the observed drug test procedure:

  • Step 1: A supervisor makes sure that the restroom is secured, and no one can enter before the collection process finishes. The supervisor needs to be of the same gender as the donor. The only exception is if the supervisor is a medical professional or someone certified.
  • Step 2: The supervisor always pays attention to any signs of tampering with the urine specimen. The supervisor will remain in the restroom, but on the other side of the stall while the donor urinates. The supervisor does not directly observe the urinating.
  • Step 3: Once the donor fills the container, the collection container is handed to the supervisor . The supervisor doesn’t touch the collection container at the given moment. The only exception is if the supervisor serves as a collector as well. If that's the case, the donor can hand over the collection container to the supervisor while they are in the restroom.

The only exception to this procedure is if the donor attempts to cheat on its drug test somehow. In that case, the supervisor will directly observe the act of urination from nearby. It’s important to note that the supervisor must be of the same gender, without any exceptions. The other requirement is, there should be no mirrors or cameras in the restroom.

The supervisor can also check for a device or a prosthetic intended to be used to replace the urine sample. If the supervisor asks the donor to pull down his/her underwear, the donor must do so. If the supervisor asks the donor to raise his/her clothing over the navel, the donor must comply with it. That way, the supervisor can determine whether there is any concealed prosthetic or other device meant to replace the urine.