Jazz Detox Review – Does it Work?

jazz detox

While some people claim Total Jazz Detox to be a wonder, others didn’t have much luck. This has led to a lot of confusion among the people.

I have also received tons of emails from people who are confused about whether or not this product is worth spending the money on.

According to the company’s claims, this detox drink will remove the toxins from your body to a point it is undetectable within 90 minutes.

To test Jazz’s claims, I have reviewed the product for you guys, and let’s find out whether or not it actually works. Jazz is basically a brand that offers a wide range of detox drinks, but I have reviewed its 10z total detox.

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How Does Jazz Total Detox Work

According to the manufacturer, Jazz is not a product that hides or masks the toxins.

Instead, it works to eliminate the toxins from the body altogether.

The product is not an herbal product; instead, it includes laboratory-grade compounds, which improve meta cellular respirations and stimulate waster and toxin elimination from different body systems such as blood, urine, tears, saliva, Digestive, lymph, and liver.

The manufacturer instructs to finish the entire bottle within 30 minutes and refill the bottle with water three times.

Like other detox products, you have to accompany its use with a lot of water to help your system cleanse the toxins.

Considering that I am a non-regular weed smoker who is 6 ft tall and weighs around 187 lbs, I only had to take one bottle.

If you are over 230 pounds, then you would need to drink two bottles.

The product comes in a 10 oz bottle accompanied by six flavors, including wild cherry, orange mango, blue raspberry, watermelon, green apple, and strawberry kiwi.

Overall, it works similar to other detox products that require you to flush as much liquid out of the body as possible during the entire process.


How to Use Total Jazz Detox

Step One

You must avoid taking drugs for at least 48 hours before using the Jazz Total Detox drink.

The longer the duration between substance usage and test, the higher are your chances to clear the toxins.

I didn’t smoke weed for 48 hours before taking the test and even stopped exercising for two days.

Also, I do cardio every day, but the test didn’t perform any exercise 24 hours before the test.

Step Two

Before using the product, shake the bottle well and drink the content. Drink the entire bottle within 30 minutes.

You can also divide your consumption by drinking 5 oz of detox water, then 5 oz of water. And continue this process until you have finished the entire bottle.

I am not a big fan of how this drink taste, so I preferred the latter option.

Step Three

Once the bottle is finished, wait for 10 to 15 minutes and drink more water or liquid of your preference.

If you are over 230 pounds, you will be using two bottles, and you need to drink more liquid to get the toxins out. After drinking the detox water, I peed four times within a span of two hours.

Did it Work

After refraining from smoking, exercising, and heavy meals for two days and following all the instructions, I still tested positive in the urine test.

Just like many other people on the online forums and review pages, the Jazz Total Detox product did not work for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Jazz Detox?

The price of Jazz Detox is $35 per bottle.

Who is the Manufacturer of Jazz Detox drink?

The House Of Jazz is the company that produces this product alongside other detoxifying drinks.

Why can’t you mix dairy with Jazz Detox?

It is not recommended to mix dairy products with Jazz Detox as it can upset your digestive system, which may result in diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

For how long a window Jazz Detox will keep you clean?

A window Jazz Detox will keep you toxins-free for 5 hours after finishing the drink. Your body will be cleaned once you urinate to 3-4 times after drinking Jazz Detox.

Side Effects

So far, this product has not reported any side effects. But, before using this product, you should be aware of its ingredients. Firstly, this drink is full of sugar, which cannot be a good option for people with diabetes. And secondly, it does contain Taurine, which may disturb your sleep if taken in the second part of the day.

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