Does Kroger Drug Test?

Kroger or The Kroger Company is a retailing company in the U.S. that is founded by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1883.

It is the second largest general retailer in the U.S., next only to Walmart, and is the third largest retailer in the world.

It has around 443,000 employees at present.

Does Kroger Drug Test Their Employees?

The Code of Ethics of Kroger Co. says that the company upholds integrity, and Kroger requires its employees to live up to the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards.

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But Code of Ethics is seldom followed to the letters.

It is the prerogative of Kroger, however, to require their employees to undergo random or scheduled drug tests.

Yet, drug testing is seldom done at Kroger unless there is an accident that caused damage to properties and injury to customers and employees.

Kroger may require employees who are assigned to safety and security-sensitive positions to undergo random drug testing. This is to ensure that there would be no untoward accidents in the workplace.

If ever Kroger would require a drug test, it would surely do these drug tests according to the statutory requirements of the state and the federal laws.

Does Kroger Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

It is definitely the prerogative of Kroger to ensure that it offers safe and drug-free workplaces for their employees.

Hence, you should be prepared to undergo a pre-employment drug test if you would apply at Kroger.

Based on the testimony of some who have worked and are still working at Kroger, they have attested to the fact that when they applied at Kroger, they were asked to undergo a pre-employment drug test.

There are sensitive job positions at Kroger, and those who would be employed in these positions are definitely required to undergo drug tests.

There are known stores of Kroger that require pre-employment drug testing.

These stores include those located at Cincinnati, Raleigh, Tiffin, Atlanta, San Diego, Ann Arbor, Nashville, and many other locations.

What Drugs Does Kroger Test For?

The standard pre-employment drug tests at Kroger is usually a 5-panel drug test. This type of drug test would determine five specific drugs that include THC, Cocaine, Opiates, Methamphetamine, and PCP.

On the other hand, the saliva drug test used at Kroger can usually test for five specific drugs that include Amphetamine, Morphine, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine, and THC.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

The different branches and stores of Kroger that require drug tests generally use two types of drug tests. Kroger Store in Cincinnati, Ohio, for example, makes use of urine drug test, while those at Raleigh, The Woodlands, Keller, Atlanta, Flint, Peoria, Worthington, Louisville, Nashville, Ann Arbor, Lakewood, and many others utilize saliva test.

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