Does Meijer Drug Test?

Meijer, an American regional supercenter chain, is headquartered in Walker, Michigan, and was founded in 1934. It has a total of 224 stores and has more than 72,200 employees as of 2017.

Does Meijer Drug Test Their Employees?

Meijer is a major retailer and deals with the handling of consumable goods and food. It needs, therefore, to hire employees who are disciplined and of good conduct. Meijer likewise doesn’t want its employees to be high on drugs while at work, and for this reason, it may require random drug testing on its employees.

There are known stores of Meijer that conduct random drug testing just like those stores in Indianapolis, IN, wherein they conduct random drug testing every 6 months to 1 year. There are likewise some jobs at Meijer that are safety-sensitive jobs, and those who handle these jobs must be clean of drugs. Meijer, for example, hire hundreds of drivers for its home delivery service. Meijer therefore has the responsibility to provide its drivers with information on its drug and alcohol testing programs. Moreover, it is the responsibility of Meijer to require random drug testing on their home delivery drivers, and for this reason, Meijer surely conducts random drug testing on their drivers.

Does Meijer Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Meijer is known to require its prospective employees to undergo pre-employment drug screening. Meijer does this to ensure that its stores will be safe and drug-free. In Cadillac and Ann Arbor, for example, applicants are required to undergo pre-employment drug testing, and this drug testing happens right after the applicants are provided with conditional job offers. The pre-employment drug test is likewise done in an accredited drug testing lab chosen by Meijer.

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What Drugs Does Meijer Test For?

The standard drug test utilized at Meijer is the five panel drug test that can detect the five commonly abused drugs, namely, Cannabinoid, Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines/Methamphetamines, and PCP.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

The standard type of drug test used at Meijer is the 5 panel urine drug test. This type of drug test is cheaper than other types of drug test, and can provide reliable and accurate drug testing results.

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