Does pickle juice help you pass a drug test?

Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller, Ph.D, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on Apr 9, 2024

Pickle juice can help you detox from marijuana faster and pass a drug test. It helps to burn more body fat and release and excrete THC metabolites stored in fat cells. This will help to permanently clean your system from marijuana.

Pickle juice can also help you to pass a drug test in 24 hours. But it will not help if you try to add it into the urine.

Below we’ll explain how does it work and what you need to do.

How Does It Work

There are 2 ways people suggest using pickle juice to pass the drug test. The first way is to drink it before the test. Another way is adding pickle juice into the urine to cause a false negative.

The main ingredients of pickle juice are vinegar and cucumbers. Let’s check how these ingredients affect the metabolism of marijuana and drug tests.

Drinking pickle juice before the test

Pickle juice can help you detox from THC.

Being lipophilic, THC enters your body and embeds into your fat tissues. It stays there for a time and is released into your blood when fat is metabolized.

According to research done in Japan, subjects that consumed vinegar showed a drastic drop in weight, BMI, and body fat compared to the controlled group.

The subjects were divided into 3 groups.

Over the 12-week experiment period, the subjects in the first, second, and third groups were treated with a 500ml beverage daily containing 15ml, 30ml, and 0ml acetic acid, respectively.

The subjects in the high and low-dose groups started to record a decline in weight and BMI from week 4.

Generally, these 2 groups had significantly lower BMI, body weight, and waist-hip ratios than the placebo group at the end of the experiment.

Worth noting, the high-dose group recorded much lower levels than the low-dose group on all fronts.

As a reference, the high and low-dose subjects in the study above lost 2-4 pounds only over the 3 months.

This study suggests that vinegar could reduce body fat mass – a good way of removing THC metabolites that are sequestered in the fatty tissues.

However, note that this method takes some time and won’t save you if you are looking for a same-day solution.

This means that you might take quite a long time, especially if you are a long-time stoner with a high BMI.

However, you could boost the results by adding a healthy low-carb diet and well-rounded exercises into the regimen.

Another study showed that vinegar suppresses fat accumulation in mice.

These studies suggest that vinegar helps to prevent fat accumulation and helps to burn more body fat.

So you can definitely cleanse your system from marijuana faster using pickle juice, but it takes time. And you still need to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan for several weeks.

Pickle juice can help to flush the THC

Cucumbers have sulfur and silicon, which increase urination by stimulating the kidneys into better removal of uric acid.

So drinking cucumber water(or pickle juice) can help flush THC metabolites out of your bladder and lower their concentration below the detectable level.

Cucumber water contains vitamins and minerals, so it will also keep the specific gravity of the urine within the normal range.

But you still need to take vitamin B and creatine to restore the color and creatinine levels of the urine. Otherwise, your sample will be rejected as diluted.

However, you can drink water instead of juice and have the same results.

So this method is also effective, but pickle juice is not necessary for it. And you still need vitamin B and creatine supplements.

Another thing to mention is that this method is not highly reliable, and you need to test it at home before the actual drug test.

Adding pickle juice to your urine

The other method to pass a marijuana test is to add pickle juice directly into your urine sample.

Vinegar has an acidic pH of 4.3, while urine is more weakly basic (7.5 to 8 pH). Therefore, adding it to your urine will turn it more acidic.

Research says that this method slows down the antigen-antibody reaction rate by shifting your urine’s physiological pH to abnormal levels.

This reaction is required to give a positive result in urine testing. Thus it may make the result turn false-negative.

In actuality, this method won’t work as abnormal pH are indicators of sample adulteration. Your lab tester will ask for the sample again.

He can even report your action legally. Thus we don’t recommend doing this method.

How to use

You should start to detox with pickle juice at least one week before the drug test. It will help you to remove THC from your system permanently.

The time required to detox depends on your previous marijuana usage, body weight, and activity level. For example, if you are an occasional smoker and slim, 1 week should be enough for you to detox with pickle juice.

During this week, avoid using marijuana and alcohol. As well as foods with high sugar content and fast food. Because this will stop the burning of fat and THC detoxification.



  1. Consume 45ml of pickle juice twice daily with food.
  2. Follow a healthy diet plan. Eat more leafy greens.
  3. Drink at least 15 cups of water daily.
  4. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. For example, you can walk for 60 minutes daily.

Side effects


Pickle juice can help you detox for a drug test because it helps burn body fat and release THC stored in fat cells. However, you need at least 1 week for this method to work.

Pickle juice is also effective if you need to pass the drug test in 24 hours, but you can use water instead of pickle juice and get the same results. Still, you need vitamin B and creatine supplements to avoid rejection because of a ‘diluted’ sample.

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