Macujo Method: Here is what you need to do to pass with flying colors

The Macujo method is considered to be one of the most successful solutions to passing a hair drug test.

This method is highly suitable for heavy users who require fast and effective results.

We are confident that the information provided in this article will better your chances of passing this test with ease!

What Is the Macujo Method?

THC metabolites (the active ingredients in marijuana that makes you high), travel through the blood, and get stored in hair.

For the test, a lab technician will take a sample of 100 to 120 strands of hair from different areas of your head, about 1.5 inches long, collected from the root.

Don’t think you’re safe if you have short hair or you’re bald: body hair will be used instead.

The ‘Mac’ method is a seven-step hair-cleansing technique that many people prefer for its convenience and efficiency.

This method basically opens up your hair cuticles so that the cortex – the hard part of the hair in the middle – is exposed and all THC metabolites stored there are flushed out.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. The hair is exposed to acid (vinegar in this case).
  2. Detergent and shampoo are then used to loosen the hair.
  3. Specific detox shampoo finally removes THC metabolites from the follicles and cuticles.

I’m sure you’ve heard of home remedies to flush out chemicals from hair, but let me assure you: the Macujo drug-detox method is far more efficient.

I’m sure I have your attention now.

Before telling you what you need for the Macujo method, let me briefly highlight its benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of the Macujo Method

Downsides of the Macujo Method

Items You Need for the Macujo Method

the macujo method ingredients

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing: contains salicylic acid, which helps flush out THC metabolites. You can use other shampoos containing salicylic acid, but Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing reportedly gives the best results.

Heinz Vinegar: this is preferred since it has a good amount of acetic acid (5 percent).

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent.

Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo

Rubber gloves: for protecting your hands against chemicals.

Shower cap: allowing the mixture to stay in the hair and do its magic.


The entire process is quite straightforward to follow but you should make sure you follow everything right down to the very last detail in order to get the best results.

Prior to starting the cleaning process, it is essential that you avoid using any weed or related drugs.

This may be difficult at first but it will ensure your chances of passing the hair follicle drug test are higher than usual. You can resume using once you get a clean result.

Wash your hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water. The ideal step is to make sure the hair is damp but also not completely soaked with water.

Macujo method step 1

You must pour a sufficient amount of Heinz vinegar onto your hair. Massage and work it into the hair and scalp thoroughly. This step may slightly cause a burning sensation but it is completely normal. Leave this mixture without washing before moving to the next step.

Macujo method step 2

Apply the Clean & Clear Shampoo to the vinegar/water mixture in your hair and massage the hair and scalp thoroughly.

You will need to wear a shower cap over the unwashed hair and leave the solution for approximately 30 minutes so that it can work into the hair.

Macujo method step 3

After the half-hour is done, you should wash the mixture out of your hair by using an Aloe Rid shampoo. Once again, make sure you massage the hair and scalp thoroughly and wash the entire mixture out.

Finally, wash the hair again once more using Tide laundry detergent. This detergent solution is extremely strong so make sure it does not come into contact with your eyes while you massage thoroughly.

After completing all of this, it should be stressed that you need to repeat this process a few more times in order to effectively flush out the drug residues from the follicles.

This is simply by trial and error so you should repeat it as you see fit.

Some users have repeated this as many as 10-15 times in order to reap the best results but this is merely a precautionary step.

all steps

Why does the Macujo method work

Once we describe the process that comprises the Macujo method, you might start to wonder how a method as seemingly strange as this could possibly work.

However, it has a very potent record for success.

The scientific reasoning behind this is fairly straightforward.

Drug metabolites travel to and deposit in the hair follicles.

What the Macujo method does is it opens the cuticle of the hair and flushes out the drug metabolites from the cortex that is within the follicle.

This does explain why it has strong effects as it removes any drug residues from the very core.

A better way to pass a hair drug test


The Zydot Detox Shampoo is our #1 recommended solution for passing a hair follicle drug test the same day.

The Zydot Detox Shampoo has been formulated to be a 3-in-1 internal hair purification treatment that combines the functionality of a shampoo, purifier, and conditioner in one box.

The shampoo work by stripping off medications and chemical buildup from the hair shaft.

This makes it easy for the purifying ingredients to penetrate the strand into the inner structure.

The purifying component dissolves and removes drug metabolites that have been entrapped within the hair.

The last component employs the power of Aloe Vera to condition your hair by making it easy to control tangles and also adds sheen.

Read Reviews


Does it work? Here are some reviews:


‘ I failed the test after following all the instructions! My levels were a bit lower but still present and above the cut-off levels.’


” Man, I just failed my hair follicle drug test after using all the shampoos, etc. and I really can’t believe I spent so much and still failed. Followed all the instructions too. Who do I talk to about this ????”


“After 4 days, my results came back negative. I passed! I’m an everyday marijuana smoker, but I rarely use other drugs.

I have medium length straight brown hair. And although I’m skeptical about the exact mechanism the Macujo method uses to rid your hair of THC, it does work as described.”


“I had a hair follicle test to start my first job out of college. I would smoke typically on the weekends and sometimes during the week.

I washed my hair at least 15 times in total. I also slept with a shower cap on every night in addition to using a different towel, comb, etc. The whole process sucks but it is definitely worth it for the job I have now. Good luck to anyone starting this process! You will pass!”


” The products and method really work. It is worth the money. With the help of the macujo method over the course of 4 days, I did the method 10x. I was able to pass a spontaneous hair follicle test easily ”

Amazon Customer

‘ All I can say is I did the macujo method 8 times. Scrubbed and left in hair 30 mins after scrubbing multiple times. And I still failed!

Do not waste ur money. Maybe the bleaching of hair may work, but this did not. I was so sure I was good but crushed when I got a call I didn’t pass.

Don’t waste money. Major bleaching might get toxins out of the cuticle. I would try that method. Again, do not waste money. Anybody can post fake reviews.’

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. If the Macujo method cannot eliminate all toxins, does it still reduce them?

A. The Macujo method is a long-lasting cleansing technique that helps lower THC levels in hair every time you perform it. The only way for it to be ineffective is if you use the wrong ingredients, or don’t wash your hair enough times.

Q. How long does the Macujo method last?

A. The method will remain effective until you consume weed again. If you’re looking to pass a hair drug test soon, give this method a definite try.

Q. Does it matter what vinegar you use for the Macujo method?

A. Heinz Vinegar is the preferred product for the Macujo method since it contains 5 percent acetic content, which is ideal for removing THC metabolites from hair follicles and cuticles.

Make sure to purchase original products from reputable sources to ensure the method is effective.

Q. What kind of tide is used for the Macujo method?

A. Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent is the preferred product for the Macujo method. Make sure to buy original products from reliable sources to ensure the method is effective.

Q. Does the Macujo method work for all drugs?

A. In 2015, Mike Macujo, the founder of the Macujo method, perfected his method to grant a higher success rate to his customers, and also so that the method could effectively remove other toxins from hair as well.

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  1. Hayley says:

    I know for a fact this works. I would bet my left leg on this guaranteeing it works. Whoever says it did not work for them obviously did it wrong or used the wrong products. If your head isn’t burning and your not almost in tears then honey your doing it all wrong. That’s when you know it’s burning the toxins out of the cortex of your hair. Would a thousand percent recommend.