Ultimate Gold Detox review

I have been thinking about the Ultimate Gold Detox drink for a long time. I heard about it a long time ago. It seems to me from one of those marijuana cleansing channels.

But, just as I was about to get one, the site run out of stock. And so I almost forgot about it until I accidentally realized I could order it on Amazon as well.

The Ultimate Gold Detox naturally flushes weed out of your system as quickly as possible.

A thing that really caught my attention, as I remember, is that it offers a maximum strength toxin flush. It works in under an hour (or so the manufacturer claims).

I remember that the channel promoted the product as a very effective drink that works like a charm. The reviews on Amazon, however, present mixed opinions.

So let us give it a fair chance and see if this drink does miracles to the body's THC contents.

How Does It Work

It seems that all detoxification drinks work on a similar principle.

The toxins (coming from drug usage) are chemically converted into less harmful substances. These are then excreted via stool or urine.

This drink helps you cleanse and get rid of drug impurities without much effort.

The Maximum Strength Ultimate Gold detox drink is an all-natural solution. It is boosted with essential vitamins and minerals, as we will see in the ingredients section.

Together combined, they provide a strong base that stimulates the natural cleansing process.

The result is eliminating any unwanted chemicals and compounds in less than one hour. This includes THC traces in the body.

So, if you are short on time and need an immediate solution, detox drinks are often a recommended remedy.

In urinalysis, metabolites need to be brought to a very low level so that the test no longer responds to them, i.e., it is necessary to dilute the urine to a certain level, which causes a decrease in creatinine and loss of color.

Detox drinks target the THC metabolites while keeping the urine in a balanced state.

They cleanse out the drug metabolites in your bladder and hide it with minerals, vitamins, and chemical compounds to make it look as close as possible to authentic urine.

Most people assume that these detox drinks achieve full “drug detoxification” from the body and leave you fully clean when that is not the case.

The secret behind this kind of drink is that they temporarily remove the drug metabolites from the bladder, mask it with nutrients to preserve the balance.

In this way, your urine looks natural and free of drug toxins.

Detox drinks are often a mixture of creatine, niacin, and other detox compounds that remove THC and it’s metabolite THC-COOH.

So, when they test your urine sample for drugs, it’ll show that you’re “clean” since your pee contains all the necessary minerals and acids to pass off as natural pee.


The detoxifying drink is a mixture of vitamins and minerals that together form a strong THC purifying agent:

  • Citric acid: This acid is a wonderful natural ingredient that can boost detoxification. It also supports healthy digestion and kidney function.
  • Uva-Ursi: It is a diuretic herb that increases the urinary output. This will dilute toxins like drug residues. It also increases the rate of elimination of drugs.
  • Creatine: this is a by-product of muscle metabolism that is excreted in the urine. All THC detox drinks contain creatine that is enough for maintaining the correct creatinine level in your urine.
  • B Vitamin mix: B vitamins are vasodilators. This means they open capillaries and allow for blood to flow more freely. As the blood moves past fatty tissues, it can pull THC and other toxins from the bloodstream. AB vitamins have cleansing properties that help to remove toxins introduced during drug use quickly. Taking any (or all) of these vitamins helps bring your body to a normal, more regular state.


I followed all the instructions carefully, as recommended by the manufacturer. Here is the complete process: Step 1: Avoid toxins 24-36 hours before use.

As with every detox drink, it is advisable to stay drug substance-free for at least 24h or more.

I had not consumed any drug for more than 50 hours before the test.

Step 2: Hydrate well

Water is an essential part of any cleansing process, especially when we are talking about THC removal.

It speeds up the metabolisms and forces the body to flush out the toxins. The on-site instructions recommend drinking 16 oz. of water every two hours before taking the drink.

As I started preparing two days before taking the test, I had plenty of time to fill up my body with water. I already drink plenty of liquids, so this was not a struggle for me.

Step 3: Enhancing Ultimate Gold Effectiveness

Certain factors influence the speed of body cleansing and detoxification. I already mentioned the water intake. You also need plenty of rest and exercise.

I exercise regularly and sleep for at least 8 hours a night. My diet is pretty healthy, but to be sure, I increased my intake of fruit, vegetables, and complex carbs.

Step 4: Final preparations

One hour before taking the drink, you should consume only one 16 oz. glass of water. Also, you should avoid eating a large meal three hours before drinking.

I had a light breakfast four hours before taking the drink.

Step 5: Taking the Ultimate Gold drink

First of all, shake the bottle well. Then, drink the entire contents on one. Fifteen minutes after drinking, refill the bottle with water and drink.

Step 6: Doing the test

Urinate 2-3 times in the first hour. After 45 minutes, you will be clean for 4-5 hours.

Ultimate Gold Detox drug test review

I frequently urinated after consuming it. An hour and a half after taking the drink, I took the test and failed.

Such a shame, as I had great expectations for this product.

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