Ultra Eliminex Review. Can it help to pass a drug test for marijuana?

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Ultra Eliminex

Ultra Eliminex review by Green Fleets

Ultra Eliminex is described as an elite detox formula, especially for people with high toxin levels or a high body mass (of over 200 lbs or more). It contains a strong blend of herbal supplements and formulae and is designed to flush your body effectively and assist in eliminating the highest toxin levels. In addition to providing a vital cleansing, the product also aims to energize the system as well.

How does it work

Ultra Eliminex is a classical detox formula consisting of a unique proprietary blend and additional ingredients, all of which act in a combined manner in the detoxification process. Drug residues tend to be deposited in fat cells of the body and are eliminated after entering the bloodstream and filtering into the urine via the kidneys.

Similar to the scientific rationale of a regular detox kits, Ultra Eliminex works by increasing the rate of fat cell burning, which helps to release the drug residues rapidly and thereby improve the rate of detoxification.


The main ingredients include water, dextrose, fructose, vegetable glycerine, citric acid, artificial flavors, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and phosphoric acid.

The proprietary blend contains the following supplements:


Ultra Eliminex in a glass

Ultra Eliminex in a glass

  1. For best results, avoid using any drugs prior to using the drink for at least 48 hours. Try to avoid taking lots of vitamins, alcohol, acidic fluids such as vinegar or juices, nicotine, caffeine or other unwanted toxins prior to the use of this product.
  2. Shake well and drink the entire contents of the bottle at a comfortable but consistent pace during the course of 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is preferable if you are on an empty stomach.
  3. Be sure to urinate frequently. This is part of the elimination process and important to a successful cleanse.
  4. Now your body has achieved the optimal level of cleansing on the same day.
  5. For real heavy users of toxins, it is recommended that synthetic urine options are considered to ensure the results are good.

About the Company

Herbal Clean has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing optimal cleansing and detox products. Each product has a scientifically proven mix of natural herbs and minerals that not only eliminates toxins but improves the body’s general detoxification process. Herbal Clean offers a wide range of options from detox teas to one-stop system cleansers to detox chewing tablets.


Kenn A
“Omg no way it worked! Stopped 3 days before my test and only drank water leading up to the test. Started the drink at 630 am and finished by am. Drank about 50 oz. of water and Gatorade after the drink and peed 3 small times before test and then during test caught midstream and handed it over, today I got the call from my boss I passed!!! A lot of reading online says it’s peak strength is about 2-3 hours after you drink it”

H Hill

“Followed the instructions implicitly, waited for the optimum “clean” window between 2-5 hours and I still did not pass my test. While this may work for a simple “dip test”, if the tester is using a mass spectrometer the chances you will pass are slim to none. Hope you have better luck than I did.”

Anthony R

“Did not work. Don’t waste your time or money on this product. It had been several weeks since last indulged. Took this and more water than I could handle. Still failed…”

Adam B

“It really does work. It took effect after only 2 hours. The only con that I found, is that it gave me diarrhea about a half hour after drinking it and that lasted all day. But it removed the toxins from my system really well.”


“I’m in a situation where I have less than 24 hours’ notice. I have used this product in the past and it worked! I plan on using it again tomorrow. I love this and if taken as directed it should work for you too. Drink it slow but steady. Shaking it before each sip. Don’t forget to chug water after.”

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