Unbiased Urinator Review by Labcorp Expert Dr. Daniel Miller

My history working at Labcorp, one of the leading drug testing services, gives me a unique perspective when evaluating products like the Urinator. During my time there, I became intimately familiar with the hurdles of drug testing, particularly the pivotal role that urine temperature plays.

Delving into the Urinator, one of the key attractions is that it’s an electric urine warmer. And it isn’t just any warmer, it’s currently the only one that can maintain synthetic urine temperature for a solid 10 hours.

Maintaining the Right Temperature: It’s More Crucial Than You Think

Often, the failure of drug tests through urine boils down to one primary factor: the urine temperature. Drawing from my Labcorp experience, a slight deviation in temperature can skew the test results, rendering them invalid.

This is where the Urinator steps in. It’s designed as a simple, convenient solution to maintain your urine’s temperature during a drug test. But how does it achieve this?

Unique Features of the Urinator: A Closer Look

One noticeable feature of the Urinator is its package. It comes bundled with two real powdered urine kits. That’s enough synthetic urine for two uses. This component is a notable aspect, as it shows the manufacturers’ understanding of real-world use-cases.

As mentioned before, the Urinator is the only electric urine warmer currently available. It’s designed to maintain synthetic urine at a temperature mirroring the body’s. During my time at Labcorp, maintaining this body-like temperature was always a tricky point during testing, but it seems the Urinator addresses this issue quite well.

The Urinator is easy to operate, and it comes with a stainless steel sensor rod. This rod contains an accurate temperature sensor, crucial for regulating the urine’s temperature. This feature reminds me of the temperature control systems we used in Labcorp and it’s impressive to see it here.

Another feature that caught my eye was the digital controller. It’s a computerized component that maintains the correct temperature and is sealed to prevent electrical shorting. Having observed the rigorous controls in Labcorp’s labs, it’s good to see a consumer product prioritize safety and accuracy.

The package also includes a stealth belt for comfortably wearing the Urinator discretely. It’s a one-size-fits-all device, designed to suit both males and females.

As for the price, the Urinator is available for $190. Considering the technology packed into this device, it seems reasonable.

Where Can I Get My Hands on the Urinator?

If you’re interested, the Urinator can only be bought from the TestClear website. TestClear is an industry leader with over two decades of experience in providing drug testing solutions. They’re known for selling proven solutions that aid individuals in passing drug tests worldwide.

Instructions for Using the Urinator

While the Urinator is easy to use, it requires some practice. You need to be comfortable with the device before using it in a live testing situation.

The instructions are straightforward. First, use the provided syringe to fill the bag with about 75 to 85 ml of warm water for testing. If you’re conducting a live test, use warm, clean urine instead. After filling the bag, remove as much air as possible before securing the cap. Any excess air can hinder the urine heating process.

Attach the two 9-volt batteries (only Duracell is recommended), fold the insulating fabric blanket shut, and secure the Velcro ends. Once the temperature indicator on the bag reads between 98 to 100, you’re good to go.

Urinator Versus Whizzinator: A Comparative Review

It’s only natural that one would compare the Urinator to another product, like the Whizzinator, which is also a synthetic urine device. However, there are fundamental differences to consider.

The Whizzinator package includes a prosthetic, which is absent in the Urinator. This design element limits the Whizzinator for use by males only, while the Urinator can be used by both genders.

On the heating front, the Whizzinator uses heating pads, but in my Labcorp days, we observed heating pads could occasionally fail, making it tricky to maintain a consistent temperature. The Urinator, on the other hand, uses an electric urine warmer, simplifying the process of keeping the urine warm.

Lastly, the Urinator comes with synthetic urine for two uses, while the Whizzinator includes only a single synthetic urine vial. So, in terms of reliability and convenience for passing a drug test, the Urinator might be the better choice.

What’s the Word on the Street: Urinator vs. Whizzinator

Reddit users often have insightful comments and reviews. Looking at the discussion about the Urinator versus the Whizzinator, there seems to be a mix of experiences and perspectives.

Some users have successfully passed tests using the Urinator, even in observed situations. There are also testimonies for the Whizzinator working well, particularly in probation scenarios. However, users generally agree that these elaborate devices are not necessary unless you’re being watched during the test.

Urinator vs. Incognito Belt: How They Stack Up

Another product often compared to the Urinator is the Incognito Belt. It’s a stealth belt that carries premixed synthetic urine discreetly around your waist, similar to the Urinator.

In terms of heating, the Incognito Belt uses a heating pad, just like the Whizzinator. However, as mentioned earlier, heating pads can sometimes be unreliable and take at least an hour to warm urine to body temperature.

The Urinator, with its electronic heating element, maintains the urine within the required range with more reliability. What’s more, the Urinator is reusable, allowing you to purchase more synthetic urine for future use.

On the other hand, the Incognito Belt comes with urine for two uses, after which you’ll need a new belt.

The pricing is also a point of difference. The Urinator costs $190 (batteries are bought separately), while the Incognito Belt costs $130. If you’re comfortable using a heating pad and want a more economical option, the Incognito Belt could be a good choice.

Concluding Thoughts

The Urinator, in my assessment, is an excellent device for maintaining synthetic urine at the right temperature. It comes with high-quality synthetic urine and is notably reusable.

However, it’s on the pricier side. If you’re confident in using heating pads, you may consider other options like the Incognito Belt. But it’s crucial to remember with the Urinator, you’re getting a device that delivers on its promises.