Cost-Effective Alternatives to Whizzinator: A Comprehensive Guide

What if I told you that there isn’t actually a need for a Whizzinator or any of its alternatives in most scenarios? It might surprise you, but it’s true.

Direct observation drug tests, which require such devices, are fairly rare. These tests are usually reserved for specific situations. I’ll delve into the reasons for this shortly.

The real concern isn’t just about the device you use to deliver your sample; it’s about the sample itself. As lab methodologies advance, many synthetic urine brands are starting to fall short in drug tests.

Unless you’re directly observed, the quality of the synthetic urine matters more than anything else. Only top-quality synthetic urine can consistently pass stringent lab tests.

Let’s explore some alternatives to the Whizzinator that come with high-quality synthetic urine, capable of passing the strictest lab checks.

So, what exactly is a Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator Touch is a synthetic urine device that includes a prosthetic. It consists of an ultra-secure belt that fastens around your waist and legs, a pouch attached to this belt, and a fake penis.

This device is often employed to pass drug tests, allowing users to discretely submit urine samples even under supervision.

While this might prove useful for probation or pre-employment drug tests, it’s important to note that the manufacturers don’t officially endorse these uses. Regardless, many people use it for this exact purpose.

But why would one seek an alternative to the Whizzinator?

Firstly, it’s quite pricey. Secondly, the quality of the Golden Flask synthetic urine that comes with the Whizzinator is questionable at best. With no available reviews, its efficacy is a gamble.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a cheaper, more reliable solution, it’s crucial to find an alternative. Let’s look at a list of Whizzinator alternatives that have been reviewed thoroughly.

Now, let’s delve into the alternatives to the Whizzinator:

Incognito Belt – Premixed Synthetic Urine on a Belt

incognito belt synthetic urine kit

Priced similarly to the Whizzinator, the Incognito Belt offers much higher quality synthetic urine in its kit. It’s easy to sneak into a drug test and is both discreet and undetectable. The kit contains enough urine for two uses and is suitable for both males and females.

As it can be concealed easily on the body and remains close to it, maintaining the urine’s temperature becomes straightforward. The kit also includes detailed instructions, making it user-friendly. Priced at $130, this is an excellent alternative to the Whizzinator.


The Urinator is essentially an electric urine warmer that includes two powdered urine kits, a digitally-controlled self-regulated heating element, two temperature test strips, and a calibrated bottle filling device. It also comes with a complete operator’s manual.

The heating element is controlled by electronics, regulating the urine’s temperature in the correct range without the need for user interaction. Although it’s reliable and reusable, the Urinator is on the pricey side, retailing at $190.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit

sub solution synthetic urine

This kit is my top recommendation due to its features and affordability. Although not technically a Whizzinator alternative as it doesn’t include a stealth belt and urine tube, it can still be easily sneaked into a drug test.

The Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is reliable, effective, and undetectable. The toxin-free, powdered synthetic urine it provides is identical to real urine. Thanks to the included heating powder, it heats to body temperature within seconds, and the attached temperature strip makes it easy to maintain the correct temperature.

The kit provides enough urine for two uses, and the urine can be reheated and even frozen, making it versatile. Suitable for both males and females, the only downside to this kit is that it requires clean water and a bit of time for preparation. The price for this kit is $90.

DIY Whizzinator Alternative Suitable for Females and Males

While there are many online guides to creating your own DIY urine substitution devices, I don’t recommend this approach. The process is full of pitfalls, and it’s all too easy to make a mistake. Remember, if you’re trying to pass a drug test, there’s no room for errors.

Still, it’s not just about avoiding mistakes. Even if you manage to construct the device correctly, you still need synthetic urine, which isn’t something you can just whip up in your kitchen. Attempting to use someone else’s urine isn’t a viable solution either – it almost always leads to failure.

So, do you really want to risk failing your drug test just to save some money? I believe it’s not worth the risk. However, if you’re adamant about making your own device, here are the items you’ll need and the steps to follow:

You’ll need:


First, pee in a cup or get someone else to urinate in a cup, then place it in your fridge. This is to keep the urine as fresh as possible.

A few hours before the test, wash your balloon or condom. Avoid using soap or detergent – simply rinse with clean water.

If your urine has been refrigerated, you’ll need to warm it. Microwaving it for thirty seconds should be sufficient.

Now, place your balloon in the coffee mug. Ensure your floss and fish tank tubing are within reach.
Using your turkey baster, transfer the urine into the balloon. Make sure to leave some space in the balloon.

Insert the fish tank tubing into the balloon and wrap the outside of the balloon tightly with floss.

Twist the balloon three times to seal it, then activate your hand warmer and place it, along with the balloon, into your coffee mug.

Put on your boxer briefs. They often have large pockets right under the sack area. Place the balloon and its contents into this pocket, along with the hand warmer.


However, even if you manage to create your own device, the risk of failing a drug test with a DIY urine substitution device is high.

strongly recommend using tried and tested devices, such as the Incognito Belt or Sub Solution Synthetic Urine. These have been proven to work and can give you peace of mind when you need it most.