How long does Molly stay in your system

Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, or as it is most commonly known, Ecstasy, is primarily a mood enhancing drug, to put it simply, but can affect much more than just your mood. Other areas affected are your perception of time and your empathy capacity. All are enhanced and increased on the positive side.

Here, we will explore how long MDMA stays in your system, from your blood to your hair.

How long does the substance stay in your system?

While the effects of ecstasy in your system can last up to 5 hours, the drug itself can remain for up to 2 days. This depends largely on the half-life factor, which refers to the period that the drug reduces to half in your body. So, if the high lasts for around 3 to 4 hours, the half-life of the drug will go for another few hours. The estimated period of MDMA’s half life is 7 to 9 hours, so that would mean that the substance will stay in a person’s body for around 1.6 days.

As this is a rough calculation, the period could be slightly shorter or longer for each individual person. But, having said all of that, the drug will be completely out of your system by 3 days.

What affects the length of time the drug stays in one’s system?

It is believed that urine with a high alkalinity level can prolong the elimination of the drug in the system, meaning that the half-life period can be extended to 16 to 31 hours.

Other factors that influence the length of the period Molly will stay in the body can be your mix of genetics, other drugs you may have ingested, your age, your level of metabolism, your body mass index, the type or quality of Ecstasy ingested, your particular kidney/liver functioning ability, and of course the dosage taken.

Breaking that down further:

Body Mass Index Factor

Your BMI, or Body Mass Index, takes in to account your height and weight ratio. It makes sense that slightly larger people will be able to process and eliminate MDMA quicker than slighter individuals.


It is in the metabolism of the metabolite portion of the MDMA that affects how long the substance will remain in one person’s system. Those that have genetically a faster metabolism rate will get rid of the drug faster than others.

Quality of MDMA

MDMA is an illegal drug and the substances used will differ from dealer to dealer. The quality of the drug will make a difference to how it is passed through the body.

Liver and Kidney Function Ability

Those with poor liver functionality will find they will metabolize the drug much slower than others with a better functioning liver.


While there is no definitive metabolism rate per age factor, the general rule of thumb is that younger people will metabolize the drug faster.

Other Drugs

Other drugs ingested before or after taking MDMA can affect the way in which Molly passes though the body, as well as how the effects are amplified.

What are the Drug Detection Times for MDMA?

Generally, MDMA can be detected in the system from 1 to 4 days.

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