Secrets Of Passing Drug Test By Dilluting Urine With Water

Diluting your urine DOES work, but you need to do it the right way. Diluting it too much will result in a test failure and not diluting enough is no good either. You need to get this just right to produce a clean urine drug test. How? Let’s first understand how it works.

When you are taking a urine drug test, the level of metabolites as well as creatinine is what is tested.  For example – the level of THC metabolites normally needs to be 50 ng./ml.

Creatinine is a product that is evident in your urine and is created as a byproduct of muscle metabolism. Creatinine usually needs to be measured at 20 mg/dL. So how do you get both these chemicals to level out to sufficient levels?

Get Prepared

First of all, you’re going to need to invest in some essentials products which include:

  • Vitamin B2: Any brand will work fine.
  • Electrolyte Powder: Any brand will work fine.
  • Test Strips.
  • Creatinine Test Strips: These kidney test strips will test the levels of creatinine as well as protein and specific gravity. Specific gravity isn’t always tested but it can be, so it’s a good idea to know your results of this as well.
  • Creatine Supplement: This product is not necessary for everyone, but is optional if you want to be ultra cautious. Any brand will work fine.

Time To Test

Ok, so you’ve now received all the above products. How do you get started? It’s a good idea to test out this method before you go for your urine drug test so that you can ensure the way you do it works for you, and you achieve the desired result.

First, you need to figure out what your Lean Body Mass (LBM) is. To do this, you need to know your weight and your body fat percentage.

Next, you need to drink the electrolyte solution. You need to do this throughout 3 hours. You must drink 4ml per pound of LBM each hour. On average, this is roughly about 0.5ml per hour. You should be urinating several times at least over these 3 hours.

During these 3 hours, don’t worry about sampling your urine. But when the 3 hours is finished, collect your next urination in a cup or tube, etc.

Take your urine sample and use the test strips to test the levels of metabolites.

Use the Creatinine Test strips to see what levels your creatinine and specific gravity is at.

Did it work successfully?

So after conducting your test hydration, how do you know if it worked?

If your level of metabolites is less than allowed and creatinine levels are over 20 mg/dl, then your test has worked just right. This is the result you want. Repeat this EXACT procedure on the day of your test.

If your levels of THC metabolites are showing up to be above 50 ng/ml and your creatinine levels are much more than 20 mg/dl, then you need to make sure you are drinking more because your urine has not been diluted enough. You need to calculate how much more you need to drink but please never exceed over 16 ml per pound of LBM.

If your levels of metabolites are a lot below allowed concentration, great, but if your creatinine levels are lower than 20 mg/dl, then not so great. This means your urine is too diluted and you will probably fail the test because of it. This means you need to try the test again by drinking less.

And lastly, if your levels of metabolites tests to be above-allowed concentration while your creatinine shows to be below 20 mg/dl, then this is where you might struggle. You need more hydration without causing your urine to become too diluted and resulting in a failed test. How to fix this? This is where you could try the addition of the creatine supplements, which could help. If possible, try to take your test at a later date.

If you didn’t achieve the correct result, it is best to try the test again, by increasing or decreasing your amount of hydration where necessary.

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