The following THC detox kits are proven to work by thousands of customers. These kits are completely legal and safe for health.

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Best Marijuana(THC) Detox Kits

Same-Day Marijuana Detox Kits

These kits cleanse your urine from THC and other drug metabolites and are best for people who need a fast solution to pass a drug test.

They contain creatine and all essential minerals, so your urine creatinine levels, specific gravity, and color will be in the normal range.

These kits doesn’t require to stop smoking, but we strongly recommend to avoid any toxins at least 48 hours before the test.

The results of these kits are temporary.

Every kit comes with instructions and medical-grade test strips that check for THC metabolites at concentrations above 50ng/ml in urine, just like most professional drug screenings. That way, you know you’re ready for the real test.

$77.99 $59.99
$70.19 $53.99
$77.99 $59.99

Permanent Detoxification Kits

Below are the all-natural permanent detoxification kits for the people who want to clean the system completely.

These kits remove the THC metabolites from your bloodstream, urine, and saliva safely for your health.

The kits will do the following:

  • improve lipolysis so that the THC will be removed from the fat cells into the blood.
  • improve the liver function so that it will excrete the metabolites from the blood faster.
  • prevent the reabsorption of the metabolites back to the fat cells from the blood.
$77.99 $59.99
$184.59 $141.99

Saliva Detox Mouthwashes

These mouthwashes eliminate all THC in your saliva and prevent it from getting into the saliva for about 1 hour.

You need to use the mouthwash 10 minutes before the screen.

$38.99 $29.99

Hair Detox Shampoos

Detox shampoos work by opening the cuticle of the hair and flushing out the THC metabolites from the cortex. The following shampoos are the same day solution so that you can use them on the day of the test.