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Hello! I am Daniel Miller, a pharmacologist holding a Ph.D. from Creighton University. My academic journey began at the University of Colorado Boulder where I majored in Biology before diving into the intricacies of pharmacology.

Over the years, I’ve acquired a robust knowledge base on cannabinoid pharmacology, drug toxicology, detoxification processes, and drug testing procedures.

My professional path was carved at LabCorp, where I supervised laboratory operations from 2010 to 2017.

Post that, I explored the domain of toxicology research at Mayo Clinic, which broadened my insights into the detoxification post-marijuana usage.

Since 2021, I’ve been a Drug Testing Specialist at Quest Diagnostics, concurrently serving as a Consultant Pharmacologist at Denver Health Medical Center and an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology at Creighton University.

Certified as a Substance Abuse Counselor and with several other credentials under my belt, my expertise has been recognized in numerous scientific circles.

I’ve authored various publications, delving into the societal and health impacts of cannabis, and led several case studies highlighting the practical aspects of drug testing and detoxification. Through these engagements, I continually strive to bridge the gap between theoretical pharmacology and its real-world implications.


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