Green Fleets Contacts

We are happy to answer questions from local governments, NGOs, and governmental authorities that deal with fleet issues. Unfortunatly we do not have the capacity to handle inquiries from the general public or from for-profit corporations and consultancies. For these entities there are many state, local, and federal government outreach programs that can deal with your questions. Please go to these sources for help on fleet issues. Your cooperation is appreciated .

U.S. Office

Bill Drumheller
Cities for Climate Protection Campaign – U.S.
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
15 Shattuck Square, Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 97404

FAX: (510) 540-4787

European Secretariat

Alexandra Waldmann
Cities for Climate Protection Campaign – Europe
Eschholzstraße 86
D-79115 Freiburg/Germany

Fax: ++49-761/36892-59