How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test with Listerine

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You must have heard that Listerine helps in passing saliva (mouth swab) drug test. You must also be wondering, ‘‘Man, will this really work?’’

I have to admit that this method seems a little bit farfetched and more of another internet rumor. Take it easy though. It’s true that Listerine works most of the time.

But studies show that water also works.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use Listerine to pass a drug test.

I’ll also explain how and why it works and how you could use water instead.

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How Swab Drug Tests Detect Marijuana

Saliva drug tests are becoming more common not only in post-accident testing but on the job testing too. The reason for this is that they are supposedly more accurate than urinalysis.

You see, unlike a urine drug test, a swab test shows whether you’ve had a hit in the recent past or not.

These tests will detect marijuana for up to 72 hours since you last had your last toke.

Therefore, it accurately inform your employer, potential employer, or whoever is taking the test whether you have used the drugs recently or not.

This can be either good news or bad news depending on your status at that specific time of the test.

In one hand, it means that unlike a urine drug test that can detect THC for up to 30 days, a swab test means that you won’t be convicted of a ‘sin’ that you committed almost a month or 2 ago.

On the other hand, remember that THC is detectable in your mouth immediately after stoning and will hover around for up to 24 hours.

This means that unless something is done, it’s quite difficult to cheat this test especially if you’ve held a hit within the last 24 hours.

The other thing that makes a saliva test bad news for you is that it can be administered anywhere (by the roadside or at the job site) at any time with or without warning.

What does a Swab Drug Test Look for?

If you’ve read our other articles on urinalysis, you must know that urine tests check for THC-COOH also known as 11-COOH-THC.

This is a metabolite that is formed after THC has been metabolized and it’s detectable in urine and feces.

A saliva drug test is quite different though.

This test looks for activated THC (delta-9 THC). This is the psychoactive compound that gives you the HIGH effect when you inhale or eat marijuana.

A puff of marijuana harbors millions of activated THC molecules.

A good portion of these molecules remains in your salivary albumin concentration mostly in your oral cavity and this is what gets you in trouble.

How long is THC detectable in the saliva?

As with any other test, your chances of fooling a swab drug test highly depends on how long the THC in your mouth remains within the detectable levels.

A study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology aimed at investigating how long THC stays in the mouth in the controlled administration of smoked marijuana.

In this study, 6 subjects were required to smoke cannabis cigarette containing 1.75% THC in the first week and another one containing 3.55% THC in the following week.

Saliva specimens in each experiment were analyzed for the concentration of THC by GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry).

12 minutes after initiation of smoking, one specimen recorded a THC concentration of 5800 ng/ml.

At around the 20th minute, this concentration had subsided to 81 ng/ml. 12 hours after the test, another test showed that the concentration of THC in the saliva specimens had fallen to below 1 ng/ml.

The researchers noted that this pattern of initial high levels of THC concentration right after smoking followed by a decline was recorded in all the subjects.

They also stated that the decline in the concentration levels with time suggests that there might be a direct absorption of THC into the bloodstream directly from the mouth.

As we can deduce from the study above, THC stays in your mouth for up to 12 hours after a puff.

The good news, however, is that the concentration declines with time.

Most labs use a cut-off level of 10-25 ng/ml depending on the type of test.

While the study above shows that THC will be way below the detectable levels 12 hours after the last puff, it’s worth noting that there are tests that can detect cannabis 48 hours after an encounter.

In addition, remember that the THC molecules may linger around for a little longer depending on a few factors including;

Can you pass a saliva drug test with Listerine?

Yes. Most people continue to pass swab tests using Listerine strips today and lots of scientific studies prove that it really works.

They also brush the mouth with Listerine or even swallow it,

Perhaps the saving grace in this method is that the components of Listerine do not show on the tests, at least for now.

Thus, it’s not easy for the lab guys to detect that you are trying to cheat the test.

The internet community has several methods of using the Listerine method of passing saliva tests.

Here is the most common regimen;

What you’ll need

How to use Listerine to Pass a Saliva test

Step 1: Abstain from Cannabis and other drugs for at least 48 hours

As I have just told you, some saliva tests today will detect cannabis 48 hours since your last hit.

That being said, it’s a brilliant idea to keep off the weed for at least 2 days or even 3 if you seriously want to pass that test.

Of course, you might not have 48 hours if you’ve just been informed of a possible saliva test on the same day.

That might be a tough situation to be in. But we’ve heard of guys who beat the test 9 am in the morning even after stoning late into the night the previous day.

If you are in this situation, you’ll want to take the next steps in this method even more faithfully.

Step 2: Eat and Drink to keep your mouth moist

Beating a saliva test is all about getting rid of the saturated saliva in the mouth.

To do this you’ll need to keep the water content in your mouth moving. One sure way of doing this is to eat and drink.

You don’t really need to change anything in your morning routine especially if you have 48 hours or more to the test.

However, if you don’t want to take any chances, you might want to consider foods that make you salivate more and those with high water content.

These include apples, carrots, cucumbers, celery, pasta, and cheese.

Foods with spices such as cayenne pepper, cardamom, cayenne, and ginger also play a huge role.

It’s also a good idea to avoid foods that aggravate dry mouth including soda, dry crackers, salty nuts, popcorns, and sugary desserts.

Step 3: Brush your teeth, tongue, and gum

When I say brush, I mean to do it like crazy. The essence here is to remove as much THC as possible.

Reliable sources advocate brushing 3-4 times each day (as usual).

However, you might want to brush for a few more minutes than the 2 minutes that dentists recommend.

When brushing, you want to ensure that you give equal priority to the teeth, tongue, and the top, bottom, and sides of the mouth.

You could also use Listerine although you’ll need it the most on the ‘D-day.’

Using a dental floss might also increase your odds of passing the test since it reaches where your brush doesn’t and, therefore, aids in getting rid of more THC molecules.

Step 4: Day of the Test

On the day of the test, this is when you need to descend on the remaining molecules like never before.

Here, you’ll want to extend the brushing time to up to 15 or 20 minutes.

You’ll also need to swish Listerine at least 4 times and as many times as possible before heading out.

Importantly, let the mouthwash absorb for 45 seconds to 1 minute before spitting it down the plughole.

Yes, Listerine stings like hell especially if allowed to sit in the mouth for long.

But that’s nothing compared to what a FAIL in the drug test might make you feel.

Step 5: Heading to the venue

One hour to the test, pack a small amount of Listerine and a bottle of water. On the way, rub 2 Listerine strips into each cheek and let them dissolve.

Take another pair of strips and dissolve them under your tongue.

The essence of this is to absorb any molecules that may have eluded all the brushing and swishing so far.

If you don’t have Listerine strips, you could buy a pack at the local candy or drugs store near you. Each pack goes for around 2 bucks.

Step 6: 30 minutes to a collection

30 minutes before the test, swish Listerine for the last time and rinse with water.

Take 2 more strips and rub the cheeks for the last time before facing the lab technician.

How Listerine works in Saliva Drug test

One common question that most of our readers throw our way is, ‘‘how does Listerine work to help beat a saliva test?’’

Well, the jury is yet to come up with a concrete explanation on what really happens here.

However, there are a few suggestions that have been put forward.

The major belief is that it cleans the THC molecules just as it gets rid of bacteria in the mouth.

Others believe that it uses its bacteria-killing power to destroy THC thereby making it undetectable.

Still, some are of the opinion that the active ingredients in Listerine (menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate, and eucalyptol) interfere with the test’s performance making them record a false negative.

Listerine vs. Water- what works better? Scientific Research Results

It’s evident that Listerine does help in passing a swab drug test. However, studies show that water works in a similar manner and perhaps even better.

A 2014 study aimed at assessing the effect of different mouthwashes and water on cannabis oral fluid concentrations.

This study involved 11 chronic cannabis smokers and took 4 days.

On the first, second, and third day, the subjects smoked their daily doses.

Oral fluids were taken 30 minutes before smoking, and at 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12, hours, and 24 hours after smoking.

The participants used water, Kleaner, and whole milk and specimens were analyzed for THC concentrations.

Significantly lower concentrations of THC in the oral fluids specimens were observed after a water rinse than with Kleaner and milk.

It was also found out that 15 minutes post-smoking, the level of THC concentration was 3 folds higher than the 25 ng/ml cut-off used by Spanish police regardless of the type of mouthwash used.


There’s no doubt that Listerine can help you pass a saliva drug test.

But what’s more amazing is that you can use water and still pass.

This means that you don’t have to spend a buck to pass a saliva test if you don’t have Listerine at home.

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    Today I had a random oral saliva test, I took a hit from a g pen around 12 pm Yesterday. This morning I drank a decent amount of mouthwash with similar ingredients to listerine at 9 am then I brushed my teeth pretty thoroughly around 10:30 am. My test was given to me around 12 but it took a while for the swab to get some of my saliva what are the chances I will pass?

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    I smoked weed last night have a swab test at 2:30 what I use to clean my mouth out

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    Listerine does work when i went for a swab test after i did the “talking part” of the interview i asked to use the restroom swooshed it around for a whole minute….mouth was on fucking fire…but i passed.

  12. Will Deliver says:

    Smoking my last blunt right now. Have a swab test in the next few days. I’ll drink gallons of water, brush for 20 mins 3x a day. Right before the interview, I’ll go In with a small thing of water and another for Listerine, then do it again right before they ask to swab me.

    I’ll let you know how it goes boys.

  13. SAM says:

    Brush your teeth and on top of your tong and under the tong need to use crest tooth paste with baking soda and proxide then swiss all around your mouth with listerine cool mint mouth wash and then swiss all around with proxide if you have floss teeth sock them in proxide this works clean your mouth using these steops the night before and the day of test dont eat or drink after you do this hey it works

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    I smoked about 10 tonight and 8 a.m. it’s my swab test so I roughly have 10 hours I’m going to brush my teeth tonight then brush my teeth in the morning really good and I’m going to use Listerine strips I’m just going to see how this goes I’ll keep you posted wish me luck

  17. Jenny D says:

    Listerine works!! No joke passed twice just brush good or gargle that shit before u go in. Also get the pocket strips if ur that worried. My b.f smoked like a chimney the night before. Listerine bam job

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    Ok guys it is prooven Listerine strips do work i got the blue one i used about 7. 2 when i woke up. The rest about 30-45 minutes before test it will be intense but it kills 99.9%of everything in your mouth. But do mind i brushed my teeth 4 times top bottoms gums sides get it all. Bruch like 20 mins each time to ensure your getting it… Also where ever you put the strips in your mouth remember put the swab mostly there and i smoked 10 hours prior…so yeah this will help anyone have questions im here t

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      Okay so my wife has a swab test at 7 this morning I told her to mind her mouth with Vaseline to create a barrier no extra steps were taken let’s see if this works I will know by 7:30 a.m.

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  20. Mastoura says:

    They’ve got coppers doing random drug tests over in Australia now, anywhere, anytime, for drivers…pooping all over the Aussie xmas festivities…does anybody know of any way of neutralising saliva just before jumping in the car, that may be effective for 3-4 hours?

    • Yep. says:

      Yeah, don’t drink before driving. There is a line where recreation turns into stupidity.

      • Blake says:

        He said random drug tests. Not random breath tests.

        Smoking and then driving days later is very different from drinking and then driving some day.

  21. Moist mouth says:

    I do 3 random 7 panel mouth swabs weekly. I don’t use marijuana so unsure on that, however I am on pain meds. And I test negative every time. All I do is brush my teeth really well with Biotene Dry Mouth toothpaste before I go in. Hope this helps.

  22. Aingelbae81 says:

    I have a mouth swab test in a few days, I used cocaine, does anyone know if I can pass my oral swab drug test using Listerine!! ? And making sure I brush really good ?

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  24. Starryeyes says:

    I hope I pass I don’t smoke all the time took my last hit Tuesday night found out next day I had to take a test as soon as I found out I started to clean my mouth out all the way up till test time it was 37 hours later I hope I passed it it was under the tongue test but I didn’t keep it there lol I played with it didn’t touch my gums or anything I even ate mints all the way up till I went in the back my mouth was numb I’ll find out soon

  25. Ashley says:

    I had 36 hours clean, used Listerine 20 mins before and smoked a menthol cigarette. You guys think I will pass?

  26. Ashley says:

    I had 36 hours clean, used Listerine 20 mins before and smoked a menthol cigarette as directed. You guys think I will pass?

  27. Jamo says:

    I had a mouth swab with DCs and passed it right before the test I went into the bathroom and put antibacterial soap in my mouth!!!
    Now last week they popped in on me again and surprised me with a mouth swab and hair follicle test. Luckily I had just got thru

    I have passed 2 saliva tests. I smoke over a gram a day, everyday. Both times I passed the test, I smoked the day before. I brush my teeth, floss with toothpaste by smearing it across my teeth(get the toothpaste between teeth), whiten my teeth with PlusWhite 5minute in two mouth guards for 5 minutes, then brush out the whitener, brush my teeth again with toothpaste, and finally Listerine. I don’t think it has to be too soon. I did this at 7:30am today for an 8:30 interview that did not test. Later, I went to a 10:30 interview where they did test and I passed. I did not eat or smoke between. SUMMARY = Brush, floss w/ toothpaste, whiten with TRAYS, brush, listerine.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Had mouth swab test today use Listerine and apple cider an hour before the test night before was the last time I smoked use Listerine so much all my mouth was blue like I was chewing on AirHeads raspberry flavor I won’t be like John when I find out I’ll post the results immediately

  29. Ron says:

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      Got a mouth swab at 2 -230 tomorrow afternoon I smoke weed daily non stop and smoked today and as we speak I hit the bong what could I use or what should I do to pass first mouth swab test for a job ever in my life??someone help does the Listerine strips work

  32. Nobody says:

    Got a mouth swab at 2 -230 tomorrow afternoon I smoke weed daily non stop and smoked today and as we speak I hit the bong what could I use or what should I do to pass first mouth swab test for a job ever in my life??someone help does the Listerine strips work

  33. Random mouth swab says:

    They’re doing “randoms” at my job. Which arent really randoms. theyve been doing them for about a week now. So many fuckin people tested. My job is at Amazon. Not sure if anyone is familiar with that pony show. Havent really worried much about it because im not sure when they’ll call my number. But. If i do get called up to the office for one during my shift, I’ll be bale to go to my locker and use total mouth care listerine and the strips i guess. I thought about going to a head shop and buying some mouth wash there. Suggestions? I’m starting to brush my teeth thoroughly now. I used a few minutes ago. It’s like 10am. I go into work at 6pm tonight. Thoughts?

  34. Pocathasmoka says:

    I had a swab yesterday around 4 smoked last at 1:30 brushed my teeth 3 times and swished mouthwash during the whole 30 minute ride ! Plus I had mentos gum throughout the “orientation” fingers crossed to see if I passed ????

  35. rowan says:

    All these idiots on here saying they`ve smoked the night before, the best way of passing a known drug saliva test is DO NOT SMOKE FOR AT LEAST 2 DAYS before the test..Smoking the night before knowing your gonna be tested is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. liz says:

    Hi was just informed I have a interview in 8 days. Will restrain from smoking can you please offer any other advice so I can pass the swab test for weed

  37. Peter says:

    My friend is a regular user of cannabis he is due a swab test on the day of interview what is the cut off point for an industrial swab test

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hint, if you have to ask random people “will I pass?” You are probably an idiot or just want comfort.
    Hey just do research and get some confidence. Don’t soak the dang thing in saliva and clean your mouth but dont overdo it. Swab tests are not too accurate. Just relax. Hold it between your teeth if you can. Get it wet enough for the minimal amount only. Have a mint tucked in and swallow it right before. The actual trick is to quit freaking worrying.

  39. Lil ole me says:

    I have a oral test tomorrow(fri) morning at 9am..However i havent smoked since Wed(2days).
    Ive been eating and staying hydrated..brushing my mouth and teeth. Is there something else i should do?

  40. Brandon says:

    I use cannabis about 4-5 days out of the week. But this week from Monday to Friday I’ve smoked about a gram or a little more if that. I have a mouth swab on Monday at 330 so I’ve been clean for about 63 hours. My last hit was Friday at 10 pm. I brush my teeth, Drink water, I also have hydrogen peroxide and Listerine mouth wash + the strips. Will I pass?

  41. TheseComments says:

    This is better than FB yo. These comments got me LMAO.

  42. Snow says:

    Guys I just passed the test yesterday with listerine! I had a job interview where I knew they drug tested but I was told it was urine by someone who just interviewed there this year.

    Ok cool. I bought a quick fix, my first time using fake pee, and got it ready. I was DYING. I get to the interview, see its a group interview as the first group walks out and I ask one of them what drug test was it.

    The guy goes oral. I died inside because I last smoked at 1 am that morning, just 2 bong rips though because I couldn’t sleep and nothing else helps. The interview ended up being an hour late so I lied and said I was hungry and expected to be done and was going to the gas station for a snack.

    I went and got Listerine mouth was and strips. I swished it in my mouth and held it for about 7 mins then in the span of an hour used 9 strips. 3,1 in each cheek and 1 under the tongue, as soon as I spit out the Listerine, once we moved to the interview room, halfway through the interview, then finally RIGHT before the test as she was handing out paperwork and tests.

    I already began collecting saliva in my mouth so as soon as she opened it I let it absorb the really thick spit that you probably can’t get a thick reading on. Then we pushed it down and got our results right then and I passed. I probably overdid it but I NEEDED this 2nd job lol

  43. Kaseycase says:

    Guys I’m stressed tf out. I got hired for amazon and they made me come in the next day for a drug test. I’m positive I smoked at around 7pm. And my drug test was for 7pm the next day. I brushed my teeth 5 times today and from 4-6pm a pack of listerene strips and hydrogen perioxide gargle every hour. Ijust did the oral drug test but they made me hold the mouth swab for 10mins. They said I will know within 3-5 days. Wish me luck

  44. Kaseycase says:

    All cleared! Start t
    Next weekend Thanks guys

  45. Blahblahblah says:

    Took a oral swab test today at 10:18am. Swished and held non alcoholic whitening mouthwash in my mouth for 5 mins before walking in at 9:50. Drank water and everything when woke up. Brushed teeth and gums and cheek and tongue that morning. Think I passed?

  46. Holly says:

    If y’all pass for weed with mouth wash and strips then can’t u pass for everything rules since its ur salvia just real curious

  47. Holly says:

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