The leader in electronic commerce in all America and beyond, Amazon is also a company following standard hiring procedures.

From the start until the orientation of candidates, the company is living by a certain procedure, which becomes the basis of their complete employee admission levels.

Amazon drug test employees, and take note, they are spending money on these drug screenings to ensure the people they hire are most fit to the posts they will be working with.

Do Amazon Drug Test New Employees?

Absolutely, yes, they do. There is only a 3 step process in applying for a job on Amazon.

The chain of Amazon retail industries abides by this important application progress, and these go to every employee, new or existing. The application process is pretty straightforward:

  • In direct hiring, candidates get to be interviewed by the operations manager; you get to attend an orientation paid by Amazon themselves.
  • Pass a background check, and this is when all questions about your work experience and personal life are asked, flipped, and turned about inside out.
  • Pass the drug test, which is the final part of the 3 step application process. This is the part where one gets to be decided whether a post on Amazon is due to the applicant or otherwise.

The process may change depending on the position an applicant is applying for.

The 3 step process may be added by another interview or something of similar scenarios. The bottom line is that they do a drug test new employees.

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Does Amazon Drug Test on the First Interview?

Nope, they don’t. They do run a drug test, but not on the first interview. As detailed above, a drug test is the last step.

So basically, this does not happen in the first interview. The problem may not be when the drug test is done.

It could be how one should pass the drug test, especially if the candidate uses a drug test anyway.

What Drugs Do Amazon Employees Test For?

Amazon tests amphetamines, Valium, cocaine, meth, cannabis, methadone, morphine, and barbiturates. These drug traces can be detected in one type of drug testing procedure.

A drug test like this can be costly, but the company is more than willing to pay for it. Employees of Amazon are randomly tested as part of an Annual Medical Exam, which is mandatory among every employee on the payroll.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used in Amazon?

Mouth Swab Drug Test is the process of drug screening observed in the Amazon.

Specially hired Medical Technicians are hired and paid to run the procedure and do the test. This is a bit stiff as a saliva specimen collects real-time, so anybody who has been into drugs lately will have a big chance of turning out positive.

This is the only method of testing done in the company, and this is always a great way for them to filter their employees.