Do Verizon Drug Test Employees?

Does Verizon Drug Test Their Employees?

The leader in global communications and the largest technology provider in all of America, Verizon, is another company that goes through the tedious process of running an employment gig now and then.

Yes, Verizon does drug test their employees, every one of them. This happens once every year where the company resource sees that everyone has their DT submitted within a required due date.

Either they will have an accredited clinic staff come over and run the test, or employees go to them.

Do Verizon Drug Test New Employees?

Yes, Verizon drug test new employees. This company’s hiring process is actually not that much of a difference as it also does pre-screening, which involves filling out a personal data sheet, undergoing an interview, and running a drug test via A-check, an affiliate clinic.

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The clinic may differ according to your location. Here is the straightforward application procedure in Verizon:

Walk-in and submit an application or fill out an online application form.

The easiest option is usually online. This way, candidates can choose whichever company they wish to apply for without spending gas and cash in going to the actual shop.

Undergo an Initial Interview with the Department Manager.

Upon selection of the shortlisted candidates, an initial in-person interview will be run through. Even as early as this stage, a candidate may fail and cannot push forward to the next level.

A General Manager will wrap up an agreement and give you application documents.

Only applicants that are good to go are sent to the general manager for another interview. This is the part where the candidates are advised of a background check and a drug test.

A background check will be in place.

Upon the procedure’s advice, candidates would expect that personal references will be contacted and asked a series of questions about them.

Drug Test will be in effect.

The affiliate clinic will be recommended to run a drug screening on the applicant. Usually, this is paid for by the company. The results of the DT will tell if the candidate will be hired or not.

Does Verizon Drug Test on the First Interview?

Verizon does not run a drug test on the initial interview. Although interviews, two of them, happened on the same day, a drug test can be a few days after, but a due date will be advised of the candidate. Failure to come on schedule to return the DT result can be a basis of application denial.

What Drugs Do Verizon Employees Test For?

Verizon drug screening procedures are specific to alcohol, weed, and opiates. Although some other drug traces can be visible upon screening, these 3 are the most common substances checked and seen during the process.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used in Verizon?

Urine Drug Test or UDT is the process of drug screening in Verizon. The testing facility is normally off the location where candidates are applying, but the process is actually paid for by the company. A candidate has to produce piss within a time frame for the DT to happen.