Does FedEx Drug Test?

Founded in 1971, FedEx Corporation has become one of the top courier service companies in operation today. Well-known for its overnight delivery service, FedEx, according to 2016 surveys, is the ninth-largest privately-owned American company with eight major divisions, employing more than 335,700 personnel worldwide.

Does FedEx Drug Test Their Employees?

Like most American-owned companies, FedEx adheres to the prevailing federal and state laws concerning illegal drugs or controlled substance. It is committed to the implementation of “safe, healthy, drug-free workplace.”

Faithful to this commitment, FedEx therefore conducts random, scheduled, reasonable suspicion, or post-accident drug testing on its employees, especially, on employees who are assigned to safety-sensitive positions.

As FedEx facilities are widely distributed and spread out across the globe, some FedEx locations may have slightly variable drug testing policy from those of other locations.

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In U. S. alone, FedEx personnel—specifically pilots and drivers—are subject to the DOT-required drug test; while other personnel may only be required to undergo non-DOT drug tests.

Does FedEx Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

FedEx’s hiring procedure, as mentioned above, may differ from one location to another. FedEx, for example, may hire some applicants even without requiring them to undergo pre-employment drug test; while it may also strictly require some applicants to undergo pre-employment drug tests, especially, those applicants who are applying for safety-sensitive positions. FedEx in Grand Forks, ND, Chicago, IL, and Denver, CO, for example, are known to require pre-employment drug testing on their prospective employees regardless of positions being applied upon. These pre-employment drug tests, however, can be either done onsite or at an accredited drug testing lab handpicked by FedEx.

What Drugs Does Fedex Test For?

FedEx usually utilizes the standard 5 panel drug test to detect the presence of alcohol and traces of illegal drugs in a person’s system. This drug test usually detects the following drugs: Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (example: marijuana, hash), Amphetamines (example: meth, crank, ecstasy, speed), Cocaine (example: crack, coke), Opiates (example: heroin, opium, morphine), and Phencyclidine or PCP (example: angel dust). FedEx may also opt for other types of drug tests like those of the 7 panel or 10-panel drug tests.

What Types of Drug Test are used

?FedEx personnel and applicants are usually screened via the use of urine drug screening (UDS). This UDS is usually a 5 panel urine test for detecting widely available street drugs. However, FedEx may also opt for the blood drug test, just like in the case of Denver’s FedEx, which is known for alternating urine drug test and blood drug test.

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