Does Waffle House Drug Test?

Waffle House, Inc., an American Restaurant chain, is headquartered in Georgia and was founded in 1955. It operates in more than 2,100 locations and has around 16,500 employees.

Does Waffle House Drug Test It’s Employees?

Waffle House, Inc. operates many locations, and some of these locations may be conducting drug testing of their employees.

However, Waffle House, Inc., just like any fast-food chain, seems to be not keen on randomly testing its employees.

Waffle House, however, has the prerogative to undertake such drug testing. In fact, some of its locations are engaging in random drug testing of employees, just like in Waffle House, Atlanta, Georgia.

Moreover, it can also conduct reasonable suspicion or post-accident drug tests on its employees.

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Does Waffle House Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Waffle house seems to be not conducting pre-employment drug testing on its prospective applicants. It is not the universal policy of Waffle House to require all its locations to conduct pre-employment drug screening.

Moreover, based on those who have applied and worked there, they all agree that they were never required to undergo pre-employment drug testing when they applied at Waffle House.

What Drugs Does Waffle House Test For?

If Waffle House would ever conduct a random or pre-employment drug test, it would surely use the standard 5-panel drug test, which generally tests for the five most abused drugs—Cannabinoid, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

Waffle House would surely use the standard and commonly utilized urine drug test if it would randomly drug test its employees. However, at Waffle House, Atlanta, Georgia, they usually use hair drug tests to detect residues of drugs taken by a person within the past 90 days.