Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink

Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink

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Are you looking for a permanent cleansing program to remove unwanted toxins from your blood, saliva and urinary tract in just seven days? Well, look no further.

The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox is a drink designed for those who wish to permanently cleanse their bodies from toxins such as THC, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines and other pollutants that have accumulated over time and lets you face the future with the confidence that your body is free and clear of any unwanted contaminants.

If you don’t like taking pills or capsules, then this is an effective method for you to rid yourself of unwanted toxins with just a few tablespoons per day.

The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink works naturally with your body’s metabolism to PERMANENTLY clean your system in just one week.

For those who have a high toxin level or whose weight exceeds 230 pounds, it is recommended to DOUBLE the dosage to achieve the desired results. This will require TWO bottles.

Stinger’s special blend of minerals and Vitamin B2 along with many of the minerals found in sea water will enhance your body’s cleansing capabilities to help purify your system and release harmful toxins.


  1.  Avoid any toxins for at least 48 hours before taking the Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink.
  2. Take one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon in the evening before meals. You can mix with water or juice if you prefer.
  3. Make sure that you measure with a standard tablespoon, not teaspoon to ensure that the appropriate amount of liquid is being consumed. You will have a few tablespoons of the liquid left over on the last dosage. You should finish the rest of the bottle with your last dosage.


* This product does not work for people taking prescription or over the counter medication including Tylenol, Motrin or cold medicine. You should refrain from taking any prescriptions at least 48 hours before taking The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink.

8 reviews

Steven -

Verified buyer

I was smoking California’s finest bud everyday all day for 26 days straight. THC content of no less than 30%. I also had a THC Vape pen ? 90% concentrate. I was smoking on that all day until that pen barley buzzed me.

I then had to stop because I had to go back to work for a drug test. I stopped for 11 days before my drug test. I bought the 7 day detox drink. The first day of me doing the detox, I smoked one last time. I completely stopped after that.

I started running ?? 5-7 miles everyday during my detox, I also put myself on a high protein, low carb diet to put my body into Ketosis. Ketosis basically means that your body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. THC gets stored in your fat cells, so I decided to burn as much fat as I could. I also was buying at home drug tests to see where I was. I started to become clean around day 5. I would take a drug test and see a faint second line. On the box it states that no matter how faint the second line is, that is a negative result for thc.

To play it even more safe, I utilized the urine dilution technique which was also provided on this website. I bought vitamin B supplements to give my urine color, bought creatine supplements so that my levels were fine and I was also drinking Gatorade for electrolytes so that my urine had gravity.

One last thing, I also took activated charcoal for the detox but I didn’t take much as I was afraid that the charcoal may absorb some of the nutrients needed in my 7 day drink.

I took the drug test on April 15th and I passed!

Joshua -

Verified buyer

I weigh 240 pounds.. did the detox with a healthy diet and shazam a week later I am proud to say im clean to test for my new job.
Rav -

Verified buyer

This product definitely does work.It took me about 8 to 9 days to get clean since I'm 220lbs and didnt really excersize much throughout the process.However,thats why they recommend users over 200lbs to buy the product twice and use it back to back(14 days).It works trust me just follow the instructions and you won't regret it.I recently bought another for back up! Thanks guys!
Kdogg -

Verified buyer

I have used this product TWICE and it DID work both times flawlessly! You MUST read the directions and follow them though!!! If you are over 230lbs you have to take TWICE as much and you will need 2 bottles (it tells you this in the directions). So, I'm not sure why some people say it doesn't work as it worked for me both times and I'm a BIG guy! Im 6'0" and 260lbs! This stuff DOES WORK if you follow directions.
Jesus -

Verified buyer

Works great, when used as directed!
Daniel -

Verified buyer

I used the product as instructed I am over 180 so I doubled my dose. Already had been clean for a month but I was a everyday +5 times a day smoker. At the end of 7 days I waited a day to test myself with the supplied drug screens and I passed. Recommend this to any person who is trying to clean up for a job and is tired of having to work with synthetic urine every single day. This Is a real permanent detox not a detox that gives you a window.
Zachary -

Verified buyer

I was a everyday user. Stopped everything, cigs, alcohol, all drugs, all over the counter meds and prescribed meds. As well as all fatty foods and dairy 48 hours before I started using the stinger. Then they 7 days I was on it I kept off everything listed above, and drank half my body weight in fluid oz in water everyday and went on a 30 minute walk. At the end of the week I testes clean. You have to follow more then what's on the bottle. Do what I did to a T and you'll be okay
Madison -

Verified buyer

Due to stress and depression I smoked 2 blunts. Biggest mistake of my life. Then followed the directions to the T for this crap and failed my test and lost the job I just got

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