Super Quick Caps

The Super Quick Caps joined power of Protein, Vitamin B and Creatine along with a potent blend of natural herbs (Alfalfa leaf, Slippery Elm bark, Uva Ursi leaf) flush the toxins of your body through the urinary tract.

Super Quick Caps are intended to be taken on the day you want your urine to be clean – the capsules work in just 45 minutes after consumption and support the accepted level of contaminants (traces of drugs, marijuana, THC, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol, chemical, biological and other environmental pollutants and other unwanted substances). The frequent urination significantly lowers the level of toxins in your body in up to 5 hours

  • Works in 45 minutes
  • Effective up to 5 hours
  • Greater than 99.9% satisfaction


Results are temporary – time the use of Super Quick Caps carefully. To ensure your success, we would recommend bringing into play PreTox Master Concentrated Capsules before using Super Quick Caps or as a part of everyday cleansing routine or program. Directions:

Take all four capsules with 24 ounces of water.

Wait 15 minutes, and then drink another 24 oz of water.

Useful tips:

Avoid all unwanted toxins 24-48 hour before the use of SUPER QUICK CAPS.

Do not eat any large meals before taking.


You can drink additional water if desired before starting SUPER QUICK CAPS


  • Dandelion has long been hailed by Herbalists as a potent herb to support healthy liver function.
  • Creatine Monohydrate plays a crucial role in bringing your body back into balance quickly during a rapid cleansing such as this one.
  • Uva Ursi Leaf is a crucial component in kidney and urinary health.
  • Milk Thistle is believed to cleanse and restore healthy liver function after having been exposed to toxins.
  • Alfalfa Leaf has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by herbalists to detox the urinary tract and purify the blood and liver.
  • Apple Pectin helps balance your body during a cleanse; it is an excellent source of fiber.
  • Reishi mushrooms are known among practitioners of Chinese medicine as the “king of herbs.” These mushrooms are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from the negative effects of free radicals that are formed inside the body by daily expos

Warning: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have kidney or gallbladder disorder or disease. This product is not recommended for prolonged use. To achieve a cleaner and healthier life and accomplish the total body purity please consider the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program

22 reviews

Sam W -
Did not work, took the pills and drank 24 oz water and then waited and drank 24 more oz. Took a home test and came back positive. Waste of money.
Keisha Jones -
Used them. And was scared out my mind. I just took them and drank water. It wasn't even 30 mins of me having to give a piss sample. It came out negative. But my pee color was like a light green. After I passed the rest of the day the color changed to a Mth dew drink color neon looking. But works very well highly recommend!!!!
Denise -
They work great and take B2. My boyfriend is a daily user and he quit 12 days before he took the test, drink a lot of water.
Worked for me -
I followed the directions on the box and passed!!! Definitely would try again!
New Zealand 275 -
Passed with flying colours New Zealand Followed the instructions and it worked so yeah
Kristina -
I used the super q caps n I just passed my test ty guys for making something that works I just wish u guys would lower the price a bit
Jarvis -
I'm a heavy smoker I only smoke the best of loud and I bought these for a piss test for work and I was kind of nervous about buying this but hey I'd rather try something than just failing especially making 18 dollars a hour so I bought the pills did the over night shipping took the 4 pills as instructed with the water it says works in 60 mins so I tested my self before going to work and BAM!!!!!!!! Negative passed so I'll be forever buying this product the shit really works the best I've used so if you think this don't work well it do so buy it and save yourself from loosing your job it really work
kelco -
They work well
Tmoney -
Great product I used night before and passed
Mark -
I've used these twice and both times I passed with flying colors except for my vicodine that's the only thing that stayed in my system. But I have a script for it so I couldn't get in any trouble for it. Recommended.
Anonymous -
okay- had urine test today and took them as directed. I barely passed- faint line. I am 5'5" 220 and abstained for 3 weeks. Next time I am taking an extra 3 and more H2O. I did not feel bad or had any emergency bathroom trips just had to pee alot. Pee was neon.
Tanjia -
They are worth every penny. I would purchase them again if I have to. They arrived 4hrs before I had to go test but it all worked out. I just followed the instructions and I got good results. I\'m happy with them. I would highly recommend this product.
MAga -
very good
Pumba -
This product really works !!! I mean I have like 30 happy customers who buy them all the time. Me personally have beaten a drug test like 20 times with this product. Only disappointment i had was the company sent me the 10 pill pack instead of what I ordered the 4 pack. I would recommend these to anyone but remember that your body weight has alot to do with the results. My clients are all under 220 pounds and this product works flawlessly on them.
Regina -
Its great just follow instructions its nothing but the truth. I have been on this product for year this is the only thing I would take and very easy to follow..
Mike -
When used as directed it works perfect every time. Hopefully I don't need it on a days notice or less The further away from outside toxins used the better it works. For safety I like to start at least 5 hrs away from testing, start off with a few quarts of plain water, pee out and wait about an hour and a half before testing and follow instructions with the 24/24oz of water and Super Quick Caps. (noting to eat till after testing is important) Make sure when using you get a sample from the middle of your pee stream so the sample cleanest. I took a small pee before testing and when I got there I had a big pee to rid myself of and this is the one you want to sample, knowing it's the Super Quick Caps and the 24/24oz of water you took in an hour and a half earlier.
geno -
This product is excellent! Been using for the past decade or so, never failed me. Just make sure to abstain for 24-48hrs. prior and follow product directions to the letter.
Briana -
Worked perfectly! Would definitely use again.
Eudor -
Need to study for a test. Yes, that test. These are what you need. Lay off for 48 hours. Follow the instructions. Then enjoy your passing grade.
mina -
These capsules work! I smoked marijuana 12 hours before n still passed! I drank 24oz of water before taking the capsules then took the capsules with about another 12oz of water. Tried to finish a gallon but couldn't. And didn\'t need all that water. All hail super q caps! :)
David -
If you forgot to read instructions... It does say take all four! This product has now passed 3 tests for me. I got blindsided and asked to give a urine sample right after the interview. In house and sent out to a lab. I had a friend drop these pills off. 2 cups of water and 30mind later I gave a clean sample after dabbing prior to the interview. Lol. I'm a small guy though 115lbs 6". It was my first leak of the day too. Highly recommend.
Jimbob -
Super Great Yall

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