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Test Pass Chewable Detox Tablet

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Test Pass Chewable Detox Tablet

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If you need a fast and reliable solution to pass a urine test, this chewable tablet is the way to go! With its new advanced technology, this tablet starts working after 45 minutes and keeps your urine clean for 3-5 hours. Just chew the one orange vanilla tablet with 24 ounces of water, wait 45 minutes, and you are ready to provide a clean urine sample. It’s backed by a 300% manufacturer’s money back guarantee.


One hour before test time, chew the entire tablet following with 24 ounces of water. Wait 15 minutes and drink another 24 ounces of water. Wait at least 45 minutes and urinate at least 3-4 times before providing your sample.

For Best Results:

24 hours before your test deadline, start drinking 12-ounce glasses of water every hour. This will help flush toxins out of your urine. On test day, do not drink too much water, because your urine will be diluted.


Avoid all toxins for at least 48 hours before use of this product.

Almost fired - Verified buyer

This stuff really works no joke .. just follow the instructions and boom you’ll pass … finally a product that does what it says

Rach - Verified buyer

So, had a drug test for a new job and cleansed naturally for about 10 days (tested neg at home prior). Took the test and then smoked tf out for about 4 days straight (it was a holiday weekend, don't judge me!) Monday rolls around and I get the call that my test came back diluted- I have to take another within 48 hrs. Test pass to the rescue! I waited until the second day to test again (no smoking). Ate the tablets and followed the directions. and was clean as a whistle. No dilute either. Yep, it's kinda gross, but it's all vitamins and it works. Gonna buy a few more packs just to have on hand "just in case". Highly recommended!

ATownOG - Verified buyer

Taste like you snorted a chalk line off of a football field. You won't care about that though because they DO work. I had 4 different straight to jail whatnots in me and came out clean as a whistle.

Erin - Verified buyer

These taste HORRIBLE but they work! They're so chalky but they work! You don't know how you could possibly finish them but they work! FORCE THEM DOWN AND PASS YOUR TEST!! Took them and cleared! I have been an every day smoker (multiple times a day on weekends) for YEARS.

kathleen - Verified buyer

This works! I have been a daily smoker for years. I bought 2 packs to first try at home with home test kit. It worked I had a very faint negative line. Next day took the test passed!

Stephen - Verified buyer

Had my system clean in less then an hour.100% works

emma38 - Verified buyer

Does what it says. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS

nathan - Verified buyer

Passed. But also took 2 cranberry caps 3 times daily x2 days prior to test. Also took Buchu, to clean urinary tract, x3 days prior to test.

evelyn71 - Verified buyer

Had a probation drug test. She "let me" pass. Very thin faint line she knew I smoked..the line wasn't solid purple tho I wish I would've taken a picture so you could see...I mean I technically passed but if you're a heavy smoker over 180 pounds you should do this and another detox of something else maybe cranberry pills.

abigail31 - Verified buyer

I would stop smoking for a week drink a lot of water and Arizona ice tea or beer anything that would make you pee a lot till your per turned clear. and then the night of your test take this and then in the,morning your pee should be yellow. by the time you do your test your pee should be clean. bought it for a friend and they passed their test.

stephanie56 - Verified buyer

Would buy again.

ryan27 - Verified buyer

Worked for me and I'm a heavy smoker. I am also not a skinny guy so I was a little worried.

Robert - Verified buyer

I chronically smoked high grade marijuana for 20 years until I got a great opportunity for a job and was 16 days clean when I took the test. I failed 3 home tests in a row without this product, but with it I passed with no problem and no "diluted" result. THE KEY IS TO DRINK AS MUCH FLUID AS YOU CAN PHYSICALLY STAND. I was on the verge of vomiting but it was worth it. Buy a few home test kits @ $20. Follow the instructions (except drink WAY more water) and 2 hours after you start the cleanse take a home test until you pass. Once you pass, get your @55 to the screening and get on with your life.

joshua - Verified buyer

I had too much thc in my body so it didn't work out

natalie - Verified buyer

Alright let me start by saying that I recently wrote a negative review about this product because I believed it did not work and that I failed my pre-employment drug test. However today I finally got a call back after a long waiting period from my employer telling me that I passed my drug test. It does exactly what it is supposed to do if taken within the time window I am very satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend to a friend.

Alexis - Verified buyer

This product works awesome! Have passed 3 drug tests with these things. I'm a heavy smoker and have smoked up until the night before with 2 of the drug tests. And they are actual urine tests that they send to the lab.

dylan27 - Verified buyer

If you buy this product and use it correctly you wont fail. I've taken this product waited 45 min while drinking water without being able to urinate and still passed my test. Catch urin in mid stream for best results. I'm 300lb and was full of toxin that threaten my job. IM STILL WORKING .

Kathryn - Verified buyer

If you use this to help pass pee test for THC, use it 6 hours or so before test. If you use it day before you may fail. Did show clear within six hours is how I based this review.

samantha36 - Verified buyer

Very excellent product and arrived on time.

Christine - Verified buyer

First off, I want to say that I bought this product with the intention of using it to help me pass a drug test, and I passed with flying colors. I can't say for sure that it was this product that made me pass in the end, but I'll give you guys a rundown of everything I did in the hopes that you too can have similar luck. I'm a senior in college whose major is education and I have been looking for a place to student teach for a while, finally last week I received an e-mail saying that a school had been chosen for me and that I needed to have a drug test in order to go there. This understandably had me a little spooked, because a couple days before getting that e-mail I had smoked up with a few friends (I had in total smoked 1/8 in about a 3 week period, a little each night before bed). The drug test had to be done in 6 days (from the day I got the e-mail) so I immediately began drinking lots of water, at least 2 liters per day to make sure my system got good and cleaned out. I also started exercising more often in the days leading up to the test date to ensure that I sweat more and knocked out a 64 oz. bottle of cranberry juice because it is known to help detoxify your system. The morning of the test, about 2 hours before I was scheduled to go in, I drank a total of 70 oz. of water, taking the pills as instructed (3, wait 20 mins, 3 more, wait 20 mins, then the final 4) and man was I in the bathroom for a while. These pills take maybe half an hour to kick in, so if you have a bit of a drive to your testing site maybe take them earlier, but I was going both #1 and #2 almost constantly before I left. After getting to the test site I made sure the first bit of my deposit went into the toilet, as the beginning of the stream has more toxins than the middle, so make sure to do the same. I had absolutely no problems passing, like I said I don't know for sure if it was these pills or a combination of everything I did, but good luck to anyone in the same position who wants to get a job but also enjoys a little herb in their free time.

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