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ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus Blend Wild Cherry flavor

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ZYDOT Ultimate-24 Plus Blend Wild Cherry flavor

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ZYDOT Ultimate 24 Plus One-Hour Advanced Cleansing Formula designed explicitly for heavily toxic people and those weighing over 250 lbs.

Follow these guidelines to help ZYDOT Ultimate 24 Plus to be as effective as possible:

  • Do not drink large amounts of water several before drinking Ultimate Blend.
  • Do not eat a large meal 4 hours before drinking Ultimate Blend; a light meal is okay.
  • The following items should be avoided 24 to 48 hours before drinking Ultimate Blend: Unnecessary over-the-counter or unprescribed medications – Golden Seal – Alcohol – Acidic liquids (such as vinegar, pickle juice, fruit juices, coffee, etc.) – Large quantities of vitamins – Salty foods.
  • If possible try to drink ZYDOT Ultimate 24 Plus after you have been awake for 4 to 5 hours.


  1. Avoid all unwanted toxins for 48 hours before the time you desire to be clean. (The longer, the better!)
  2. 1 hour before drinking ZYDOT Ultimate 24 Plus drink 16 oz. glass of water
  3. Shake well and drink the entire contents.
  4. 15-20 minutes after drinking ZYDOT Ultimate 24 Plus, refill the container with water and drink.
  5. You MUST Urinate 2 to 3 times to flush toxins from the body.
Federico - Verified buyer

I stopped smoking 14 days before the test, I used the Zydot drink and tried to follow to the letter the instructions but they still found me positive!! I must confess I drank some coffee before the urine test because at some point I had none in me after peeing white for 3 times before the actual test and theoretically I should have been in the covered area but... I got screwed.. Ok I am also 15 Kg/33 lbs overweight but non success :(...

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