The Consequences of Failing a Drug Test on Probation

When a person is placed under probation by a judge, one must appeal to the rules and guidelines set in place. These rules mainly depend on the area you are living in, but one common requirement is to stay sober and pass all drug your drug tests during this period.

Here is the list of consequences of failing a drug test on probation.

What If You Fail A Drug Test

Several outcomes may occur if a probation officer finds that you test positive for a drug test. The severity of these actions depends on your current standing, or how severe your current crime charges are.

The following are ranked from lesser to greater punishments that could be possibly given to you.

Just A Warning

If the officer responsible for you considers this as the first offense, the lightest consequence he could give is a warning. Perhaps drug consumption was the only offense. You may get away with just a strong reminder of your status and your goal: which is to stay in the good graces of the law and avoid further problems for yourself.

Community Service and Loss of Privileges

The next punishment to be possible given is community service. If the probation officer sees that the drug relapse is an isolated case that could still be resolved with a reminder, these two options could be implemented.

This is still a relatively light consequence. You could also face the loss of some privileges such as the freedom to travel anywhere. A more intense probation contract could be applied to you after such an event.

Forced Rehabilitation and Counseling

When a light reminder such as community service may be rendered inadequate by the officer, rehabilitation may be an option for you. You will be sent to a therapy center to receive professional help with the drug problem.

This is usually done when you are found to actually have drugs in your possession. Drug addiction is a mental health problem, and a councilor’s job is to help addicts recuperate and reset themselves for reintroduction to society.

Drug addiction comes with a lot of psychological and emotional issues that may be keys to help a person get better.

Loss of Employment Opportunities

A lot of employers require their employees to undergo drug tests prior to starting work. Being found to be drug-positive may hurt your chances to continue working on a current job, or to even land another job in the future.

Issued For Fines

You may also need to give fines for a third party person or victim of illegal crime. Additional costs may stack up. Court fees, attorney fees, etc can grow into heavy load you’d eventually need to pay up for.

Given Jail Time and More Probation Time

A serious punishment that could be implemented is to recommend time in jail. This is done so as to curve criminal behavior and remind the person of what would be faced when a continued demonstration of serious offenses is done. The possibility of returning to prison and the increase of probation time is the worst punishment you could be given.

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How to Possibly Avoid Negative Consequences When Failing a Drug Test on Probation

So you find yourself in a bit of a rough situation now. How do you avoid giving yourself more trouble?

Convince The Officer (and Yourself)

If this isn’t the first time that you were caught with a positive drug result, just be open with your officer in admitting your mistake and ask for the last chance for a warning.

If you’re not much of a trouble to your officer you may get away with this for one more time, but just convince yourself to stick with the rules. Remind yourself of your goals every day and try to surround yourself with a good support system.

Try to Seek Help and Re-testing

Sometimes, you may be faced with a false-positive test result, which may hinder you from proceeding peacefully with your sentence.

Rest assured that if you’re on the right track, ask legal help from your team so as to prove that you don’t have drugs in your system. False-positives are quite possible and are reported for cold, allergy, pain and infection medications.

Poppy seeds, a common pastry ingredient, can also lead to detectable opiate levels in your system.

Passive smoke from the environment may also be a factor to consider. Try to prove that you’re taking these so as to clean up your record and be one step closer to a probation-free life.

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