Ex-Labcorp Employee, Dr. Daniel Miller, Reviews Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Let’s start by acknowledging that synthetic urine is becoming increasingly popular for passing drug tests.

Now, as someone with a rich history working in a drug testing lab, I’ll be sharing my unbiased review of Clear Choice’s Quick Luck Synthetic Urine.

What you can expect from me are the pros, the cons, and a comprehensive set of instructions on how to use this product.

quick luck synthetic urine contents

Let’s first delve into who this product is best suited for. Clear Choice’s Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is an ideal choice for individuals who require a reliable solution, especially when time is of the essence.

If you’re familiar with Sub Solution, another product in the synthetic urine market, you’ll appreciate that Quick Luck is already premixed – a key difference between the two products.

This premixing eliminates the need for any additional preparation, making it highly convenient.


Now, allow me to delve into the positives that I’ve identified based on my experience. Quick Luck has arguably the most superior formula available, a result of over 16 years of rigorous lab research. It is well-crafted to pass not only a visual inspection but also validity and drug tests.

One aspect that impressed me was the leakproof bottle. It’s small, convenient, and can easily be hidden on your person. Remember, during my stint at the drug testing lab, concealment was one thing that could raise suspicion. But with this, you can easily sneak it into a drug testing facility.

The bottle also includes a switch flow spout, which means you won’t have to unscrew the cap to submit the sample.

Furthermore, Quick Luck includes a heating powder that can warm the urine to a required temperature within seconds. There’s even a temperature strip attached to the bottle, allowing you to ensure the synthetic urine falls within the expected range for human urine.

temperature strip on urine bottle

These are features I would have been on the lookout for during my time at Labcorp, so their inclusion here is commendable. Plus, this kit comes with not one but two heat pads that can keep the urine warm for an extended period, up to 10 hours.

The quantity of urine is also sufficient for two uses, which might be useful in situations requiring a retest. Furthermore, the product is unisex, meaning it can be used by both males and females.

Another useful feature is its extended shelf life of up to two years. This is a testament to its stability and means you can store it for future drug tests if required.

It can even be frozen and reheated, which was quite surprising to me given my background in pharmacology.


While the features I mentioned above are impressive, it’s only fair that I point out some potential downsides I noted.

Firstly, the price point is somewhat higher than some may prefer.

Secondly, the heat pads, although a great inclusion, do have occasional failures, requiring a longer time to heat the urine.

Interestingly, I found that the heating powder’s effectiveness makes the heat pads almost redundant. This leads me to question whether the inclusion of heat pads is necessary.

If omitted, this could potentially reduce the product’s cost, making it more affordable.

Lastly, the seal on the bottle is quite robust. This is great for preventing leaks, but it does create a noticeable sound when removed, which could potentially raise suspicion in a quiet testing environment.

So, it’s advised that the seal be removed before entering the test facility.


Let’s delve into a comparison of Quick Luck with two other synthetic urine products on the market: Sub Solution and Quick Fix.

Quick Luck VS Sub Solution

sub solution vs quick luck

Starting with Quick Luck vs. Sub Solution, it’s worth noting that these two are both top-tier products by Clear Choice.

However, Quick Luck edges out with its slight complexity and the fact that it’s premixed. Having seen countless samples during my Labcorp days, the ability to pass visual, validity, and drug tests is something both these products share.

The premixed feature is a game-changer, eliminating the need for filtered water and the additional step of mixing.

If you are in a situation that calls for immediate action, like surprise drug tests at work, Quick Luck is an ideal choice to have on standby in your locker or cab. Overall, both are exceptional products, but Quick Luck’s premixed convenience nudges it ahead.

Quick Luck vs. Quick Fix

Moving on to Quick Luck vs. Quick Fix, it’s essential to consider that Quick Fix is among the more affordable options available. For just $30, you get a 3 oz size bottle of synthetic urine, enough for one use. In comparison, Quick Luck’s superior formula comes with a heftier price tag of $105.

Quick Fix offers a basic formula that includes urea, uric acid, and an appropriate proportion of creatinine. It’s also balanced for pH and specific gravity, and visually resembles real urine. However, under meticulous physical or chemical scrutiny, it might not hold up as well as Quick Luck.

One drawback to Quick Fix is that it uses a heat pad as the primary heat maintenance source. From my experience, these pads can take up to an hour to warm the urine, can sometimes fail, and may require a microwave – not exactly the epitome of convenience.

To sum up, Quick Fix does offer a good price and is likely the best option you’ll find if you need a local or immediate solution.

However, if your budget permits and you have a bit of lead time, Quick Luck’s comprehensive features and superior formula make it the clear choice.

In the complex world of synthetic urine products, remember that investing in quality can often pay off.

How to use

Before we wrap up, I want to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine. Having worked in a drug testing lab, I understand the importance of details, and I believe this information will be helpful.

To start, refrain from breaking the safety seal until the day of the test. Much like real urine, once exposed to air, the synthetic urine will start growing bacteria within a couple of days. After you break the seal, consider switching the cap to the provided spout cap. This ensures the flow of the synthetic urine mimics that of real urine when poured.

Next, we’ll discuss heating options. It’s crucial to maintain the synthetic urine between 94°F and 100°F. Two options are available to you – a heat pad or a heat activator.

Option 1: The Heat Pad. Remove the paper backing and stick it to the bottle. Please be patient, as it may take up to an hour to reach the optimal temperature. The heat pad can provide up to 10 hours of heat once activated. Do not use more than one heat pad at a time.

Option 2: The Heat Activator. This is an excellent alternative for last-minute situations when you don’t have time to wait for the heat pad. To use it, add minimal amounts of the powder at a time, then replace the cap, shake gently, wait 10 seconds, and check the temperature. If needed, repeat the process until you reach the optimal range. Note that the cooler the urine, the more heat activator will be needed, and vice versa.

In order to avoid a false temperature reading, make sure to store the bottle with the temperature strip facing away from your body. If your bottle feels warm but you don’t see a temperature reading, this could mean you’ve overheated your bottle.


In conclusion, as someone with extensive knowledge and experience in this field, I believe Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is an excellent product for those requiring a reliable solution on short notice. It stands tall as one of the best products in the market today.

It embodies a sophisticated blend of convenience, realistic presentation, and proven effectiveness. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a dependable synthetic urine product.