Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviewed: Insights from Dr. Daniel Miller

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Daniel Miller, Ph.D, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on Jan 18, 2024

Sub Solution is essentially a synthetic urine formula that mirrors the chemical composition of human urine, making it a popular choice for passing drug tests.

sub solution synthetic urine contents

It’s particularly well-suited for those who have prior experience with fake urine.

You know, the folks who are adept at discreetly tucking fake urine close to their body and ensuring it stays warm through body heat alone.

It’s crucial to note that Sub Solution doesn’t come with an external heating device. Instead, you’ll need to strategize on how to maintain the urine’s warmth for the test.

But hey, there’s a silver lining – it includes a heat activator powder that can quickly heat up the urine in seconds.

Now, let’s be clear: since Sub Solution lacks certain user-friendly features, it might not be the best pick for beginners.

But if you’re an experienced user, this could be a fantastic buy at a reasonable price. In this detailed review, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons, so strap in and let’s get weird!

What’s in the kit

When you open the Sub Solution kit, here’s what you’ll find:

In the next sections, I’ll cover this quickly, focusing on how each component works and its role in ensuring you get the best results from Sub Solution.

The urine

sub solution powdered urine vial

Sub Solution urine formula is designed to pass both drug tests and urine validity checks.

Here’s the deal: it looks, smells, and even foams like real human urine, which means it’ll ace the initial visual check at the lab.

A quick note: there’s new technology that’s been developed to sniff out synthetic urine (you can read about it here: Synthetic Urine Detection).

This test is inexpensive and can detect lower quality synthetic urines. But don’t worry, I’ve personally tested Sub Solution with Synthetic UrineCheck strips, and it passes as human urine.

The urine is unisex, so it’s suitable for both male and female use. It comes in a powdered form, meaning you just mix it with water.

The flexibility here is awesome; mix what you need and stash the rest in your drawer without any hassle of freezing.

And here’s the kicker: there’s enough for two uses, so you’re covered for not just one, but two drug tests.

The flip-up spout cap

Now, let’s chat about the flip-up spout cap that comes with the kit.

Quick Luck flip up spout cap

Picture this: you’re in the drug testing bathroom, nerves jangling. It’s a high-stress moment, and everyone gets nervous.

You need to unscrew the cap, pour out the urine, then screw the cap back on.

That’s a whole circus act when your hands are shaking like leaves in a storm.

But here’s where the flip-up spout cap saves the day. It’s designed for simplicity and ease.

You just flip it up with one finger, pour the urine, and flip it back down. Easy-peasy.

Plus, it’s spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents in your pocket or wherever you’re hiding it.

This feature is a huge relief for anyone who’s been in that tense situation and knows the struggle.

In the next part of this guide, I’ll dive deeper into how you can effectively use these components, so hang in there!

Remember, although this might seem tricky to follow, with the right approach, it can be absolutely manageable. Stay tuned!

Urine bottle

Okay, let’s talk about the urine bottle in the Sub Solution kit.

sub solution synthetic urine bottle with temperature strip

First off, it’s leakproof. That means no embarrassing spills in your pocket or wherever you choose to hide it.

The bottle’s design is compact and easy to conceal, making it a practical choice for sneaking into a drug testing facility.

You can stash it between your legs, in your crotch, or even in a bra – whatever works for you, you do you, boo.

There’s a temperature strip attached to the bottle. This is super important because it lets you easily check if the urine is at the required body temperature.

It’s all about getting those details right.

Heat activator powder

Moving on to the heating powder – this stuff is pretty nifty.

It’s specially designed to heat the liquid once added to it. If you’re in a pinch and need to quickly get the urine up to body temperature, this powder is your go-to solution.

sub solution heat activator powder

Just add about a third of the powder to the urine bottle, give it a gentle shake, and in about 10-15 seconds, you should see the temperature rise.

It’s great for a quick pre-heat and then maintaining the warmth with heat pads.

But hey, let’s be real here.

You might be thinking, “Daniel, how am I supposed to pull this off in a drug testing bathroom?”

And that’s a fair question, which brings us to some of the downsides.


Firstly, using the heat activator powder isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You need to get the amount just right, so you don’t end up overheating the urine.

While it’s supposed to heat up quickly, in reality, it can take a few minutes because you have to carefully measure and add just a small portion.

And honestly, I wouldn’t recommend trying to use it in the high-stress environment of a drug testing bathroom.

It’s too risky and easy to mess up.

Another point to note: there’s no measuring spoon included for the heat activation powder, making it a bit tricky to get the right amount.

So, you might want to consider using heat pads or relying on your body heat to keep the urine warm.

I’ve gone into detail about all the different methods to keep urine warm in this article: Expert-approved ways to keep urine warm for a drug test.

Another thing to consider is that the urine comes in powdered form.

While this isn’t a huge downside, it does mean you need to mix it with water, which takes about 5-10 minutes – not ideal if you’re in a rush.

And while the manufacturer says tap water is fine, I suggest playing it safe with clean bottled water.

Tap water can contain chemicals that might mess up your validity test.

Lastly, there’s the challenge of discreetly sneaking the kit into the testing facility. You can tuck it in your groin area or tape it to your leg.

Or, you might opt for a stash leg belt, but that’s an extra expense.

How to use Sub Solution to pass a drug test

Alright, let’s get into the using Sub Solution to pass that drug test. It’s not rocket science, but you do need to follow some steps carefully.

Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it.

First things first, you need to prepare the synthetic urine.

This stuff can be mixed with water up to eight hours before you need it. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Prepare the urine: Take off the screw cap from the bottle and fill it with room temperature water (59°F to 77°F). And hey, remember, the water shouldn’t be too hot or cold. I strongly recommend using clean bottled water instead of tap water to avoid any unwanted chemicals.
  2. Mixing: Now, don’t get ahead of yourself and open the synthetic urine vial. Only do this when you’re ready to use it. The same goes for the heat activator vial – keep it sealed until it’s go-time. Add the entire contents of the synthetic urine vial to the water in your mixing container. Screw the cap back on and gently shake it until the powder completely dissolves. Voila, your urine is now ready.

Now, about warming it up with the heat activator powder – here’s a word of caution.

You can use it in the drug testing bathroom, but honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The stress and nerves might make you shaky, increasing the chance of a mistake. Plus, you need to measure the heat powder carefully.

So, it’s better to use the heat activator powder for a quicker pre-heating before heading to the drug test.

Using heat activator powder

Before you start, make sure the heat activator powder is loose or in a free-flowing granular form. If it’s clumped up, just tap the vial against a hard surface to break it down.

Here’s the principle: the colder the solution, the more heat activator you’ll need.

But be very careful with the amount – overheating the solution is a big no-no.

After pouring the estimated amount of heat activator, replace the cap and shake gently.

It usually takes less than 20 seconds to dissolve completely.

Check the temperature strip to ensure it’s within 94°F to 100°F. If needed, you can carefully add a bit more heat activator.

temperature strip on urine bottle

And that’s it! You’ve got your synthetic urine prepped and warmed to the perfect temperature.

Next, you need to hide the bottle on your body

This part is crucial because when you go in for your drug test, you’ll have to empty your pockets and remove anything that’s not necessary.

If the drug test collector spots anything unusual, like a bottle in your pocket, you might have to submit your sample under direct observation – and that’s definitely not what you want.

So, here’s the deal: don’t put the bottle in your pocket.

The most common and obvious method is to place it in your underpants, right in the crotch area. It’s tried and true.

Or, if you’re looking for a bit more convenience, you could use a special stash leg belt or stash trousers.

stash leg belt

Just remember, never place the container’s temperature strip next to or against your skin, as this can mess up the temperature reading.

urine bottle on a leg tape

Now, if you want a really discreet and stealthy solution, you might want to check out the Incognito Belt. It’s a nifty option for these situations.

When you enter the drug testing bathroom, here’s what you need to do: carefully retrieve the bottle with the fake urine.

Stay calm – you don’t want to accidentally spill anything. Check the temperature strip; it should show a temperature between 90 °F to 100 °F (32 °C to 38 °C).

Then, flip open the spout cap, pour the contents into the drug testing cup, and hide the bottle again.

And that’s pretty much it. Just hand the cup over to the drug test collector and breathe a sigh of relief.

Remember, staying calm is key here, because you don’t want to get all shaky and mess things up. You’ve got this, just hang in there!

Sub Solution vs Incognito Belt

The Incognito Belt is essentially a stealth belt with a urine bag that can be discreetly worn around your waist. It’s a neat package that comes with high-quality synthetic urine, enough for two uses.

Plus, it includes two heat pads and a temperature strip, making temperature control a breeze. The belt keeps the urine bag close to your body, which helps in maintaining the right temperature.

Unfortunately, Sub Solution falls a bit short here, as it only comes with heating powder.

Price-wise, Sub Solution rings in at $95, while the Incognito Belt is a bit pricier at $135. However, with the Incognito Belt, you’re getting heating pads and an unbeatably discreet belt for sneaking urine into a drug test.

It also features a tube and clips, allowing you to conveniently submit a urine sample into the cup by simply opening your fly and unclipping the clip on the tube.

In this case, the Incognito Belt seems to have the upper hand.

On the other hand, if you’re experienced with hiding synthetic urine and keeping it warm, Sub Solution could be a great choice without the extra expense.

But if you need an all-in-one, convenient solution, then the Incognito Belt is definitely your best bet.

Sub Solution vs Quick Luck

sub solution vs quick luck

The urine in Sub Solution is the same as in Quick Luck.

The main difference is its form – Sub Solution’s urine is powdered, requiring clean water and some prep time.

Personally, I find pre-mixed urine more convenient, but powdered urine does have its perks, like easy storage (pre-mixed urine needs refrigeration after opening).

Heating options

Sub Solution only includes the heat activator powder, and honestly, I’m puzzled why they didn’t include a heating pad.

As mentioned before, using the heat activator powder in a drug testing bathroom can be tricky. It’s really only practical for quick pre-heating, so you’d need to rely on keeping the urine bottle in an area like the crotch, where body heat can maintain the right temperature.

The bottle does come with a temperature strip, which is handy for ensuring the urine is at the correct temperature for a drug test.


Sub Solution is priced lower than Quick Luck, at $95.

However, the lack of heating pads in Sub Solution is a bit of a letdown.

If I had to make a recommendation, I’d lean towards Quick Luck for its ease and completeness.

But if you’re comfortable with using heat activator powder and keeping the urine warm with your body heat, Sub Solution can save you some cash.

Sub Solution vs TestClear Powdered Urine

TestClear Powdered Urine Kit

Let’s compare Sub Solution with TestClear powdered urine. Both kits feature powdered urine, which is a plus in terms of convenience and storage.

Sub Solution provides enough urine for two uses, which is more than the single-use offering from Test Clear.

In terms of quality, sub solution urine is of higher quality compared to TestClear urine.

One advantage of Sub Solution is its urine bottle. It’s completely spillproof and comes with a user-friendly flip spout cap, saving you the hassle of unscrewing the cap in the drug testing room – a real perk under pressure.

Both kits include a temperature strip, but Sub Solution doesn’t come with heat pads.

Instead, it has heat activator powder for quickly preheating the urine.

However, this can be less convenient to use in the drug testing bathroom, meaning you might need to buy heat pads separately or rely on body heat to keep the urine warm.

Quick Fix vs Sub Solution

quick fix synthetic urine

Sub Solution stands out with its premium urine quality.

Quick Fix’s formula includes urea and uric acid, the right proportion of creatinine, and is balanced for pH and specific gravity.

It looks like urine and is decent enough under normal scrutiny, but it may not hold up as well under lab validity tests.

The heating method for Quick Fix is a heat pad, which can take up to 30 minutes to raise and maintain the temperature. The price is attractive, making Quick Fix a good option if it’s the only one available or you need something locally.

Comparing the two, if budget isn’t a constraint, Sub Solution would be the go-to choice for its superior quality.

However, for those on a tighter budget or in need of a quick local purchase, Quick Fix is a viable option.

Where to buy

When it comes to purchasing Sub Solution, there’s really only one place I’d recommend – the Test Negative website, the official Clear Choice store.

Why am I so specific about this? Well, it’s simple. Buying from the official source ensures you’re getting the best price and, more importantly, a genuine product.

I’ve seen enough fake Sub Solution and Quick Luck products floating around on sites like Amazon and eBay to make me wary. The last thing you want is to fail a drug test because you ended up with counterfeit fake urine.

Sub Solution is priced at $95, and there’s a saying that goes, “You get what you pay for.” This rings true here.

If you’re aiming for the best fake urine to maximize your chances of passing a drug test, Sub Solution should be your go-to choice.

For anything critical, where it’s crucial to avoid detection for marijuana or any other substance in your system, Sub Solution is the product to seriously consider.

It’s about balancing cost with the need for reliability in those make-or-break moments.


I recommend Sub Solution as a great option for those who are experienced with using synthetic urine.

f you know how to keep it warm using body heat and have a discreet way to hide it on your body, then it’s a solid purchase. Sub Solution is reliable and reasonably priced, making it a trustworthy choice in the synthetic urine market.

However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that takes care of everything from heating to discreet carrying, then you might want to consider the Incognito Belt.

It offers convenience and stealth, which can be crucial in high-pressure situations.

emember, whichever option you choose, ensure it aligns with your needs and circumstances. You do you, boo!

The information on this website about detox products and synthetic urines is for educational purposes only. We do not endorse or condone their illegal use. Always consider the laws in your area and the potential legal consequences. Consult with a healthcare professional before using any products. Your responsibility and well-being are paramount.