Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviewed: Insights from Dr. Daniel Miller

From my experiences and the data collected, it’s clear that Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine is a high-selling product in its market.

My review here will take an unbiased look at its advantages and shortcomings.

I’ll also share with you foolproof instructions on how to use it, and an insight into a common reason why some individuals fail drug tests when using synthetic urine.

sub solution synthetic urine contents

Is This Product Right For You?

Without doubt, Clear Choice Sub Solution has a wide appeal. If you are gearing up for a urine drug test and need a reliable yet cost-effective solution, this product could be a good match.

Unique Features of Clear Choice Sub Solution

One thing that sets the Sub Solution apart is how closely it mimics real human urine. It not only looks like it, but also smells and foams just like the real thing. It’s designed to pass the initial visual examination performed by the lab collector.

Based on my professional background and experiences, I believe Sub Solution has one of the best synthetic urine formulas available.

It’s developed to pass validity checks at the labs. An important factor to note here is that it doesn’t contain biocides, which means labs cannot detect its synthetic nature.

The product comes with a patented heat activator, enabling you to bring the urine temperature to the required level within seconds.

sub solution heat activator powder

This stands in contrast to hand warmers, which could take about an hour to achieve the same result. A temperature strip is conveniently attached to the bottle, allowing you to easily monitor if the urine is at the correct temperature.

The design of the bottle itself is another positive feature. It has a switch flow spout, which negates the need for unscrewing the cap when submitting the sample, and it’s leak-proof, ensuring you don’t end up with unwanted spills in your pocket.

It’s compact and can be discreetly hidden between your legs, in your crotch, or even in a bra, facilitating sneaky entrances into the drug testing facility.

Furthermore, this synthetic urine is available in powdered form which makes it easy to store. Plus, the quantity provided is enough for two uses. Also worth mentioning is that it’s suitable for both males and females.

A Few Shortcomings

While the Sub Solution boasts many positives, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. The preparation process requires clean water and approximately five minutes of your time.

Also, there’s no measurement cup included for determining the correct amount of heat activator powder, which can make the process somewhat challenging.

The Power of the Heat Activator Powder

The heat activator powder supplied with Sub Solution is a potent component that adds significant value to your purchase. Without this, you’d be reliant on a heat pad or a microwave to heat the urine sample, a process that can be messy and unpredictable, requiring at least an hour of your time.

Thanks to the heat activator powder, you can maintain full control over the temperature and achieve the required level exactly.

Importantly, Sub Solution is one of the only synthetic urine products, besides Quick Luck, that utilizes this game-changing heat activator powder.

Comparing Sub Solution and Quick Luck

sub solution vs quick luck

When we place Sub Solution and Quick Luck side by side, a few differences emerge. Quick Luck’s formula is slightly more advanced than Sub Solution’s. However, in terms of passing a rigorous test, both products offer equal assurance.

Quick Luck holds an advantage in its convenience. It comes premixed, which means you’re spared the trouble of finding filtered water to mix with the powder.

This feature makes it an excellent choice for sudden drug tests, making it a wise item to keep in your locker at work or in your vehicle.

Additionally, Quick Luck includes a pair of heat pads. While not necessary when you have the heat activator powder, these heat pads can pre-heat the sample to reduce the workload of the heat activator powder, making the process faster.

In summary, while both Sub Solution and Quick Luck are stellar products from Clear Choice and dominate the synthetic urine market, Quick Luck does edge ahead slightly in terms of convenience due to its premixed nature.

Quick Fix Vs. Sub Solution

Quick Fix serves as one of the more budget-friendly alternatives out there. It’s available for $30 for a 3 oz size, enough for a single use. On the other hand, Sub Solution costs $90, but provides enough synthetic urine for two uses.

Sub Solution’s premium urine formula is complemented by the potency of the heat activator powder, offering a superior choice. Quick Fix, while more affordable, provides a basic formula that includes urea, uric acid, the correct proportion of creatinine, and balances for pH and specific gravity.

It looks like urine, and under normal circumstances, should pass the initial test.

However, Quick Fix comes with a heat pad as its heat maintenance source. This necessitates the use of a microwave to preheat the sample. Using a heat pad to raise and maintain the temperature can be a lengthy and unreliable process.

If price is a significant factor for you and other options are scarce, Quick Fix is a reasonable choice. But if you can afford it, Sub Solution is clearly the superior product and the one I would highly recommend.

Where to Buy Sub Solution

The safest place to purchase Sub Solution is from the official Clear Choice store, Test Negative. This ensures you get the best price and guarantees you’re receiving genuine products. I’ve come across numerous fake products on platforms like Amazon and eBay, which is concerning.

Falling for a counterfeit product could lead to failing your drug test, an outcome you surely want to avoid. Sub Solution retails at $90.

Ultimately, the old saying holds true: you get what you pay for. If you’re looking to pass a drug test confidently, these are the products to invest in. For less significant scenarios, a more budget-friendly option like Quick Fix might suffice.

But for critical tests where the stakes are high, Sub Solution should be your top consideration.

What Comes with Your Purchase

When you buy Clear Choice Sub Solution, the package includes several essential components:

All these elements are integral to successfully submitting a synthetic urine sample.

Instructions for Using Sub Solution

With Sub Solution, the process of preparing your sample is simplified. There’s no need for a microwave or a heat pad to preheat the sample. The goal is to get your sample in the correct temperature range without undue fuss.

Begin by mixing the Sub Solution with filtered or clean bottled water; tap water contains elements that are not typically found in urine, which may raise suspicion. Fill the provided bottle up to the designated mark, then gently shake until the powder fully dissolves.

Securing the sample on your body is the next step. I recommend tucking the bottle into your underwear. You could use a stash leg belt for added convenience, ensuring the bottle is secure. Pairing this with baggy pants and a loose shirt will help to hide the presence of the bottle.

Before entering the drug testing facility, prepare your heat activator powder. Shake its container gently to ensure it’s loose. Pour about a third of this into your synthetic urine vial. Then, shake the vial gently until the powder dissolves. Keep a close eye on the temperature strip.

You’ll need to be careful not to overheat the sample. If the strip doesn’t show a temperature reading, add a bit more heat activator powder. Aim to bring the Sub Solution synthetic urine as close to 100°F as possible without exceeding it.


Through my years of research and experience in the field of drug testing, I can confidently say that Clear Choice Sub Solution stands out as one of the most reliable synthetic urine products on the market. Its detailed resemblance to human urine, in both appearance and chemical composition, makes it a credible substitute for natural urine during drug tests.

In addition, the sample has to be discreetly stored on your person during submission. Devices such as a stash leg belt or other concealment accessories can be a worthy investment for this purpose. A well-hidden sample paired with clothing that doesn’t draw attention can make the entire process smoother.

Ultimately, for anyone in need of an effective, trustworthy synthetic urine product, Sub Solution is a highly recommended option.

However, remember that success hinges on thorough preparation and practice with the heat activator powder and mastering the art of discreetly carrying the sample. Always be prepared and informed to make the best decision.