3 Ways to Keep Someone Else’s (or Synthetic) Urine Warm For a Drug Test

If you have a marijuana drug test coming up, one of the ways you can guarantee a pass is by presenting a synthetic urine sample or a clean sample at the right temperature.

Here is everything you need to know about how to keep someone else’s urine warm for a drug test.

The Acceptable Urine Temperature

The correct temperature range for fresh urine samples should be around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. If the temperature falls below or above this range, it is termed as invalid, and may call for a second sample collection.

The sample collector tests the temperature of the sample minutes after submission. Unlike human urine, the temperature in synthetic urine fluctuates to adapt to the environmental temperature.

It is therefore essential to keep regulating the temperature regularly before submitting the sample. When the temperature is not kept in check, synthetic urine can be discolored or destroyed, leading to a failed test.

Here is How to Keep the Urine Sample Warm for a Drug Test


How to Keep Someone Else's Urine Warm For a Drug Test in a microwave

To bring urine to the right temperature, you can heat it in a microwave. Place the urine sample in the microwave. It is important to ensure you only heat the urine to the right temperature when using s microwave, avoiding overheating. Consider how powerful the microwave is, and use the 10-second intervals to be sure.

Keep checking the temperature after every 10-second interval to ensure it does not surpass the 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6-degrees Fahrenheit range. Once achieves, strap the sample on a heating pad and place it against your body. This helps to maintain the urine at the right body temperature before submitting it.

Hand warmers

hand warmers for a drug test

Hand warmers come in small, disposable packets that emit heat for up to ten hours. You can purchase hand warmers from any department store at an affordable rate. To use the hand warmers to keep a urine sample warm for a drug test, you will need to wrap the hand warmers around the container with the sample.

Hand warmers can take up to 45 minutes to bring the sample to the right temperature and maintain this temperature for several hours, which is long enough to present it for the test.

Body heat

The body temperature usually ranges between 36.5 and 37 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal temperature for urine samples for drug tests. To use your pee in the right temperature, you will need to seal the pee in a plastic urinator kit bag and keep this bag close to your body before the urine screening time.

Usually, the thigh area is the best body part to strap the urine bag. Keeping the bag close to your body will ensure it absorbs the heat emitted from the body, bringing the sample to the right temperature.

Quick fix bundle heater packs

Investing in a quick fix bundle heater pack is one of the best ways to guarantee you pass a marijuana drug test. These heater packs are made with special chemicals that cause a heat reaction when heated. This heat lasts for up to eight hours, which ensures that the urine sample remains at the right temperature for longer.

It is advisable to purchase the early enough to ensure you are ready for the drug test.

How quickly does urine cool?

Once urine has been excreted from the body, the temperature drops to 35 degrees Celsius or 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why temperature is the first thing tested for during a urinalysis. It is important to remember that a urine sample should be at the right temperature.

If the sample becomes too hot, you can shake it in the bottle to allow cold air to pass through it, thus bringing down the temperature. If a urine sample is too cold, you can strap it around your body as a natural way of bringing it up to the right temperature before presenting it for the drug test.

When kept in the right temperature, it is near impossible to prove that a urine sample is synthetic or from someone else’s body.

How Long Can You Keep Pee for a Urinalysis?

If you regularly use marijuana, you can keep clean pee samples at home for future drug tests. They require cold zones to ensure viability. Once frozen, you can keep the sample for up to 6 months. Ensure the sample pack is perfectly sealed to prevent the possibility of spills in your freezer.

You can store different amounts for urine samples, depending on how often you need to take drug tests and how often you require fresh samples. As a marijuana user, it is always ideal to have a clean sample at hand. Having more than you need also ensures you still have samples to present for testing, in case of accidental spillage of some of them.

You can only use glass or plastic container to store urine samples, with glass containers being the most ideal of the two. They offer a more airtight seal compared to plastic ones, especially samples that are to be used later. This guarantees minimal contamination of the sample.

When using fresh human urine, ensure you store it in the freezer, below 4 degrees Celsius if it not in use within the next few hours. This prevents the bacteria in the urine from multiplying and destroying the sample.

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