TestClear’s Powdered Urine: A Labcorp Insider’s Review – A Fair Bang for Your Buck

Reflecting on my extensive background in pharmacology, including my tenure at Labcorp, a leading drug testing service, I feel well-equipped to offer an unbiased assessment of Test Clear’s powdered urine.

I’ll do this by weighing the positives and negatives.

TestClear Powdered Urine Kit

A Fair Bang for Your Buck

From a purely economic perspective, Test Clear’s powdered urine is reasonably priced. That being said, it’s important to note that the kit is designed for a single-use application, which may prove less cost-effective for those requiring multiple tests. In comparison, more expensive kits often provide enough supplies for two tests.

Pros: A Look at the Benefits

Test Clear powdered urine has a number of advantages. Its powdered form allows for a long shelf-life, making it a viable choice for those who may need it at a moment’s notice.

In terms of composition, the formula is impressive; it holds up well under visual inspection and has consistently passed urine validity checks and drug screenings during my time in the lab.

Pricing, as I mentioned earlier, is fair for what you’re getting. While it is a one-time-use product, the kit does include a heating pad, which is helpful in getting the sample to body temperature.

Another feature I appreciate is the included temperature strip. This is crucial in ensuring your sample is within the appropriate range before submission, a factor often overlooked by many.

Cons: Areas of Improvement

Despite its strong points, there are a few considerations to bear in mind with this product. The first being its powdered nature, which requires access to clean water and a bit of time to prepare the solution.

Furthermore, the included heating pad takes approximately an hour to warm the urine to body temperature. If you’re in a rush, this might be an issue. For a quicker solution, I’ve found heating the sample in a microwave more effective.

It’s worth noting here that some fake urine kits, like Sub Solution, include a heat activator powder that heats the sample within seconds – a definite time saver.

Here’s What’s in the Box

The Test Clear powdered urine kit includes the following:

The How-To: Using the Kit

Handy Tips and Tricks

From my experience, a successful use of Test Clear’s powdered urine kit relies on a few best practices. Always ensure you reach out with any questions well ahead of your experiment; clear communication can save you from last-minute hiccups.

Temperature check cannot be stressed enough. Your urine sample must fall within the range of 90F to 100F (32C to 37C) at the time of submission. Deviation from this temperature spectrum could result in a direct observed drug test.

I suggest starting off with room temperature water rather than hot or warm, as the provided heater is designed to elevate the water to the correct temperature range. Unless you need a speedier heating process, one heater should suffice.

It’s important to note that if you’re unable to see any reading on the temperature strip, it doesn’t mean the kit is defective. The urine is simply either too cold or too hot. To rectify this, let the heater raise the temperature if it’s too cold. If it’s too hot, you can gently blow on the urine until it falls within the correct range.

Keep the heater away from the temperature strip to ensure accurate reading. You could use rubber bands or adhesive tape to achieve a snug fit between the heater and tube.

Once the urine is within the acceptable temperature range, it’s advisable to keep the heater on unless the urine is overheating. If you need more than 50 ml for your test, consider carrying a small vial of water to dilute the sample to a minimum level of 75 ml.

Always plan for the unexpected – having extra heaters handy can be a lifesaver in case the test gets delayed.

Trying it Out with Water

Here’s a way to get some practice using the kit:

Fill the tube with hot water until the temperature goes off the scale, above 100F.

Gently blow on the water until the rainbow indicator on the temperature strip falls within the 90- to 99-degree range.

This exercise not only allows you to see the rainbow indicator but also offers experience in regulating the temperature should it exceed the ideal range.

How to Conceal the Urine

Concealing the urine sample might pose a challenge for some. Women can consider tucking the vial in the bra area. Alternatively, both men and women can adopt the practice of wearing two pairs of tight underwear and placing the bottle between the layers. This strategy helps keep the urine warm, ensuring it remains within the ideal temperature range.

Another effective option is the use of a stash leg belt, which conveniently hides the urine on your leg. It’s crucial to ensure the urine sample is well concealed and maintained at body temperature for a successful submission.

Review from Reddit

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/drugtesthelp/comments/y36lzh/testclear_powdered_urinedetailed_recap/

The author provides a detailed personal experience using the Testclear Powdered Urine (PU) kit for a pre-employment drug screening test, as a nightly marijuana user living in a state where marijuana is legal.

Anxious about the process, the author abstains from smoking marijuana for the duration, even though this leads to increased paranoia and anxiety.

After researching various options, they choose the Testclear kit, practice using it, and purchase supplementary items like a digital thermometer and a 20mL ‘glitter mixing’ bottle for additional measurement.

The author prepares for the test by practicing with the kit at home, using hot tap water and monitoring the temperature. On the day of the test, the author mixes the powdered urine with room temperature tap water and uses toe warmers to heat it up.

They arrive at the testing facility early, and after a brief period of waiting, are led into a private bathroom to provide the urine sample. The author adds extra synthetic urine to the collection cup, fearing that their sample might not be enough or might cool down too much. The testing official checks the temperature, approves the sample, and sends it to the lab.

The author later hears from their employer that the test results have been received, implying a successful outcome. Their experience serves as an endorsement for the Testclear PU kit, and the author expresses relief and satisfaction with the results, despite the initial anxiety. However, they also express a desire not to have to repeat the process.

Comparing TestClear Powdered Urine and Incognito Belt

From my time at Labcorp, I learned that the sophistication of drug testing methods is always advancing. However, products like TestClear’s powdered urine and the Incognito Belt present innovative ways to navigate these tests.

TestClear’s Offering Versus the Incognito Belt

incognito belt contents

In my experience, both TestClear powdered urine and the Incognito Belt are worthwhile options, each having their own merits. TestClear’s powdered urine mimics human urine’s organic components quite accurately, which could potentially bypass many standard drug test checks I encountered during my Labcorp tenure.

On the other hand, the Incognito Belt not only offers a more complex urine formula but also comes with the advantage of having enough urine for two uses. An added benefit is the inclusion of a stealth belt, which ensures discretion when bringing the urine to the testing facility.

When comparing costs, it’s interesting to note that despite the Incognito Belt offering double the usage, its price is nearly identical to that of TestClear’s powdered urine.

This makes TestClear a cost-effective choice for those on a budget. However, for those seeking a more intricate solution with added convenience, the Incognito Belt might be the superior choice.

All About TestClear

As for TestClear, they’ve established a reputation for creating reliable products designed to assist individuals navigate the often tricky terrain of drug testing. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is noteworthy.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an affordable, one-time use solution, I’d suggest TestClear’s powdered urine. It’s a solid choice that can potentially bypass many of the drug testing checks that I’ve seen throughout my career.

However, if you’re looking for a synthetic urine product that’s not just more sophisticated in its formulation but also offers an easy-to-use mechanism, the Incognito Belt might be worth considering. This is especially true for those who require multiple uses. Remember, each situation is unique and you should make an informed decision based on your individual needs.