Does CVS Drug Test Employees?

A huge online provider of pharmaceutical products and wellness care, CVS, just like Walgreens, is normally asked how they go through with their employment procedures.

In this case, about the experience of the existing employees and the previous employees, CVS does a drug test, but this depends on the location.

Some employees never had to go through one, although the company requires a Drug Test for their employees.

Do CVS Drug Test New Employees?

Upon application, which is the first step in the employment procedure of CVS and something that is done online, candidates normally receive a response advising them that a Drug Test will be in place.

This, however, happens to be just that, as up until orientation, DT does not happen. To answer the question, here is a list of possibilities when you apply to CVS:

Yes, CVS does Drug Test new employees.

This scenario can be based on a typical job application where every candidate is asked to go through a drug screening procedure to determine whether one is positive or negative in any drug traces, which can then become a deciding matter over admission.

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No, CVS does not Drug Test new employees.

Claims have it that some employees joined and left CVS without going through any drug testing procedure.

This, however, still may not be a basis for not having to prepare in case you have been into drugs lately. There has been no concrete basis for this.

Maybe, CVS may or may not Drug Test new employees.

Considering the varied admissions of existing and previous employees of CVS, drug testing, when it happens, does not go through with everyone. It is either random or nothing at all. So, CVS drug screening employees or otherwise, a willing candidate still has had to detox just in case.

Does CVS Drug Test On First Interview?

CVS does not drug test on first interviews. Most of the time, upon the first in-person interview, a document that requires manual filling out and DT papers will be given to candidates, and a period of around 48 to 72 hours will be given for everyone to return completed.

Failure to return on said time frame would mean the inability to produce required data and negative DT.

What Drugs Do CVS Employees Test For?

Weed, or Marijuana and Meth, are the most common drug traced looked for when a test is run. A typical lab test can detect as many as 15 types of drug traces, but CVS is mainly particular in prohibited drugs, marijuana, and alcohol.

What Types of Drug Tests Are Used in CVS?

Urine Drug Test, considering this is the most affordable and the easiest to administer, is the drug testing procedure observed in CVS.

Candidates will be asked to visit an affiliate clinic where they will submit a urine specimen for testing. The same clinic will then be the one to submit results to the company.