Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

Family Dollar, as a variety store chain, was founded in 1959 in Charlotte, North Carolina. It now operates over 8,000 locations across the U.S., and has around 60,000 employees.

Does Family Dollar Drug Test Their Employees?

The Code of Business Conduct of Family Dollar, under the section of Health and Safety, categorically states that Family Dollar is bent on providing a safe and drug-free working conditions for all its Associates. It is likewise the prerogative of Family Dollar to conduct random, reasonable-suspicion, and post-accident drug testing of its employees. Family Dollar also conducts random drug testing on employees who are assigned to safety-sensitive positions within the company. This is necessary to ensure that accidents that are due to illegal drug use can be prevented from happening within Family Dollar’s premises.

Does Family Dollar Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Family Dollar does require its prospective employees to undergo pre-employment drug tests, and Family Dollar understands that the hiring process is the best time to conduct drug testing on its prospective employees. Although some stores of Family Dollar may not be that strict when it comes to pre-employment drug screening, there are, however, known branches of Family Dollar that are faithful in conducting pre-employment drug testing. Some of these stores and branches include those in Fairmont, WV, Taneytown, MD, Thurmont, MD, Elmira, NY, and Fall River, MA.

What Drugs Does Family Dollar Test For?

The type of pre-employment drug screening of Family Dollar is that of the 5 panel drug test. This type of drug test can detect the five most commonly abused drugs, namely, THC, opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, and PCP.

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What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

The type of drug test used at Family Dollar is that of 5 panel urine drug test. Urine test is cheaper compared to other types of drug tests, and it also produces reliable results. In Fairmont, West Virginia, as well as in Taneytown and Thurmont, MD, Elmira, NY, Honor, MI, and Fall River, for example, the preferred type of drug test is that of 5 panel urine drug test.

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