Does Ross Drug Test?

Ross stores or simply Ross is a chain of department stores, founded in Pacifica, California in 1950. It operates around 1,254 stores and has around 77,800 employees.

Does Ross Drug Test Their Employees?

Ross basically has the prerogative to conduct or not to conduct random drug testing on its employees. Moreover, it is safe to say that Ross would surely require drug testing on its employees who are assigned to safety-sensitive positions like those of the company drivers who need to be randomly drug tested as required by the law. Yet, Ross is not known to conduct random drug testing, saved for that of post-accident drug testing. Ross, however, has the right to keep its workplaces safe and drug-free, and it may require its employees to undergo drug testing based on reasonable suspicion.

Does Ross Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Ross is not known to engage in pre-employment drug testing, though its pre-employment drug testing policy may change as the years go by. Hence, if ever you will apply at Ross, you will likely not be drug tested. But if you are applying for safety-sensitive positions at Ross, you may be required by Ross to undergo pre-employment drug screening. This drug screening may happen right after you are given a conditional job offer. This drug test likewise would be conducted at an accredited drug testing lab chosen by Ross.

What Drugs Does Ross Test For?

If ever Ross would conduct drug test, Ross would surely utilize the 5 panel drug test which is commonly used for pre-employment and random drug testing. This 5 panel drug test can detect the five commonly abused street drugs, namely, Cannabinoid, Cocaine, Opiate, Amphetamine, and PCP.

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What Types of Drug Tests are Used in Ross?

In case Ross would implement a drug-testing policy based on the federal rules or the statutory requirements of the state, the usual type of drug test it would surely use is the 5 panel urine drug test which is commonly used by most companies in their pre-employment and random drug testing.

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