Does Wegmans Drug Test?

Founded in 1916, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a privately-held supermarket chain in the U.S. It operates 95 stores and employs more than 58,000 personnel.

Does Wegmans Drug Test its Employees?

Wegmans upholds high standards when it comes to its Code of Ethics, and it conducts random or scheduled drug tests on its full-time employees according to the statutory requirements of the state and the federal law.

Moreover, there are safety-sensitive jobs at Wegmans, especially those jobs in Wegmans’ warehouses. Those who are assigned to these jobs are randomly drug tested regularly.

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Wegmans is definitely compliant with the Drug-free Workplace Program of the federal government.

For this reason, it may require an employee to undergo a drug test based on reasonable suspicion that the employee is working under the influence of illegal drugs.

Moreover, if there is an accident in the workplace that results in damage to properties or injury to employees or customers, it is the prerogative of Wegmans to conduct post-accident drug tests on employees involved.

Does Wegmans Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Wegmans generally conduct a pre-employment drug test on their prospective employees.

This pre-employment drug test is usually done on a case to case basis. However, applicants given conditional job offers to safety-sensitive positions are immediately required to undergo pre-employment drug testing.

Wegmans’ stores are known to stringently conduct pre-employment drug testing, such as those in Rochester, NY, Allentown, PA, Sterling, VA, and Ocean Township, NJ.

What Drugs Does Wegmans Test For?

The standard drug test conducted at Wegmans is usually the 5-panel drug test. This 5-panel drug test is designed to detect the five commonly abused street drugs: Cocaine, Cannabinoid, Opiates, Amphetamines, and Phencyclidine.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

The usual type of drug test used at Wegmans is that of a 5-panel urine test. This test is usually conducted in an accredited drug testing lab chosen by Wegmans.

Wegmans known to utilize the 5-panel urine test include Rochester, New York, and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

On the other hand, some Wegmans stores at Rochester, Sterling, Virginia, and Ocean Township, New Jersey, are also known to conduct hair drug testing in their pre-employment drug screening.