Does Wells Fargo Drug Test?

Wells Fargo & Company is an international financial and banking company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is the third-largest bank by assets and the second-largest bank by market capitalization. It has around 268,800 employees.

Does Wells Fargo Drug Test Their Employees?

Wells Fargo subscribes to high corporate standards and being a federal contractor. It also subscribes to the federal rules on a safe and drug-free workplace.

Hence, Wells Fargo requires all its employees “to do their job-related duties unimpaired” by illegal drugs. Employees who are found to violate the Team Member Handbook are subjected to corrective actions, including termination.

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Likewise, Wells Fargo’s prerogative to require its employees to undergo random or scheduled drug testing as a federal contractor.

Based on those who had worked at Wells Fargo, they said they did not undergo random drug testing while working at Wells Fargo.

However, according to them, Wells Fargo did an extensive and thorough background checking of their life before being employed.

Does Wells Fargo Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Wells Fargo requires its prospective employees to undergo a pre-employment drug test after being given conditional job offers.

However, Wells Fargo’s “hub quarters” around the United States do not require pre-employment drug testing, and instead, these “hub quarters” do an intensive background check on applicants.

Some full-banking branches of Wells Fargo require pre-employment drug testing, just like in the Wells Fargo of San Francisco, Beaverton, Thousand Oaks, Sacramento, Lynnwood, Rancho Cordova, Scottsdale, and Annandale.

This pre-employment drug testing is usually done offsite in an accredited drug testing laboratory chosen by Wells Fargo.

What Drugs Does Wells Fargo Test For?

The type of drug test utilized by Wells Fargo seems to be the standard 5-panel drug test, and this test is designed to detect THC, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, and PCP in the system of the person.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

The type of pre-employment drug tests generally used at Wells Fargo is that of the urine test. This urine test may range from 5-panel drug tests to 10-panel urine drug tests.

At Wells Fargo, San Francisco, a hair drug test is also utilized, while in Beaverton, New York, and other places, the urine drug test is the preferred type of drug test for pre-employment drug testing.