Does WinCo Drug Test?

WinCo Foods, Inc, a privately held American supermarket chain, is based in Boise, Idaho. It has five distribution centers and 117 retail stores. Moreover, it has around 15,000 employees.

Does WinCo Drug Test Their Employees?

It is advantageous and beneficial for WinCo to do random drug testing on its employees, especially, those employees who handle safety-sensitive jobs. In the distribution centers of WinCo, for example, there are safety-sensitive jobs that need employees who are clean and drug-free. Hence, pragmatically, WinCo must require random drug testing of employees who handle these safety-sensitive jobs. WinCo likewise is required to conduct reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug testing as mandated by law. Moreover, the delivery drivers of WinCo are required to undergo drug testing based on the mandate of the Department of Transportation.

Does WinCo Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

WinCo, as a huge company, basically conducts pre-employment drug screening, just like other supermarket chains. This is to ensure that WinCo gets responsible and reliable employees. Moreover, it must conduct pre-employment drug testing to promote safe and drug-free workplace within the company.

There are many locations in which WinCo operates, and each of these locations may have its own pre-employment drug testing practices. There are, however, locations that are known to conduct pre-employment drug test, like those in Moscow, ID and Various, CA. This pre-employment drug test is usually done after a conditional job offer has been made to an applicant. Furthermore, this drug testing is conducted at an accredited drug testing lab chosen by WinCo.

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What Drugs Does WinCo Test For?

Locations of WinCo wherein pre-employment drug testing is done usually make use of the 5 panel drug test. This type of drug screening usually tests for the five commonly abused substances, namely, cannabinoid, cocaine, amphetamine, opiate, and PCP.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

The pre-employment drug testing of WinCo usually makes use of the 5 panel urine drug test. This type of drug test is the standard type of drug test used for pre-employment, and is cheaper than other types of drug tests. It is also reliable and can detect five specific and commonly abused street drugs.

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