Certo Detox: A Guide on Passing a Drug Test with Certo and Gatorade

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Daniel Miller, Ph.D, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on Jul 18, 2023

The Certo drug test detox method will temporarily flush marijuana and other drugs out of your system.

It will clean your urine for up to 5 hours, so you’ll be able to pass your drug test.

This method works for drug tests for marijuana only!

I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to use Certo to pass a drug test. I’ll even tell you how to tweak it to make it more effective and reliable.

I’ll also explain how this method works and, most importantly, how reliable it is.


You need:

What to do:

4 hours after drinking the Certo and Gatorade, your urine will be clean to pass the test.

Reddit user’s experience with Certo Detox

One Reddit user has detailed their specific routine, which includes a couple of 28oz Gatorade drinks, a pack of Liquid Certo, and a Vitamin B pill, along with a regimented water intake and timed urination before the test.

To break it down, at about two hours before the test, the user mixes some Certo with Gatorade, drinking it quickly, then follows it with a bottle of water.

After a 20-30 minute wait, the process is repeated with the remaining Certo and Gatorade, followed by half a bottle of water. In the meantime, the user also takes a pill that changes urine color back to yellow, since dilution from drinking a lot of fluids can sometimes cause urine to become clear, which might raise suspicions during a drug test.

Another Reddit user recently shared their own detoxification experience leading up to a drug test. This user, a former daily cannabis user, had quit smoking marijuana for about two months but was also using delta-8 THC for appetite management for about two weeks after quitting.

When they secured a job, they were required to undergo a drug test but managed to postpone it.

In preparation for the test, the user drank several detox drinks, consumed a lot of water mixed with lemon and lime juice, and tried the Certo method, which involves consuming a mixture of Certo (a type of fruit pectin) and Gatorade. The user also consumed some B12 vitamins, hoping they would help maintain the yellow color of urine, and performed several at-home tests leading up to the day of the official test.

How effective the method is

With the significant number of people claiming that the Certo drug test detox method has helped them pass a drug test, there’s no doubt that it works.

This method works for marijuana only. It will not work for alcohol or nicotine drug tests.

The method is suitable for at-home drug tests, but it lacks several essential ingredients. So I cannot recommend it for passing a pre-employment or probation drug test.

To explain why it is unreliable, I need to explain what Certo is and how our body processes marijuana.

What is Certo

Certo is the name of a famous brand that makes fruit pectin. As a product, this is a popular ingredient used in making jam.

Certo is often referred to as Sure Gel. These are two different products from the same brand, but they can be used interchangeably since they serve the same purpose.

Fruit pectin is a soluble fiber. When heated with liquid, pectin expands and turns into a gel, making it an excellent thickener for jams and jellies.

If you don’t have Certo in your kitchen, you can easily get it from the grocery store near you or Amazon.

How our body processes marijuana

I’ll skip a detailed scientific explanation here. Basically, marijuana metabolism goes into 5 steps:

  1. THC is absorbed into the blood in the lungs or stomach.
  2. With the blood, THC gets into the liver.
  3. In the liver, THC is split into metabolites.
  4. These metabolites are moved into the intestines and bladder.
  5. Metabolites are excreted with the urine and feces.

That’s a very general explanation, but we don’t need to dig into the science here.

The most important about this process for us is that:

So that reabsorbed THC from the intestines goes back into the blood and the liver and can end up in the urine.

How does Certo’s detox method help to pass a drug test

We will explain the role of each ingredient in method.

The role of Certo

Again, Certo fruit pectin is a soluble fiber and excellent absorbent.

THC(and its metabolites) are “mixed” with the bile in the intestines. Certo absorbs that bile with THC.

This mixture THC+bile+Certo makes it impossible to reabsorb THC into the blood, and it is excreted from the body.

Certo works exactly like activated charcoal. A scientific study proved the effect of activated charcoal:

Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24077855/

Positive findings in urine at a concentration >20 ng/mL of a regular user could be measured up to 67 days. … Excretion is considered to be further delayed by an enterohepatic recirculation of metabolites.

Enterohepatic circulation of cannabinoids may jointly be responsible for the variability observed for terminal half-lives and urinary detection times of last use.

Adsorption of 1,000 ng THC-COOH or THC-COOglu was almost complete using 5 mg of activated charcoal.

So, to sum it up: Certo fruit pectin absorbs marijuana metabolites in the intestines, prevents their reabsorption into the blood, and helps to excrete them.

The role of Gatorade

To understand its role in the Certo method, let’s look at the ingredients of Gatorade:

I need to explain one more important concept about marijuana metabolism here:

THC and body fat

THC is highly fat-soluble, which means that THC tends to “stick” to the fats.

With the blood, THC gets into the body tissues, and about 70% of THC from the blood sticks to the body fat cells.

When your body uses body fat for energy, it “burns” those fat cells, releasing THC into the blood. Part of the released THC stick to the body fat again.

That’s a prolonged process, and that’s one of the reasons why marijuana is detectable for such a long time.

Gatorade blocks the breakdown of body fat.

Gatorade contains sugar and dextrose. Both of these are carbohydrates, the primary energy source for the body.

Carbohydrates are converted into energy very quickly.

Each time you consume carbs, especially sugars, your body stops the breakdown of body fat and uses carbs for energy.

So when you drink Gatorade, your body stops the breakdown of body fat and doesn’t release THC from body fat into the blood.

Consequently, that THC doesn’t end up in the urine.

The concentration of THC in the urine goes down, and you can pass the drug test.

The role of water and vitamin B

Drinking a gallon of water before a drug test makes you pee a lot. That flushes out all that THC that was already excreted into your bladder.

So your urine becomes clear from the marijuana metabolites.

The bad thing is that all of the essential components of the urine are flushed out too.

The urine color will also change, and your urine will be pale.

Along with THC concentration, your urine will be checked for specific gravity, creatinine, and color.

Vitamin B will restore the yellowish color of the urine.

Salt, Sodium Citrate, and Monopotassium Phosphate from the Gatorade will restore the specific gravity.

Why the Certo detox method is not reliable

The drawback of this method is that it doesn’t contain all the required ingredients.

As I already said, your urine will also be checked for creatinine levels. Unfortunately, the Certo detox method doesn’t contain anything to restore the creatinine in the urine.

Another drawback is that it doesn’t affect the metabolism of THC in the liver.

Even if you block the reabsorption of THC from the intestines and block the release of THC from the fat cells, there’s still THC in your blood.

That blood THC will be processed by the liver and excreted into the urine, lowering your chances of passing the test.

How to improve the Certo Detox method to make it 100% reliable

To restore the creatinine levels in the urine, take 10 grams of creatine ethyl ester 3 hours before the test. It’s essential to use ethyl ester to raise the creatinine levels very fast. If you use creatine monohydrate – it will take several hours to effect.

To block the metabolism of THC in the liver, you need to use enzyme inhibitors.

Enzymes “split” THC into the metabolites in the liver. By taking enzyme inhibitors, you block these enzymes, and thus THC is not processed and not excreted into the urine.

The most famous enzyme inhibitor is St. John Wort. Take it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations 3-4 hours before your drug test.

Effective and reliable alternatives to the Certo Detox method

Same Day Detox/Cleansing

How It Works:

This strategy works by inhibiting the breakdown of body fat and slowing down THC metabolism. It promotes frequent urination, flushing THC metabolites out of the urine, rendering it clean for a few hours.

Here’s What You Do:

Pro Tips:

Fast Marijuana Detox by GreenFleets

fast marijuana detox kit

Quick Overview:

Synthetic Urine

If you need to pass a drug test, and if detox methods aren’t working for you, or if you’d prefer not to detox naturally or use detox drinks, we’ve compiled a list of effective and reliable synthetic urine kits.

High-quality synthetic urine kits fit different budgets and are easy to sneak into a drug test, reducing the risk of getting caught. Check out our list of the most reliable synthetic urines available on the market: We Reviewed The Top Fake Pee Options For Passing A Drug Test In 2023. Here Are Our Top Picks


Certo detox method helps to pass a drug test by stopping the absorption of THC from the intestines and blocking the release of THC from the fat cells.

It also helps to flush marijuana metabolites from the bladder.

Certo detox method gives you a 3-5 hours window to pass a drug test.

But it lacks essential ingredients, which significantly lowers the chances of passing the drug test.

To increase your chances of passing – take 10 grams of creatine ethyl ester 3 hours before the test and st. John Wort 3-4 hours before the test.

Don’t forget to dry run the method at home before going to the actual drug test.


How To Take Certo To Pass Drug Test?

5 hours before the test, you should mix the entire packet of Certo with a bottle of Gatorade. Drink it and take 3 cups of water immediately after that. Then continue drinking 1l of water every hour.

How Long Does Certo Last For A Drug Test?

This method will last for 5 hours, so you need to manage your time accordingly.

How Much Certo To Pass A Drug Test?

You will need one packet of Certo for each attempt. So if you are going to test the method before the test, you will need 2 packets.

How Does Certo Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Certo has a pectin fiber that absorbs water with bile and THC metabolites. Most of this fiber is removed as stool.

Does Certo work for coke?


Does Certo work for heavy smokers?

Heavy smokers need to use Certo for a more extended period (a few weeks) so that the body has enough time to rid itself of those metabolites in a safer manner.

Does Certo work for all drugs?

As with any other detoxification method, there is no guarantee or solid scientific backing for any particular product or method to ensure a drug user’s passing of a drug test.

Still, using Certo greatly enhances the flushing of unwanted toxins out of the body as soon as you start taking the standard dosage of Certo, any energy drink, B vitamins, and lots of water.

Ideally, this should be repeated over a week to avoid overdose or toxification side effects on the body.

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The information on this website about detox products and synthetic urines is for educational purposes only. We do not endorse or condone their illegal use. Always consider the laws in your area and the potential legal consequences. Consult with a healthcare professional before using any products. Your responsibility and well-being are paramount.