For how long will cannabis edibles last in your system

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Cannabis edibles are fast becoming a fav in marijuana circles, word has it that they actually give a greater buzz than vapes and bongs combined. Well, this could be an exaggeration, but there is some truth to it which you will learn in this article.

Factors that affect how long edibles last

Percentage of body fat of the individual

THC and its metabolites are lipophilic, meaning that they bind to fat. People with more body fat will inevitably hold onto more THC in their bodies and eliminate it at a slower rate.


Exercise compels fat cells holding THC to release it into the bloodstream. People who exercise regularly will eliminate THC faster than those who do not.


Children and the elderly have a slower metabolism rate. As a result, they will metabolize THC in edibles at a slower rate.

 The potency of the edible

Cannabis edibles with higher THC amounts will last for a longer time in the body.

How are cannabis edibles metabolized

Edibles move from the stomach through the intestines and end up in the liver where they are metabolized. Here, delta-9-THC is broken down into active metabolites before it has even had a chance to bind to any receptor. The most prominent THC metabolite is 11-hydroxy-THC.

Afterward, both delta-9-THC and 11-hydroxy-THC will get to the heart and into circulation, reaching the brain at the same time. This process will take between 30-120 minutes. It is after THC and its metabolites hit the bloodstream that you will begin to feel their effects.

But this entire wait is worth the while because the buzz that comes afterward is stronger and lasts for longer as compared to smoking weed.

Why do edibles give a more intense high

When you consume cannabis edibles they first hit the digestive system before finding their way to the bloodstream. For this reason, it will take a longer time before you can begin to appreciate the effects of edibles.

Because THC has undergone metabolism, most of it is present in a metabolite form known as 11-hydroxy-THC which is more potent than THC. This is what causes the powerful buzz experienced with cannabis edibles. It also follows that marijuana patients prefer cannabis edibles because the effects will are long-lasting.

With the background given above, let us now look at how long edibles will last in your system.

How long will the effects of cannabis edibles last

The plasma half-life of THC is 24h-32h. It takes 5 half-lives for a compound to be completely eliminated from the body. This means that it will take approximately seven days for THC to be eliminated from the body. However, the effects of THC will only be felt when the plasma levels of THC are in peak.

Edibles will take a longer time to peak in the bloodstream. This is because they take a longer path before they hit the bloodstream.

The onset of action of edibles should take 30-120 minutes. The effects will peak in 4h-5h while the after-effects will prolong for up to 12 hours. Higher dosages exceeding 20 mg of THC will prolong the duration for which edibles will last in your system. Other factors such as age, body weight and the frequency with which you consume weed will also affect how long edibles will last in your system.

In a nutshell, expect edibles to last in your system for between 5-12 hours.

A few tips on taking edibles

Many newbies fall into the trap of taking too many edibles at once, not knowing that the effects start to kick in two hours later. When this happens, the new stoner may get paranoid and anxiety struck. So before this happens to you, here are a few tips that will keep you safe.

Start slow and go slow on edibles.

It is recommended that a new user should begin with 5mg-10mg of edibles before proceeding to stronger dosages.

Never mix alcohol with weed

No matter how tempted you might be, never mix these two. Alcohol has the ability to magnify the effects of THC resulting in an exaggerated hit.

Never take edibles on an empty stomach

Just like with alcohol, taking cannabis on an empty stomach will exaggerate negative symptoms.

Never panic when you overdose on edibles

Should you find that you have taken too much, do not panic. Practicing some relaxation techniques will go a long way in reducing your negative symptoms. Remember that the symptoms will wear off in about five hours.

A few tips on flushing edibles out of your system

In case you need to “get off the high” here are a few tricks that you can try out.


CBD is the natural antidote to THC. Studies have shown that CBD blocks THC from binding onto CB1 receptors. Taking cannabis with high amounts of CBD and trace amounts of THC can help to counter this effect. Harlequin is a strain with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio.


Exercise releases endorphins into the brain that help in relieving symptoms of intoxication such as paranoia. It will also trigger the breaking down and release of THC metabolites from fat cells. As much as this may cause a surge, it will quickly wear out as the THC is eliminated.


Water and cranberry juice act as natural detoxifiers. But be careful not to overdo it as you may go into hyponatremia.

Final word

Edibles will last for 5- 12 hours in your body. Be careful with how much you consume at a go, bearing in mind that the buzz is more powerful and durable.


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